Venus/Uranus Aspects


venus-uranus-aspectsErratic affection. Inconsistent likes and dislikes. Personal magnetism. Electric attractive qualities. Unusual style. Bizarre attractions. Strange preferences in love. Attracted to unusual people and things. Attracted to offbeat romances. Needing distance in a relationship. Need to maintain personal freedom within a relationship. Coldness in relationships. Love of science and technology. Geek chic. Innovative artists. Loving your computer. Awakening to love. Breakthroughs in romance. Romantic inventions- sex toys? An original take on love. An original take on beauty. Having unusual, progressive ideas about what it means to be beautiful or attractive.

Flouting the conventions of romance and relationship. Unusual partnerships. Abrupt relationships. Sudden attractions. Issues with being friends versus being lovers. Inability to gather the warmth to create close, intimate relationships. Aloof in love. Disinterested in relationships. Progressive ideas about marriage. Progressive ideas about relationships. Extreme relationships. Extreme attractions. Relationships on the edge of normal society. A genius at relating. An artistic genius. The beauty of science. Breakups. Crankiness in relationships. Having an extreme viewpoint about what relationships should be like. Inability to sustain long term affection for someone. Inability to sustain a long term commitment to someone. Relationships that begin and end with excitement. Relationships that begin and end abruptly. Exciting relationships. Needing excitement to feel attracted to someone. Needing constant excitement to remain interested in someone.

kat von d closeup

Kat von d (Venus sextile Uranus) Click the photo to see her chart.

Feeling attracted to rebels. Wanting to be a rebel. Feeling turned on by rebellious activities. Feeling turned on by ground-breakers. Wanting to be someone who “breaks the mold.” Needing to maintain independence within a relationship. Learning that everything you thought you knew about relationships is false. Being a ground-breaker when it comes to how relationships can be lived, and who can have a relationship with whom. Attractions, relationships, romances and marriages that fly in the face of convention. Being attracted to people who aren’t available (this could be for Venus/Neptune too). Being attracted to people who don’t want to get tied down. Attracted to intellectuals. Attracted to geniuses. Attracted to people who are not demonstrative in love. Attracted to revolutionaries. Wanting to be a revolutionary. Feeling turned on by the idea of revolting, picketing, staging a walk-out, or putting on march. Marching on behalf of same sex marriage. Making odd choices in love. Socializing with humanitarians, intellectuals and progressives. Having a shotgun wedding. Eloping. Shocking marriages. Shocking relationships. Shocking desires. Being on the cutting edge of style. Group love. Open marriages. Wife swapping.

Love of technology. Love of the bizarre and unusual. Loving to be shocking. Liking to be considered a weirdo. Being attracted to weirdos. Liking to socialize with misfits, punks and anyone who seems on the fringe. A love of astrology. Falling in love with an astrologer. Falling in love with someone who’s “out there.” Progressive music. Bizarre music. Ground-breaking art and music. Creating music genres, instruments or vocal styles that have never been done before. Jerky, stop/start attractions. Mixing beauty with the bizarre. Making the bizarre beautiful. Making money from strange pursuits. Mixing art and science. The science of beauty. Beauty technology. Clothing technologies. Avant garde fashion designers. Avant garde musicians and artists.

People with Venus/Uranus aspects:

  • William Shatner: Venus sextile Uranus
  • Ryan Seacrest: Venus biquintile Uranus
  • Bjork: Venus trine Uranus
  • Jennifer Coolidge: Venus conjunct Uranus
  • John Travolta: Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus
  • Gene Simmons: Venus square Uranus
  • Jim Carrey: Venus biquintile Uranus
  • Steve Jobs: Venus opposite Uranus

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  • Chijiru .

    This may be neither here or there, but what’s your opinion on Uranus effects? Do you like or hate them.
    I ask this because to me, it just seems on the surface that Uranus and Saturn are very uncomfortable effectual wise.

    • Uranus effects … let me say that I never really completely understood Uranus until the last year or so as transiting Uranus in Aries has been conjunct my Sun in Aries. Transiting Uranus is at 17 Aries today (retrograde) and will make one more pass over my Sun at 19 Aries in the near future. This transit has been like some huge ancient god picking me up by the arms and shaking me telling me to wake the fuck up. Overall I’d say I’m grateful.

      • Chijiru .

        So I’m taking it that you might like it then. 🙂
        Wake up? To what? What did you learn?

        • Too much .. and I’m still in the thick of it. I should wait until this transit is over before evaluating it.

          Do you have a Venus/Uranus aspect, considering you’re commenting on this post? Uranus transited my Venus a few years ago at 00 Aries.

          • Chijiru .

            It’s a minor aspect so I found myself a little curious about this. Can’t say I really understand or feel good about Uranus in general. Knowing that, I guess that’s why I asked what I did. Maybe to get a second opinion or so.

            • I like Uranus. Uranus shakes things up. It’s scary to have your existing reality questioned, but it’s also, as expected from the archetype, awakening.

  • Kristi McKamie

    I have Venus unaspected in Aquarius in the 12th House. My Uranus is conjunct Jupiter in Sag in 9th House. I think my Venus unaspected in Aquarius very much has the same qualities of (almost) everything written above. I can relate to SO much in this article.

  • Douglas

    i have the quintile and the reading was accurate!

  • taostaos

    Venus Conjunct Uranus in 10th house of Cancer trine Jupiter on Descendant in Pisces, trine Asendant Virgo…Changes in the places I live, unusual and beautiful homes but end up having to move for one reason or another, small and close nuclear family but a lot of disruptive energy, general larger family tree estranged with parents having other children and marriages. I am an artist and dancer…rebellious…lover of the eclectic and bizarre and I love “off the wall” stuff. I am a nervous wreck about saturn approaching both my and my husbands IC in sagittarius for the next 3 years scraping back and forth. I am afraid I will lose my parents in this time or my home, again.

    • Saturn is going to cross my IC in Sag too … I’m also nervous about it but what I’ve been feeling so far from Saturn’s transit is a very deep grounding, a desire to build more substantial roots, the need to feel my feet on the ground, maturity, authority, and the undeniable admission that I’m getting older!

      • taostaos

        Recognizing age is true for this transit….there are some good things about Saturn…!

  • Judit Kiss

    HI astrofix , I looked at my chart 🙂 Uranus is sitting in my 7th house . Venus is sitting in my 12th house . The orb is only 2degrees 58 . Venus is in Taurus , Uranus is in Saggitarius . My 7th is in saggitarius . I have also Saturn in Saggitarius in the 7th , in the 1st decan , Uranus is in the 3rd decan 🙂 But here 🙂 I born on the 22nd / April / 1986 Tapolca , Hungary , at 7:20 am 🙂 Hope now you can see about it 🙂 my 2nd house is in Gemini , no planets , totally empty . Sun is in the 12th . First decan . Taurus .

    • Sounds complicated … good luck 🙂

  • Judit Kiss

    I have Venus inconjuct Uranus …. I love internet friends and love to be a rebel , specially front of men . Lol

    • Hm, Judit, I can’t help but wonder how this conflicts with the need for commitment shown by your Saturn in the 7th house.

  • Iris

    It makes sense to me that Bjork has the trine. Effortless talent.

    I have the conjunction. I told my Iphone the other day, “I love you, phone.” My boyfriend overheard me and asked if I truly loved my phone. I said yes.

    Every time I change my look, people notice and give me compliments. I love computers. I love avant garde fashion and music. I like outsiders and loveable weirdos. Normal people without quirks are kind of boring to me.

  • Kathy Knoch

    I have N uranus sextile N venus to the minute.

    Venus is conjunct SN

    N uranus is conjunct n mars

    Nuranus- mars is conjunct ASC


  • Rai

    I also have Uranus conjunct Venus in 8th House/Scorpio… both squaring Mars in Leo but both trining my Ascendent and North Node. I’ve had many partners… and only recently embraced the possibility that I am Polyamorous by nature. To be in a relationship with 2 women… whom love each other as well… is my dream. A year ago, my girlfriend of 7 years (longest relationship ever had), left me because I wanted to be with other Women. She was bi… and was open to it… but JUST wanted me. Which seems to be quite common, the Women are stoked with just me but I always want other and usually end up breaking up with them. I’ve never been proud of this desire… but now know that I must honor it and see if it works. If we were all still in tribal community… I think this sort of thing would be much more common! I miss TRIBE.

  • Ursa

    I have Venus/Uranus conjunct in Leo on the fifth house cusp. It is actually sitting right on the cusp so many astrologers tell me to read both the fourth and fifth house. Needless to say my love life has been different.

  • Z.

    Hello there.
    My 12th house Venus (6 degrees 16) sextiles Uranus (2nd house, 9 degrees and some minutes). I appreciate mold breakers while I don’t exactly like rebels.
    What is more interesting is that I feel that I don’t have a hobby on my own –
    instead I learn to like some bright ideas for pastime from people that I network with.
    Glad that it’s sextile and controllable, not like trine, but in the past I was not aware of these tendencies and copied some poor pastime habits from my family. Got me into something that I yet have to get out of.
    Have a nice day everyone.

  • BayAdams

    As for what you wrote about Venus conjunct Uranus, that s exactly my life. Easily struck, I get bored just as easily. Unstable love life, completely unconventional… Have to hide because I d be in trouble if some members of my family found out about my love life.

    Attracted to weird, different, exciting people. Have to be intelligent, smart, have to have sharp tongues and know loads about books, art…

    Everyday has to be entertaining, exciting, thrilling… I have to learn something, someone new or eccentric… Problem is I m a teacher, and I really start being VERY bored.

    You wrote something about unconventional or genius artists..l I dont know about that but I used to be a bellydancer, Very unusual for a guy. But the reactions when I performed were so powerful that deep down, I felt that this is where I belonged: stage and artsy envirnments.

    I also love reading and writing fantasies… Depicting new worlds, societies… Making up funny, interesting characters, and situations… My family and friends say That I m never serious, always making up stuff and telling weird, absurd stuff and that I m constantly daydreaming…

    And that is so true… It s not even for entertainment, I just need to drift away from mundane life… Because Life and most people BORE me so much… It s unbearable…

  • BayAdams

    It s like I ve spent my life searching for answers and never found satisfactory ones… And Astrology is bringing shreds of answers, and I finally feel I can relate to something that allows me to know more about myself… And this is so liberating as I feel like I m a complete enigma, so easily bored by everyday life and only art, music and strange stuff soothe me intellectually … It s also giving me indications for I can do or achieve in life but I need to learn so much more…. So, again, thanks if you can give me any help, extra info or anything…?

    By the way, I m French and lives in Paris. Thanks Astrofix.

  • BayAdams

    Also Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Scorpio.
    Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto in the 8th house.
    Moon in the 12th house.

    As for conjunctions: Venus conjunct uranus
    Sun conjunct saturn
    Sun conjunct jupiter
    Jupiter conjunct Pluto
    Jupiter conjunct Saturn
    Moon conjunct Ascendant
    Sun conjunct Pluto
    Mercury in Pluto

  • BayAdams

    However, The fact that I m so violently attracted to astrology is no surprise… I have Sun in Libra with Aquarius Rising and also Moon in Aquarius and Uranus happens to be my prominent planet. And as I wrote earlier, I have Venus conjunct Uranus… But I m still learning. Can you please tell me more? And then I d be able to understand why I constantly feel I m a freak and never fits a place or a community? Thanks

  • BayAdams

    Venus conjunct uranus in scorpio in the 8th house, sorry….

  • BayAdams

    Hi, I love your blog and all the info about conjunctions. I’ ve just started to be interested in astrology but I find it more and more fascinating and useful… So, I ve found out that I had Venus Conjunct Uranus in my birth chart and it s even the top conjunction(in my chart, if that makes sense).
    But there are still things that I don t get… Like some of you write that you have venust conjunct in scorpio in the 8th house… What did you find out about that?

    • Hi BayAdams,

      Try visiting and test out the AstroClick Portrait option. It’s a free service and it allows you to click on any part of your chart and read more about it. By clicking on Venus, for example, there will be a pop up that tells you which sign and house it’s in, as well as which aspects it makes. Hope that helps.

  • Laura

    I love your web pages, and I enjoy reading the diff combinations. 🙂 I am a pisces sun with a virgo moon, cancer rising. However, I have this aspect–I have venus in aquarius in the 8th house and it squares Uranus in scorpio. I also have uranus trine sun, sextile moon, sesq mercury, trine mars/jupiter/ascendant/mc. I do have a good amount of uranus in me, but I also have a lot of pisces (with pisces sun, mars, mc— and sun, moon, mars, true node square neptune.)
    I have always felt different even though I look apparently “normal.” And I have always been attracted to friends as lovers. Funny, I have dated people but my main 3 relationships have been with 3 virgos (1 male, 2 females). I believe I am gay though. Both the 2 females had a lot of uranus and pluto in their chart and were both very “diff” in their own ways.
    Friendship has always been the most important thing to me in a relationship. But I did struggle in the past 2 relationships (i don’t like to admit this) but unfortunately, in both cases, I would go “back and fourth” between saying “maybe we should just be friends,” then to “yes, let’s date.” And I did this on several occasions, with the let girl I busted out with the “friends line” a few times and it made her crazy. I guess I struggle with wanting to be with someone and wanting to be free. However, when I am totally into someone, I am all about them and love to be in frequent contact, I think that is my cancer side of me. I love to tell them how much I look forward to seeing them, or how I have been thinking about them, things like that. But it takes me a lot to get there, meaning I really have to be attracted to someone on ALL levels to feel that connection–and the mental connection is super important to me. The mental bond/connection with another person is what keeps me attracted and wanting more. The last girl I was with we had crazy synastry and we are still friends. One aspect that we enjoyed was my moon was conjunct her mercury.

    • Thanks for sharing, Laura 🙂

  • kristen

    You have no idea how much that photo of the woman with an arrow through her head freaks me out. It scares me to the point I have to immediately get off the page whenever I’m searching for something and it pops up. I love your web site by the way, but I wish I could pay you money to take down that image…. O_o

    Btw, to my dismay, i have venus square uranus.

    • Really? I think it’s quirky and amusing … and weird 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • I have Venus conjunct Uranus in the 5th house!!!  In Leo.  Very erratic love life.  But I think as I get older I like it better.  I can persue more creative parts of this aspect.  What do you think?

    • I think that’s an excellent idea – money making though? Maybe, maybe not. Brilliant creative self-expression? Yes 🙂

  • Blueeee

    Venus sextile Uranus. Venus in 8th house, Uranus in Sag 10th. Almost everything fits! Love weirdos, intellectuals, etc, ect 😉 I like being a weirdo, lol.

  • Guest

    I don’t have a Venus-Uranus aspect in my natal chart, but my Venus is in Aquarius.  I can relate to this entire post.  I’m also highly Uranian given that I have a Sun-Uranus, Moon-Uranus, and Ascendant-Uranus aspect (the latter via Gemini rising, 3rd decan which is rules by Aquarius).  I readily see all this Uranian energy in my life, including anything to do with romance and attraction.  While I appreciate it, I have to admit it’s not necessarily “easy”…

  • Arquetipouniversal

    ¡¡¡Muy bien Michelle!!!
    Really good, In Venus conj Urano in 12th, scorpio.
    Greetings from Spain¡

  • Svlahove

    I’ve got Venus square Uranus, but the only thing that applies to me is that I’m interested in astrology, and even that is can also be seen from some other aspects that I have. My Venus is in the 12th house, in Taurus, and has got bunch of other squares to worry about, so this aspect just doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the others. 

    • How many degrees apart is it, and in what signs?

  • theITgirl88

    I have Venus(Virgo)/Uranus(Sagittarius) TRINE. Venus is in the 9th house while Uranus is in the 1st house. Lol, (I guess) I’m the odd ball because neither are in Conjunction or the 8th house.

    • Thank you for reading, theITgirl88.

  • This probably also has to do with Uranus in Aries and how it may be impacting your own natal chart.

  • Peachies

    I have attracted and been attracted to an unusual # of men with venus conjunct uranus in scorpio this past year. It makes me think there’s some kind of lesson to be learned or something… or it could just be due to mr. transitting Uranus trining my ascendant/venus conjunction in Sag.
    One guy in particular got me really excited, but he was so disinterested in anything besides sex that I had to let him go. It seemed like he was so afraid of relationships and losing his freedom that he had become a womanizing pig who didn’t know how to treat a woman like a person, nevermind a friend.
    Anyway the good news is he did manage to get me out of a relationship that was on a crash course for boredom, routine and conventional roles… and since then I have learned a lot about being single, free and doing a whole lotta self lovin. and also that I should be open and honest about who I am… very much a weirdo who is deeply unsettled.
    Even though I found someone with some of the more negative traits of venus conjunct uranus aspect I don’t hold it against him. I do wish he would  have let me come in and revolutionize that fearful and misguided heart and lead him in a beautiful new direction of freedom through love… but I guess that’s his lesson to sort out. All the best luck to him next time he’s lucky enough to stumble across a sexy sex freak younger women who just so happens to be an astrologer with a peek hole right into his soul!

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  • Liked the overall explanation. I was just wondering when Venus and Uranus aspect is so interesting then what would happen with Mars vs Venus ? 🙂

    • Michelle

      Check out the Venus/Mars aspects post:

  • Venus Square Uranus

    This fits to a T.  Incredible.  I tend to flee the continent when I feel in love.  I love high-wire breakups and jump-offs.  The weirder, colder or more impossible the better.  But here’s to learning to love someone who can love such an electric drama queen.  🙂

    • Michelle

      “Electric drama queen” – I like it. Thank you for reading, Venus square Uranus 🙂

  • Paloma B

    venus conjunct uranus in leo conjunct asc. square scorpio moon/neptune.  taken me a long time to realize that the 3 long term relationships with Aquarians didn’t feed me enough emotionally.  i need freedom and the space to be ME but i crave emotional intensity and intimacy…  haven’t yet found the right combo in a man, but have (since divorce) really gotten clarity on it and think that the next one could be the ‘keeper’… I now know what to ask for…

    • Michelle

      Knowing what you are looking for is a big step. Thank you for reading, Paloma B.

  • Talk about sexy librarian. These types of people tend to be smart and darn attractive. When it comes to relationships, they can be little bit promiscuous. There are known celebrities that belong to Venus-Uranus. Very nice article. Keep it up!

  • meow

    how about venus quintile uranus? does that count? The only part I can relate to from that description is love of astrology, though. maybe love of unique-ness, too.

    • Michelle

      The quintile counts. Are you capable of getting away with strange styles and fashion that other people can’t? When you wear something “different” do people tend to compliment you more than they criticize you?

      • meow

        funny you should say that..actually, yes..although I never made any crazy fashion/style changes, whenever I did, they were received really well. For instance dying my hair red(first time ever hair change) last year..everybody started telling me it looks so good on me. I felt like Marilyn
        Before that, in high school, I cut my long, straight hair really short, into a bob, and everybody told me how great it looks on me, instead of trying to put me down for cutting it off.
        Plus minor changes in wardrobe, or any new lipstick I tried, make-up, even nail polish..I just add a “touch” of my own unique taste to most things…and people usually go “how neat”.

        • Michelle

          I had a feeling 🙂

          I have Venus biquintile Uranus and the same is true for me. Whenever I do something “strange” or “unusual” with my style people like it. People seem to actually like my style better when I’m fully embracing the offbeat and unique. Being a little weird (Uranus) actually seems to make me more attractive (Venus).

          I once cut my hair from long and straight down to the middle of my back to a short pixie cut and got loads of compliments.

  • LB

    “A love of astrology. Ground breaking art and music. Making money from strange pursuits.” (I’m hoping on this last one.)

    I just barely have the sextile (5 degrees) between my 2nd house Venus in Libra and 12th house Uranus in Leo (conjunct asteroid Reiki).  I don’t need constant change, but I do require space and alone time.  Both Libra and Leo crave commitment and affection but unfortunately – as others have commented – Leo can also be proud.  When my efforts to resolve conflicts aren’t immediately successful, I’m often tempted to throw in the towel, which I inevitably regret.  The good news/bad news is I have a stubborn husband.

    I’m also attracted to 12th house causes and can pour a great deal of practical attention and love into them.  Btw, I’m definitely NOT an enabler.  I want to empower people, not indulge their delusions – I have very little patience where denial is concerned. 🙂

  • Venus(Libra first house) Sextile Uranus (Sag third house)…. I NEED NEED freedom in relationships, that’s what helps me stay committed. Or I’m playing with something else lol. The only thing that sucks, is that I attract the strangest women. They are all psychotic and emotionally disturbed. Some are unique however and sweet but all of them have been STRANGE lol. I don’t have problems moving on from relationships.

    What can I do to attract the cute weirdos that don’t want to cut me? They are often beautiful women and the are more themselves than with any other mate. That means… they can be themselves around me. 🙂

  • Venus(Libra first house) Sextile Uranus (Sag third house)…. I NEED NEED freedom in relationships, that’s what helps me stay committed. Or I’m playing with something else lol. The only thing that sucks, is that I attract the strangest women. They are all psychotic and emotionally disturbed. Some are unique however and sweet but all of them have been STRANGE lol. I don’t have problems moving on from relationships.

    What can I do to attract the cute weirdos that don’t want to cut me? They are often beautiful women and the are more themselves than with any other mate. That means… they can be themselves around me. 🙂

    • Michelle

      What can I do to attract the cute weirdos that don’t want to cut me?
      This might not be helpful, but, if I were you I’d try to understand why I’m attracted to them and what that says about me.

  • Shadoseer

    I have Venus Trine Uranus, 8th and 4th houses. I love long term relationships, but am receptive to multiple partners. The genius thing is important, and as a marijuana activist some may think of me as revolutionary, I see it as common sense and good for all of us. You are really good!

    • Michelle

      I’m glad you are enjoying reading the posts Shadoseer.

      Do you find that people generally accept your eccentricities?

      • Shadoseer

        Generally I am seen as a free-love-hippy-socialist that is probably brainless. Then I open my mouth and the brainless part vanishes and they get irritated I can back up my positions using both science and religion. It’s all good, I love em all anyway 😉

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this applies to me because my Venus-Uranus square is 10 degrees apart. However Uranus is in my first house conjunct my Jupiter-ascendant which squares Venus rx at the MC. Also my Sun square Uranus makes me attracted to Uranian guys – cerebral, brilliant, offbeat. My Leo stellium both attracts and repels them unfortunately – often they’re too shy or they think I’m too conventional. sigh.

    I’m super duper attracted to a guy with a tight Venus sequiquadrate Uranus aspect. (He’s also Aquarius Moon.) His Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Cancer give him smoldering, intense appeal and Uranus adds the electricity. Unfortunately all the air in his chart makes him very aloof and restless. It BURNS me up (seriously, I have a super fire chart).

    Sometimes I want to play hard to get because he’s often distracted but it seems like he responds better to my attention, like he’s either insecure or playing dumb and needs reassurance. All I know is I wish he was more attentive but would rather have the rare moment of electricity with him than spending more time with someone reliable and boring.

    • Michelle

      If both Venus and Uranus are conjunct an angle, that accounts for why you can relate to this description.

      From my experience, you just have to accept the aloofness and not try to change it. If he has a lot of fixed energy in his chart, you won’t be able to change it anyway.

  • Leah-nine

    I like this take on this aspect. Quincunx tells me to be more comfortable with my quirky tastes, and also to feel OK about letting go of relationships that no longer work for me. I have also found that Leo Venus quincunx Cappy Uranus means that if it’s not MY idea, it’s not gonna happen regarding anything that directly affects me, especially affection. This sounds all cavalier and independent, but it also works against me a lot of the time because I miss out on a lot of affection because I’m just being too proud :/

    • Michelle

      I miss out on a lot of affection because I’m just being too proud :/
      I think pride is just a real struggle for people with Leo. Something I do is take a moment to breathe and to ask myself what I really want – beyond my ego, beyond my pride – what am I building or tearing down through my actions? I have saved myself a lot of bad decisions, and built a fledgling understanding of humility.

      • Leah-nine

        Oh God, so much Leo… so much Pride… That’s a really doable way to keep it in check, thank you!

  • Atlast

    michelle, what are the differences of this from venus in aquarius? I thought that saturn being the ruler of aquarius as well, it would be responsible for the aloofness, but since uranus also bring it…

    • Michelle

      Just letting you know that I want to do a little reading before answering…but I haven’t forgotten 🙂

    • Michelle

      From Horoscope Symbols,
      In my opinion, Aquarius and Uranus make one of the worst sign-ruler parallels. Uranus is trans-social and trans-egoic. Highly individualistic, it is even anti-social much of the time. More truly freedom-loving than Aquarius. Uranus is more willing than Aquarius to grant freedom to others’ different ideas. And whereas Aquarius is fixed, Uranus is unstable and mutable, needing constant change.

      • Atlast

        oh, i see, aquarius is all group oriented while uranus is individualistic, and that probably make uranus more rule breaker than aquarius…
        Thanks for answering 🙂

        • Michelle


      • Ahhh, I was wondering about this too! With this aspect in my progressed chart (progressed Venus in Aries quincunx progressed Uranus in Virgo), I’m seeing both sides of the coin that you’ve mentioned in your reply, with my natal Venus in Aquarius and Uranus rising.  

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  • “Being on the cutting edge of style. Loving to be shocking. Liking to be considered a weirdo. Bizarre music. Mixing beauty with the bizarre. Making the bizarre beautiful. Avant garde fashion designers. Avant garde musicians and artists.”

    No wonder Lady Gaga has the trine! Her 1st house Mars conjunct Uranus trine 5th house Venus in Aries surely makes her want all her lover’s revenge lol.

    • Thanks for claimed my Uranus theory with Gaga, Follet 🙂 Gee 2 people talking about Gaga in same hour. I just wish I have her trine, NOT the opposition 🙂

      • Lol! Well, I don’t think the opposition is bad, really. The results from the stress it causes can be so much bigger and better than those of the trine, it’s a matter of handling and using the aspect well.

        As for your comment to Michelle, luck and fame are very connected indeed. You see, Gaga doesn’t have any obvious indication of fame or recognition in her chart, and there she is; however, I believe some people are just ought to be found. Fate, go figure.

        • She does have Mars at 00 Capricorn – which is an Aries point. Her Mars connects to her Neptune, Venus, Uranus and Sun.

          • Hmm, these connections are strong indeed, but I thought the placement in the houses meant much more in “earthly” affairs, like fame and recognition. At least some connections to de midheaven (which she does have) and placements in the 10/11th houses. Her first house is full of stuff, but the other planets don’t seem to be quite willing to “show themseves to the world” in the chart. Only Chiron, Pluto and Moon in the southern part of the chart!

            That Aries point was quite a miss, my bad.

            • Where are you getting Lady Gaga’s birth time from? Do you have a link to her chart?

        • Ya if at least see the light, at least I’m in opposition, not square! Lol 🙂 Anyway, the difference between me and lady Gaga, I think her chart pretty much fall into fire-water elements while I have solid earth with no-fire (I dont count my party crasher, Saturn in Sag though, lol) We might be mentally stimulating for each other but lady Gaga is the true “out of there” extra ordinary person. Fortunately, her sensible Capricorn Mars is what connects us, I wish I could work for her…I wish! 🙂

          • her sensible Capricorn Mars is what connects us, I wish I could work for her…I wish! 🙂

  • This planet is now intriguing me, wish to read more about Uranus although many astrologers put him down as un-influental in personal chart.
    Hmm..I think this image is venus in pisces!! 😉

    • I think it works on a personal and impersonal level. Antero Alli says something about Uranus being a measuring stick for how well our words match our actions.

      • Really? That’s interesting. Mine in 8th house is a tough placement. Uranus alongside with “society standard” of my generation in Sagittarius, bully my esteem in 2nd house with chiron “The hurt” and lilith “The waste” telling me that my plan is a failure, I’m doing no-good, I’m lost, I’m a loser, yada2. Surprisingly, no one EVER told me that kind of downgrading stuff except from my self! I’m stick to my plan and goal orientation (Mars in Capricorn), I’m in a right path! But I often [pessimistic and feeling like an old-ball of underdog in every current situation. For example: I want to revive the “gay world” entertainment industry by making a graphic novel about 2 masculine gay guys who never claim that they are gay, they never listen to madonna or Kylie Minogue, they dont know about fashion but they are live in urban world, are they even exist?
        WHat is the fault finding and idealist nature aspect could ever make in the sky? I blame my Uranus in 8th but it could be something else in my chart, it might be the general nature of sun in Virgo which over analyze everything, I dont know. Everytime I read DNA magz and find a pic of hot guys, I’m like..this guy is generally hot, but the setting is too feminine, no straight guy wearing fancy ginch gonch underwear, no straight guy completely hairless, the spikey hair is too well done, he needs to gain weight, yada2, then I completely lose my turn on because he appeared WRONG in my eyes! lol.

      • in conclusion of what I try to say is: Uranus could be a skeletal foundation of measuring our action but I try to slap Uranus back with my own 2nd house standard, because I relate more to my 2nd house Gemini than of course, Uranus in Sag.
        There is win-lose and struggle situation but I dk when I could reconcile both parties, it’s opposition! What I always feel..if the world finally listen to me, that’s when I finally made my MONEY! 🙂 Yay! Right now I’m a poor college student mich with abundant dreams. hehe..I relate myself to Lady Gaga..since she was an outcast of music industry, making her debut as a fame-whore, having the weirdest sense of fashion UNTIL she reach her prime time and rule over music industry 🙂 Now, Gaga is the icon. What happen if no one ever discover her? She is just a sleazy hooker playing cheap burlesque on the street! THE SAME way as me! 🙂 Another reason I relate to her, most of all, she’s also Uranus in Sag, she born at the same year as me 1986 🙂

        uhmm..I dont try to convince you I’m talented Michele, I just know I do 😉

        • Lol…aw Joswan, you do put yourself down way too much. You are original. Why not make a graphic novel? It sounds like a fantastic idea to me. While you’re at it, throw some astrology into it! Go totally off the beaten track 😀

          • See..she also had her Mars in critical degree Capricorn, which compliment her strikes! Yah, lady Gaga and I just 2 sides of coin but we basically the same! She’s in her singing career and I with my Graphic Novel business, HOW DO YOU KNOW I’m gonna make something out of astrology!? 🙂 hehe

            However, I wish I can work to her as her creative team (haus of Gaga) I’ll start suggest to shape her hair like topiary or offer her my jellyfish costume design, yah..VISUALLY stimulating like that 😉

  • dollsizedpistol

    “Being attracted to people who aren’t available (this could be for Venus/Neptune too). ”

    I got to this phrase and said BINGO!!! Kind of sucks, but it’s interesting (I guess that’s Uranus for ya!). I have Venus trine both Neptune and Uranus.

    WOW I’m reading the rest of the phrases and this is just the best description I’ve seen anywhere. It’s so spot-on for me.
    With Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus and Mars in Cap you might think I’d be more into tradition and status and boringness. And those placements definitely bring me a desire for sensuousness and coziness and stability – but with Uranus trine, I am attracted to geniuses and weirdos; but not too out there… they need to earthy and grounded in their body.

    So in my relationships, on one hand I crave stability, but also very much need excitement and change. So far this has just been disruptive in my life, these two needs have just clashed… I’ve found stable, ambitious guys who gave me the excitement by being hard to reach (drama). I would like to find a guy who gives me the security by loving me lots and the excitement by actually being interesting!!

    • With Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus and Mars in Cap you might think I’d be more into tradition and status and boringness. And those placements definitely bring me a desire for sensuousness and coziness and stability – but with Uranus trine, I am attracted to geniuses and weirdos; but not too out there… they need to earthy and grounded in their body.
      That’s an excellent description of how all those energies would blend together.

      There are undoubtedly guys who want the same things that you do. I think there are ways to satisfy divergent needs.

  • RoseApple

    Venus sextile Uranus here natally but not only do I identify with the easier aspects but the square and opposition totally speaks to me as I have Progressed Venus square Uranus. I used to think that I was more responsible when I was in my 20s and now in my late 30s, I feel that I’m acting more irresponsibly in relationships. Totally non committal and no ability to sustain anything long term. Sigh…

    • I’m sorry! Progressed Venus square Uranus is probably the culprit. I hope it passes soon…or that you can find a less conventional relationship that gives you the freedom you need right now. Thank you for reading RoseApple.

  • Sally

    Hi there. Just found your blog and I have to say what I’m seeing so far is spot on.

    I have a Venus/Sun in Taurus near the MC opposed Neptune (3rd house) all squared a 12th house Uranus. I can relate heavily to most everything you have here and in the Venus/Neptune post, although the Sun makes the closer aspect in both cases.

    Ask anything you like, I’m digging on finding someone as obsessed as I used to be about this subject, and probably still would be if I’d found anyone else to talk to about it in depth.

    I’m going to have to dig around in your archives … think I’m going to really like it here.

    • Hi Sally, thank you for stopping by 😀

      How does your t-square work for you?

      • als

        Michelle, I have to say I am intrigued now! No, the 7/8th cusp is at 7 degree in Sag, saturn sits nicely in Scorpio at 26 degrees, where he makes a cnj with my SN. But no, I wouldn’t say Saturn is anuwhere near the 7/8th cusp.
        Do you have a theory, here? Please share!
        Sally, I can confirm that you will find some great stuff in the archives of this blog – I liked what I found!

        • Saturn in Scorpio conjunct the South Node in the 7th house makes me think that you are coming from an experience of restricted sexuality in relationships, or an environment where you had to keep a lid on sexual displays. You might have lived in a strict environment. Because of this, because you are used to a kind of tightness in sexual expression, you freak out a little when people are overt. Your South Node ruler is also in the 7th house, describing secrecy, covertness, and maybe oppression. With your NN in Taurus in the 1st house, you are moving toward learning to get in touch with easy, natural, sensual behavior.

      • Sally

        Aw pooh, I hit the wrong button and replied to myself. Anyway it’s down there.


    • Sally

      Goodness, Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back … I’m having computers issues so will be in and out until I get them sorted.

      That T-square, well frankly, it’s a pain in the butt LOL. A strong contributor to the not very typically Taurus personality that pushed me into studying astrology just to prove it was a bunch of hooey … boy was I surprised.

      Let’s see, I’m a very good judge of character generally. Male or female, it doesn’t matter until that “attraction” factor is thrown in … then all bets are off. When it come to romance I choose badly. Venus/Sun opposed Neptune … lets say it clouds my judgment. And square Uranus … yeah okay, I LIKE unusual, and as opposed to change as you might expect with a Taurus sun and fixed T-square when in comes to love and relationships I can go from 0-60 in the blink of an eye jumping in. Then, although I’ll stay in a bad one WAY longer than any sane person should, once I’ve tried everything I know to make it work and it doesn’t, I walk and don’t look back (Uranus rules the 7th house) Married 3x divorced twice, widowed the last time but not before he went junkie on me and left but oh, that one was magic until it went bad.

      Add to that Pluto rising in Leo trine the Sun(can we spell obsession) and a hyper-sensitive Pisces Moon square Saturn and you’ll see that I can’t even get along with myself.

      • That’s tough! I’m sorry…it can be so hard…thanks for writing back 😀

  • Plutonian Persona

    I have always admired your interpretations of aspects, etc., but this one is spot on. My Scorpio Venus-Uranus conjunction is in 1st house. Needless to say, I don’t believe in marriage at all and need a great deal of space within relationships. Unfortunately, I have a knack for attracting Neptunians (damn 5th house Pisces SN)… 🙂

    • I feel for you! ; ) That Venus/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio is a mixed bag with Venus in detriment and Uranus exalted.

      I’m glad you liked the post Plutonian, thank you for reading 😀

      • Plutonian Persona

        Yes! Scorpio in general is a mixed bag, and as you have seen from my response to Christine, having a chart heavy in outer planet energies can also be something else as well. You would not believe some of the clients that I have consulted over the years…brings a laugh and a grin to my face! 😀

    • I don’t know if this is the case, but do you feel as if you’re demanding when you want space and demanding when you want intimacy?

      • als

        I have Pisces Venus squared by Sag Uranus. For me it rings true the part with ‘attracted to people that are not demonstrative in love”. My Venus has 11th house and 12th house flavours, I have Saturn in 7th and Pluto on DSC.
        Basically, I don’t like at all open demonstrations of love – especially when the relationship is just beginning and this is pretty difficult because people have to somehow send the message that they like each other! LOL
        I like conservative but extremely discreet men. When i get close to someone and the next day he acts as if he knows me or that he is close to me – that turns me off because I could live 20 years with him and be crazy in love and I still won’t show it in public. However, in private I am very different. I think the Pisces Venus has a lot to say about it too.

        • That’s really interesting. Where is Capricorn in your chart?

          Thank you for reading als 😀

          • Name

            I have MC in Cap, along with Neptun, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Aqua – I have a cluster in the 9th-10th area.

            • Another question. maybe annoying! Is your Saturn on the 7/8 cusp?

      • Plutonian Persona

        Yup, I do. Boundaries are one instance where I’m good at applying my Virgo North Node.

        Herein lies the problem: I really don’t need that much romantic intimacy. I have a 1st house Scorpio stellium (Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus) with Pluto on the Ascendant and (using Joyce Mason & Donna Cunningham’s fantastic quizzes): Chiron, Pluto, and Uranus as my three strongest planets. You can see where this is going…I value friendship over romance, spiritual concerns over material ones, etc.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. So many people with Venus- Uranus contacts here – especially conjunctions. It also seems that so many people have their conjunctions in the 8th house and many are in Scorpio & Capricorn. I guess I really do feel the need to be different because my Venus- Uranus conjunction is in Libra in my 3rd house. LOL

    I can definitely see myself in the characteristics listed, namely:

    “Need to maintain personal freedom within a relationship. Love of technology. Issues with being friends versus being lovers. Attracted to geniuses. Disinterested in relationships. Liking to socialize with misfits, punks and anyone who seems on the fringe. A love of astrology. ”

    Also, I am definitely prone to sudden, intense attractions that disappear just as suddenly.

    • I’m guessing the “love of astrology” part is what’s drawing all the Venus/Uranus people . Still, I don’t think there’s been so many of one aspect in any of the other posts.

      • Gold Eyes

        Yes, this is amazing; and don’t “we” love astrology! I have a tight Venus/Uranus conjunction in Geminii in the eighth house, opp Jupiter; and sextile Mars in Leo. Chiron is conjunct my Scorpio Rising; I have a Taurus Sun/ Mercury/ North Node conjunction in the sixth; Aquarius Moon, (so the rulers of my Sun and Moon and north node are the Venus/ Uranus conjunction) opp Pluto Saturn Mars conjunction in the 9nth (thank God) house in Leo= a grand cross. I’m a successful genius artist type / 6th house Sun workaholic with the same above, Venus Uranus 8th house tendencies all these other wonderful comments have so well defined, re depth, freedom, lover and best friend as the ideal, for me that is; and mine died (more Pluto) years ago, followed by 2 Venus/ Uranus in the eighth type relationships; these being erratic/ passionate/ musical/ artistic. I have been with a genius punk for the last 14 years. Evolving Sexual imprinting is core to my life. I think the suddenness of Uranus, i.e. the thunder and lightening of an “Eyes Wide Shut” Sky God, put together with Pluto is kind of rough on Venus; and even though Carl Jung said in the 1930’s that it couldn’t be done, we are going to have to evolve this excitement more into Love; keeping the hotness and excitement, of course. I have unique, freeing, and deepening concepts of what it is to really love one’s children, and be loved by them, as in : an 8th house venus /uranus in geminii style Mother (teenagers love me). I secretly hope that transiting Pluto opposite Cancer ( in my 8th, and ruling my 9nth) will emotionally transform limiting and conventional concepts of motherhood and fatherhood to be much more loving, passionate, and creative: bonds are free when love is deep. Let’s get the death and taxes out of here and out of the 8th house!! (guess i am a revolutionary after all) Thanks for everyone’s comments and thanks for the blog! Gold Eyes

        • Yet another Venus/Uranus conjunction in the 8th house! 😀 Thank you for your wonderful insights. I’m so sorry for the loss of your partner. Uranus in the 8th does give some unusual ideas about sex. Thank you for reading Gold Eyes 🙂

  • firetiger

    actually the inconjunct between venus and uranus is just a couple seconds apart in my chart….. there is certainly some discomfort when it comes to ‘friends’ and ‘lovers’….. im not keen on mixing the two together……. also when it comes to technology i try to find the beauty in it but often times i am repulsed by the distance from simplicity… i find myself thinking that ‘weirdos’ try too hard to be different which kind of bothers me, at the same time i am very attracted to ‘rebellious’ and ‘revolutionary’ behavior (my aquarius mars), sudden attractions, ‘electricity’ of sorts

    i think my scorpio venus really has a hard time adjusting to this uranus aspect especially since i attract guys with these aspects (square, trine, venus in aqua)…. alas mars and venus squared signs rears its ugly head!!

    • i find myself thinking that ‘weirdos’ try too hard to be different which kind of bothers me
      I think some people are the real deal and some people do it for attention.

      Do you experience issues with not fitting in, or being an outcast?

      • Dove

        Maybe some people, especially young ones, do it for attention. Older ones are generally comfortable with and know who they are. In between, I think we’re just trying to discover who we are.

        For me, I’ve never fit in, ever. And I’ve never “tried” to be anything. I simply endeavor to live with integrity; that is, to be who I truly am. Freedom has always been a passion of mine–and that’s what I think all of this is about. I don’t take kindly to those who feel they have the authority or right to put any limits on that natural right to freedom. Mine or anyone else’s. But so many people do feel they have that right to limit us, to cage, label or box us up, and it makes us “weirdos” angry. So I s’pose some of us go to extremes to defy those controlling ones.

        And yeah, I feel strongly compelled to stand up for those who have no voice or strength to do so themselves. Call me strange, I see that as a good thing. If that brings attention, whatever. If I feel it’s too much, because I don’t want it, I’ll simply retreat (hermit) until it dies down.

        Luckily I have a LOT of solitary totem energy, lol Like Scorpions, I enjoy being alone–and generally attract other “hermits.” And I’ve had a few fiery, fleeting romantic relationships which aligns with Scorpion. That’s not something I, especially the Libra part of me, likes at all. It’s just the way it’s been so far.

        The solitary thing contradicts my Libra sun, not a social butterfly at all, never have been. I feel most comfortable alone. Yet still, I hope to “someday” find a lasting relationship. But it will definitely not look “conventional” or “traditional.” Those are boxes that I don’t want to live in. Again, it’s about freedom.

        I admire rebels (those who dare to defy those who would cage us) because it takes guts to be one 🙂 Because most people do live in those boxes, so it can be painful, very painful, to live outside of them. I admire the strength, courage and integrity it takes to live outside of those boxes. And yeah, it’s damned attractive–when it’s real, when it’s the core of who someone truly is. Not the defiance as much as the…nobility, the self-respect, the substance it takes to be a lone wolf…the recognition that one is a lion, in a crowd of lions that believe they’re sheep.


        • I think we’re just trying to discover who we are
          For the most part, I think that’s all any of us are ever trying to do.

          Do you have a Venus/Uranus aspect? Do you know your tarot birth card?

          • I finally dug out my chart that was done years ago. If you mean are Venus/Uranus next to each other, yep, in the same sign. Tarot birth card, I’m assuming you’re referencing what I call my Life Path archetype. High Priestess.

            • Do you know if you’re a single 2, 11/2 or 20/2?

              • Hi Michelle 🙂

                I provide this number/archetype for my Tarot reading clients, so yep, I know 😉 There are two ways to calculate it. I find that almost invariably the ultimate number is the same. Regardless, any number one can arrive at by doing these sequential calculations will be relevant to them, their life. For me, calculated one way, mine is 20/2 and the other is 11/2. Each of those numbers, particularly the Tarot cards they represent, is strongly reflected in my life. The number 11 came to me years before I knew anything of metaphysics. The recognition of it (even as a skeptic about many of the things it represents) was so strong that I simply deemed it my “lucky number” 🙂 Years later, in looking back, I saw that the number 11, and multiples of it (mucho with # 33) were prolific in my life, especially interesting in all my home addresses from childhood and beyond.

                The Judgment card (20), the Justice card (traditionally 11), and, of course, the High Priestess (2), all very representative of my life, my interests and abilities. I love sharing this number with people, even those who are iffy about such things, are usually impressed with the archetype, that I have yet to see not suit them.

                Oh, I was gonna mention. After reading more on the subject, my Venus/Uranus might not be considered conjunct after all. I read that it has to be 8 degrees or less. My Uranus is 19 degrees and Venus 29, so I guess I’m not as “weird” as everybody else, darn it, lol 😉

                I’ve got several planets all grouped together, within 4 to 6 degrees of each other, so that’s what I’m googling on now. I’m assuming all of the those planets are considered conjunct… Phew, so much to learn, but coming upon some treasures, helping me to see myself a little more clearly. That’s always a good thing 😉


                • I use Mary K Greer’s method of determining birth numbers. I like associating 11 with Justice and 8 with Strength as well. I studied tarot for 2 months with Carrie Paris, then participated in tarot meeting for about another 6 months after that. I’m a single 8 🙂

                  My 33rd year seemed significant to me too.

                  • Yep, she uses the typical formula. I learned the same via my first tarot book, “Tarot Handbook” by Angeles Arrien. The other way is to add each digit all the way across, just as the typical formula does at the end with the 4-digit total. You should try it, it usually comes out with the same number, but a different number may precede it–and if that number is 22 or less, it may add a little something extra to your repertoire of self-understanding 🙂

                    Hmm, oddly, I’ve never really thought about my 33rd year. That actually was a very significant year for me, a major turning point…which lead to me buying my “dream home” in my 34th year…which lead me to the guy who was integral to the onset of my metaphysical journey…to the Tarot and all that other fun stuff 😉 It’s interesting to go back and see the domino effect of both the good things, and the things we think at the time are not-so-good. A reminder that we should embrace those seemingly “bad” things (aka “Tower” stuff), because they often lead to something so much better. Easy to say, heh 😉

                    That’s kinda cool that your 8 came up straight without any factoring down. I’m looking at the Thoth deck’s Justice card (8), called “Adjustment.” I actually love the image on it. Not only because it’s very Libra-ish 🙂 with it’s scales, but because, if you look closely, you can see that the artist intended for the lower part of the body to look like a pen 🙂 And part of what forms that “pen,” is the sword. So you have this theme of justice, balance, strength/power and equality around the pen. Years ago, when the Universe first began to nudge me toward writing, I had the coolest vision. I’ve felt I’d create an image of it “someday,” along with others. So I won’t give the specifics, but it included a pen, a sword and a heart. It was very cool 🙂 Anyway, even though not following tradition with its number 8, it’s one of my favorite Justice cards.


                    • I have Arrien’s books too 😀

                      The class I took was all about the Thoth deck, concentrating on the constellations built around the major arcana. I don’t have an additional number, it’s either 26 or 8.

                      That’s awesome that you resonate so well with that Justice card. I can’t relate to it much, I definitely don’t feel like it’s “my” card.

                      The sword is also representative of all mental powers and communication. I can definitely see who you could associate it with a pen 🙂

                    • I enjoy many of the Thoth images, rich and elaborate. Don’t use it much, but I love having its beauty around 🙂 You do see the pen though, yes? Arrien does associate this card with writing/editing/research. Was just looking at her elab on it, and she speaks of the balloons/circles as ideas, the downward-pointing sword representing the creative application of them. This morning the word “cloud” kept putting itself in front of me. Came upon a site that ref’d it as a “flash of inspiration.” Yet again, the Universe is nudging me toward putting some of those flashes down on paper. “Ephemeral” is the word used in that article for clouds, same with ideas…so much stuff comes to me, I just get overwhlemed. Those “clouds” slip through my fingers–and I’m kinda seeing why that is in my chart. There’s all the 5th house stuff, but I see it’s also about simply being fearful of it, of being judged, I s’pose. Maybe even a fear of success.

                      When you mentioned “my card,” it’s interesting that the High Priestess wasn’t the first one that popped into my head as the one for me. It was the Sun card. Specifically, the Goddess Tarot’s Sun card. No other card lights me up like that one. Recently noticed that the Sun is in my 5th house 🙂 That 5th house stuff is also making me realize why I have to make myself not use smilies so much, lol… I also love Morgan Greer’s (the deck I most often use) High Priestess–she’s stunning, so beautiful. That’s without question another of “my cards.”


        • Paloma B

           wow – very nicely put.  going through a rough patch being the ‘lone wolf’ and having that blow up in my face during a crisis over my child / school.   lonely painful road, not feeling understood or supported… this helps me remember who i really am.  thanks

        • anon

          So beautifully said. It really struck a chord with me. I’m still trying to figure out my life and who I am really meant to be. Still finding my core but it’s been a relentless pursuit of authenticity. Almost to the point of wanting to go off the grid — so tired of what is considered the “norm”.

          It’s almost as though everything in my life has been converging to this moment when it all comes to me — all the answers I’ve been looking for.

      • firetiger

        ya i think everyone is kind of a ‘weirdo’ so if someone’s constantly in everyone’s face about it, i find the whole thing a little self centered

        in a lot of cases i am the odd person out but i have never really taken issue with it.. i’ve never really gone out of my way to fit in with groups… i just ‘do me’ and people seem to like my personality… if they don’t i usually don’t notice .. unless my very best friend is with me, i am usually flying solo and very comfortable with that.

  • Great post. With my Uranus/Venus conjunction in the 8th, I totally approve of this info 😉

    • Wow, it’s amazing how many people with Venus/Uranus conjunctions are responding to this post!

      Thank you for commenting Salvador 😀

      • It’s my pleasure Michelle. I really dig your blog; very sharp and the content is gold. I been creeping you on Twitter for a minute and decided to make my splash today 😉 Soooo excited for the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction vibing strong right now and this coming week. Bless all you astro-heads and shouts to all the hipsters with the Aqua Moon like me 😉 LOL

        Just so I can stay somewhat on track here allow me to reveal that a manifestation of my Venus/Uranus conjunction was when I unexpectedly met my soul mate. She died and came back (8th House, car wreck in her past) and we “met” initially through Myspace and then met in person later on. I love astrology. Chau people!

        • Very interesting about your soul mate- are there astrological connections that you think contribute to it being a soul mate connection?

          Thanks! 😉

        • Nyc_don88

          i met my ex off myspace and she has the same aspect

          • Michelle

            Sounds like a Venus/Uranus romance 🙂

            Thanks for reading Nyc_don88!

  • venus @ 3° cap (conj 3rd house cusp) sextile uranus @ 2° scorp (conj asc from the 12th)! writer. astrologer. all around weirdo. 🙂

    • Very cool 😀 You must be very accepting of your weirdo side- kind of like Kat von d.

      Thank you for reading emm dee 🙂

  • Idan

    I have venus conjunct uranus in 8th house in capricorn, I love “different” people lol.

    • Do you feel like you want a relationship that feels like a friendship?

      • Idan

        Well, sometimes that I love a girl, I become are friend instead of boyfriend.

        • So you fall in love with your friends, but it can’t work?

          • that happens for my venus/mars/sun in Leo opp moon in aquarius. i fall in love with friends. or i want my lovers to be my best friends.

            • There are a few different sign, planet and house combinations that have that issue- Leo/ Aquarius is one.

          • Idan


            • can i date you Idan? you’re just what i need. a boyfriend-friend 😛

            • can i date you Idan? you’re just what i need. a boyfriend-friend 😛

  • Anonymous

    Hurray! My tightest conjunction only seconds apart! 12th house Sag! I do need excitement and space in my relationships. If I get bored I start to question if I even like the person. Space is a must, at first the constant communication is cute and then after a while it seems demanding and I feel like fleeing. I’ve been in a relationship with a protestor/revolutionary/not expressive in love person, we are no more, but he loves to travel around the world standing up for others. People think I’m off beat, but I don’t see it. I do love astrology

    Can’t wait to discuss 🙂

    • Crazy_nat

      Is the conjuction close to your 11th house too?

      • Anonymous

        No, my conjunction is in the 12th house.

        • Crazy_nat

          And how do you see the 12th house effecting this conjuction? Do you feel like you are giving more in a relationship than the other person?

    • it seems demanding and I feel like fleeing
      I think that’s a core trait of Uranus influenced people. People with a lot of Uranus stubbornly resist any attempt by outsiders to limit, restrict or curb their autonomy- even if it’s in the name of snuggling and cute time. Every so often the Uranus person needs to make a break for it to reestablish that they will not influenced by anyone. It doesn’t have to be an actual breakup, it’s just that they have to maintain a life free from the demands of other people- emotional and otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        Its really a very visceral reaction. The guy I’m seeing was becoming very demanding about seeing me to the point where I really just wanted to stop seeing him all together because to me I couldn’t just say ‘no, not today.’ He would question and whine and question and I was becoming angry and sad…ugh. I finally put my foot down and said “I need space!” he’s since fallen back a few steps and now that I can breathe, I can engage with him and even enjoy talking to him. I find myself looking out for traps though…like leading questions that will land me back in that struggle for space. I’m still learning that other people think not seeing someone for a whole month is strange, lol. I kind of like that arrangement, to be honest.

        • Does he have a lot of water in his chart- is this the Virgo you mentioned earlier?

          • Anonymous

            Yep, this is the same Virgo, I don’t have a definite rising for him, but he only has 2 water placements. Mars in Cancer & Uranus in Scorpio. I’m curious about his Libra moon, maybe that emotional need to partner is what I’m picking up on.

            • Mars in Cancer can be very clingy because they need constant emotional reassurance.

              • tell me about it. i tend to go for air-y signs with mars in cancer. i don’t know why.

                • I remember I saw your chart once- you have a Cancer MC, right?

                  • yeah, Cancer MC. not to mention, my father has a Venus & Mars in Cancer. but i really dislike men with and Cancer first house, or a cancer sun or moon.

                  • yeah, Cancer MC. not to mention, my father has a Venus & Mars in Cancer. but i really dislike men with and Cancer first house, or a cancer sun or moon.

  • Christine

    My boyfriend has pretty tight Venus-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio… in the 8th house. Makes for a pretty interesting combo…

    • Crazy_nat

      wow! it does! I have venus- uranus conjuction too. But in sagittarius… in the 8th! These sudden brake -ups are killing me!!!!

      • My boyfriend really hasn’t had “sudden” break-ups, though. A lot of his relationships have been long term… He has a pretty heavy seventh house emphasis, though. He also can’t relate to the idea of polygamous or “poly-amorous” relationships. He’s very into the idea of a one-to-one relationship.

        • Crazy_nat

          I am like that too! Despite my moon in aquarius (and 11th) and my sun that also conjucts uranus. And the fact that I have 5 planets in sagittarius. I think it ‘s the 8th ‘s fault that I want deep relationships (venus, uranus, sun) and my pluto ‘s fault too. In scorpio and in conjuction with my 7th house. But I can see my self loosing interrest when I ‘m not “hunting”. I want above everything to be friends with my boyfriends. I don’t really like revolutionary people. But I do love geniuses. The thing that hurts me the most when I break-up with someone/ someone breaks -up with me is when they don’t like us to be friends.

          • Venus in the 8th is definitely attracted to depth in relationship. How close is your cojunction?

            My boyfriend has a Venus/Uranus conjunction in the 8th house (along with 2 others), it’s 8 degrees apart. He simultaneously needs a lot of deep sharing and to feel that he still isn’t being pinned down.

            • Crazy_nat

              It ‘s 2 degrees apart 🙂 Venus in 16 degrees and Uranus in 18 degrees. I love guys with planets at the 8th! But I really don’t like guys that don’t want intimacy and they feel like prisoners in a relationship. Cause they ruin for me the part that I want to be friends with them. Friends don’t feel like that.

              • So you want a relationship that feels more like a friendship, but also has depth?

                • Crazy_nat

                  Yes. It must have both. If I don’t have the friends part I ‘m not even intrested in the guy. If I don’t have the depth I can always keep him as a friend. It ‘s the only way that I will stay in a relationship. The friends part that is. Moon in aquarius in 11th, sun and venus in conj with uranus and jupiter in aquarius sextile my venus and uranus. But I want deep feelings too. A great love. I want him to be possesive and full of passion.

          • Wow, we sound like we have a LOT in common… I share many of your placements.

            • Crazy_nat

              Really? like what????

        • I think your boyfriend is really into alternative, quirky musical artists though. From what I remember he’s into Regina Spektor, David Bowie…

        • Doesn’t he have Venus in the 8th house, in Scorpio?

          • Yeah, he has Venus/Uranus in the 8th in Scorpio. We have pretty similar musical tastes, but I don’t really like Regina Spektor. I think her voice is kind of obnoxious, but whatever, that’s just me. In fact, I think she’s more than obnoxious. I really, really don’t like her at all. He really does musicians with “quirky” or strange voices. He also likes “cerebral” bands, if that makes sense.

            One of my best friend has a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Capricorn and she has mentioned to me to me about a sci-fi fantasy… something about clones.

            • Crazy_nat

              I looove Regina Spector!!

            • I’m not crazy about Regina Spektor either. Liking cerebral bands does make sense- although. my boyfriend has Venus/Uranus in the 8th and he’s not into Regina or cerebral bands. He really likes funk.

              Sci-fi would fit this placement too.

        • Hi Christine, I would say it’s the Venus Square Uranus aspect that causes the native to have sudden break-up’s and on/off relationships. It seems like a conjunction feels at “home” with the Uranian influences, plus he’s got the 7th house emphasis that acts as a “glue”. 🙂

      • I think it’s the Sag that causes the break-up’s and the Uranus part making it sudden. Venus in Sag is an explorer. And being in the 8th, are you the one who ends the relationships because there’s not enough “there”?

    • Rai

      I have Uranus-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, 8th House, too! I’d love to pick you guys’ brains!