Mars/Uranus Aspects


mars-uranus-aspectsDisruptive force. Sporadic action. Eccentric actions. Klutzes. Independent actions. Independent force. Rebellious actions. Rebellious energy. Controversial assertions. The courage to act independently. The courage to do your own thing. Shocking anger. Shocking violence. Unpredictable angry outbursts. Reckless. Irresponsible. Accident prone. Unconventional desires. Daredevils. Thrill seekers. Extreme sports. Obnoxious behavior. Spastic. Quick actions. Instant action. Instant force. Sudden actions. Emergency workers. Crazy energy. Exciting energy. Sexual excitement. Needing exciting sex. Needing physical excitement. Needing to feel electric attraction. Electric energy. Electric sexuality. Nervous energy. Jittery.

Technical ability. Unpredictable actions. Contrariness. Doing the opposite of whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing, even if it’s not in your own best interest. Doing the opposite because following orders is intolerable. Having the courage to go your own way. Asserting your individuality. Fighting the status quo. Extreme selfishness. Acting without approval. Leading the rebellion. Fighting on behalf of the underdog. Actions that provoke others. Fighting for independence. The ability to act outside of what society expects. Acting like a weirdo. Bizarre behavior. Restless. Fidgety. Inability to sit still. Easily bored. Needing new and exciting experiences constantly.

Refusing to submit to authority figures. Refusing to do anything that you don’t want to do. Insubordinate. Punk. The ability to make quick decisions. No hesitation. Decisive. Feeling sexually excited by computers and technology. Getting a hard on for technology. Independent to the point of being unable to cooperate. Ornery. Anarchists.


Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Mars at 3 Cancer 50' semisextile Uranus at 3 Leo 16'. Click the photo to view his chart.

Eccentrics. Actively breaking the rules. Demanding personal freedom. Willful actions. Self-willed. Inability to let another’s opinions influence what you choose to do. Genius energy. Genius in action. Technological leader. Staying at the front of technological advances. Fringe activities. Counter-culture. Competitive in technological fields. Extreme competitions. Unusual competitions. Competing for individual freedom. The impulse to do the opposite. The impulse to resist attachments and commitments. Original actions. Exciting adventures. Unfeeling actions. Acting like you don’t care. Aloof. Abrupt movements. Humanitarian actions. Acting on behalf of the group. Maintaining your individuality within a group. Refusing to merge with others. Inventive leadership. Acting on intuition. Acting on sudden insights. Suddenly knowing exactly what to do, and then doing it. Active reform. Advanced workouts. High energy exercise programs. Advanced equipment. Callousness. Rebelling without a cause. Separatist tendencies. DIY (Do It Yourself).

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  • Samantha

    Hi Astrofix, I’ve got Mars 1st house in Aquarius square Uranus tenth house, 3 degrees. This aspect is very powerful and testing in my chart, it causes the most problems. I am a piscean, and like to be peaceful but this explosive anger and violence a comes out of nowhere sometimes. This aspect also gives me erratic energy and impulses to do things. Completing housework is one of my downfalls lol.
    I believe squares are the life lessons/ challenges. I read once that this aspect will attract people who will test your explosive anger. I’m much improved at 41 and still learning. I’ve also got Aquarius moon, Mercury and rising. So I am erratic and busy with unusual interests.
    Btw love the way your explain the aspects because there really are many variable to intrepreting them and I feel it can be limiting looking at other definitions from other web pages.

    • Thank you for reading, Samantha.

  • menta rona

    hey astrofix if a planets aspects in angular houses ‘angular aspect’ is much more powerful in its influence ?

    • Hi menta rona,

      Yes, angula planets are very powerful in their influence. Do you have Mars or Uranus in an angular house?

      • menta rona


  • lucy snow

    My Leo Mars in the 10th house is opposite my Aquarius Uranus in the 3rd house. Naturally I am very stubborn. (moon in Taurus, too. lol) If I don’t want to do something, it is really difficult to get me to feel a different way. I only accept the best, and first in myself before anyone else.So, if I feel a certain way about something where I just won’t budge then you can know that there must be a good reason.

    And I like that about myself, the ability to be innately loyal to what I believe in and to the people I love. I come up with solutions to problems very quickly and act with timing. I cannot stand depending on anything. It cages me, and I cannot stand feeling caged. You would know when I am feeling caged or suppressed when I suddenly get very cranky, moody, easily irritable, and start saying things very sharply. Or, i just leave as soon as i get the chance. 😛 The first thing I cannot tolerate at all in a partner, is if he is dominating, manipulative, and/or has a big ego with no brain.

    I try my best not to have hard feelings, so when I do, no one should be around me for a while. The disappointment becomes really intense, especially when I feel stuck with that feeling about them. My spirit lives to be free, pure, happy, and live to the fullest but with humbleness and realism, just in case life doesn’t happen as we wished it could’ve.

    • We aren’t exactly perfect robots.
      Music to my ears 🙂

  • astro-lover

    Uranus in the 12th (in Capricorn) trine both Mars and Mercury in the 8th (conjunct in Virgo). I think it’s very silly and annoying that people always want to give you advice, usually unsolicited. A part of me knows they’re trying to help but it just feels so entitled, especially coming from older people! Like I’m just supposed to listen. I regularly do things without approval and it does tend to provoke people. I’ve found that society thrives on this idea that if you don’t like what I’m doing, I’m supposed to say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I won’t do that.” Hell, no! 🙂 As long as it’s not seriously hurting someone else, I never apologize for my actions. Total nonconformist. I can never, ever be socially pressured.

    Uranus trine Mars also gives me an interesting relationship with technology in that it’s very love-hate (that could be the 8th House influence). On one hand, I do spend the majority of my time on the Internet and on my laptop (I am a writer!) A lot of my actions (Mars) do have to do with computers (Uranus). But, they just piss me off, too! It always seems like a battle of wills between me and the Internet. And I find myself losing my temper with computers on a regular basis! Haha, just screaming or cursing at them when they freeze or something. They are like my best friend and my worst enemy. I couldn’t do the majority of what I do without them but they drive me nuts! I think it’s because they’re just as unpredictable and uncontrollable as I am.

    • Nancy Niemeyer

      What you describe is called impatience and anxiety. Look for some breathing exercises (even though you did not ask me anything). Do not drive yourself crazy 🙂

  • josh

    Hey people! I’m an Aquarius with Capricorn Rising.
    In my 12th House, Mars is exalted and conjoined with Uranus (both at 15 degrees). They then conjunct Neptune (at 17 degrees), forming a stellium directly on my ASC.
    I definitely feel each planet as if it were my ruler. The aggression and impatience from Mars, the eccentricity and rebelliousness from Uranus, the sensitivity and mystery from Neptune; I never feel as if I can experience just one emotion. My mind refuses to rest

  • Gabriel

    This is my first post at your blog and I always enjoy your simple but thought provoking writing style with the rapid fire word associations. I have Mars/Uranus conjunct in Libra with a less then 1 degree orb, its the tightest aspect in my natal chart. Everything you write here certainly applies to me, and maybe due to my aspect being an exact conjunction, I feel the intensity and severity is at a constant maximum level for me. I wonder if the Libra influence towards harmony and being agreeable is about the most difficult possible energy to combine or make work with this particular astrological aspect?

    • I would expect this conjunction in Libra to be particularly argumentative and contrarian. Libra wants to balance situations, conversations, etc… by taking the opposite point of view. But, when Uranus is involved, that tendency to be balancing can become a tendency to take the opposite point of view just for the sake of taking the opposite point of view … sometimes not even agreeing with the opinion you’re pushing, just pushing it because you can. What do you think?

      • Gabriel

        I do find I am often in the position of defending the ‘contrary’ point of view vrey often, almost compulsively I do this, as you said even if at heart I do not necessarily agree with what i am defending … maybe I do so for the Libran purpose of balance or seeing all sides of an argument. Also, the physical or aggressive energy is very intense, the urge to rebel or reject everything all the time, without caring who understands my motives, is there in me for sure. I take pleasure in shocking people (in a mental or intellectual sense) and violating their expectations of me. I do feel this particular aspect defines me, it is part of a stellium of Sun(Scorpio), Mercury(Scorpio) Venus(Scorpio) , Mars(Libra), and Uranus(Libra) all conjunct. As I said, the Mars/Uranus conjuction is the most exact in my chart. I love to read any more thoughts or ideas about this you might have.

        • Alas, no further thoughts at the moment, Gabriel. Thank you for reading.

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  • Josh

    I have Mars, Uranus, and Neptune in a stellium conjunct my ASC.; (all within 3 degrees of each other, Mars/Uranus are conjoined), and these three, including the ASC., form a trine with Jupiter. I’m abundant haha, and confused as how to really interpret it.

    • I’ve noticed that people with Uranus in the 1st house or conjunct the ascendant have a good amount of personal magnetism. Do you have Mars/Uranus/Neptune/Ascendant in Capricorn?

  • Brie

    I have my 12th house mars in pisces sextile my 10th house Uranus Rx in capricorn. How does this aspect manifest itself?

    • Hi Brie,

      Try to read the article and see if anything resonates with you.

  • sweet-scorpion

    Mars in Cancer 8H opposite my Uranus and my Neptune [the latter is my IC ruler].

    So needless to say I have always rebelled in some way against being controlled, being told what to do, especially by my family members… usually only by them. But the fact that Mars trines my Pluto has made me deviant and tricky in the way that I always got what I wanted, most of the time, as a kid. I was just that force of nature that could win over adults with manipulation or a really good argument or just tiring someone into saying yes.

    This aspect also makes me accident prone. I’ve broken different body parts 4 or 5 different times. Usually the arms and hands, once the elbow oddly. Never anything else. I can’t balance myself well and refuse to ice skate, roller blade, etc. ever again.

  • Sunnymoon

    Hi Michelle! Love your blog!! I have my moon in Aquarius, so I can feel very familiar with all type of Uranian energy. Still it also makes me a weirdo magnet at times I beleive…uh…This mars/uranus aspect is very interesting since it describes someone in my life, who actually has cancer mars (12th) opp Cap-Uranus (6th) with a grand cross involving mercury (10th) in aries/moon in Libra (4th)…pretty wild…!! I would love to hear your interpretation on this combination 🙂 I´m still trying to figure it out hehe. 

    • Hi Sunnymoon,

      I don’t do individual interpretations on the blog. Some themes for that aspect include balancing private life with work and learning how to deal with their parents and other authority figures.

  • OceanRose

    Hi Michelle !
    I like very much to read your pages, my question is what does it mean in my natal chart : Mars 28′ in leo ( 12. house ) , Uranus 29′ in scorpio ( at the end the 3 house , almost IC beginning…   IC in scorpio 30′ ) square with each other ?   Uranus is my rulling  planet, and opposition with my MC ( taurus 29 ‘ ) sguare my ascendens, mars, and saturn .  THX so much 🙂

    • Well, it means much of what I wrote in the post – you’d be accident-prone, have a lot of nervous energy, be very independent and possibly also eccentric. It might not be obvious to others because Mars is in the 12th. With both planets in fixed signs you might have a tendency to behave in a contrary way even if it’s not in your best interests when you feel slighted or want revenge.

  • MC

    This is so true. I have a a Uranus Jupiter Sextile in mutual reception Inconjunct my Cancer Mars in the 1st. My Cancer Mars also happens to Conjunct my Asc and Sun in Cancer. 

    My Sun in Cancer also in turn inconjuncts Uranus. Being that I am a Cancer my IC comes to the fore  (I always say any Cancer Asc/Sun/Moon person should DEF look to the IC to try to find any influences that might mitigate an otherwise good placement). My IC in Virgo is Square Uranus (so it is eerily similar to Moon Square Uranus) , my Mercury in Leo (which is literally the most egotistical undetached sign ever haha) is trine Uranus, my Venus, NN, and Pallas  are in the 11th. Plus my Sun/Asc/Mars all Contra Parallel Uranus as well, and my Jupiter is in Aquarius. Before I started my interest in astrology I always wondered why I was the way I was. I’m an Uber Cancer with a steely Cap Moon but could never understand why I just felt different. I also always wondered why I tended to react in specific ways. Like if I ever got hurt my natural reaction is to just shut off how I feel and bail. Plus I appear like such a sweet Cancer Asc but once someone gets to know me I’m much more distant than they assume. Another thing I never understood being a Cancer I should feel very deeply (which I do BUT only when my emotions are aroused which is a rarity). Like for instance I know I love people and I especially love all people even people I haven’t met. But as far as the ones around me I know I love them (such as family) like mentally, but I don’t actually feel love towards them. 

    • Michelle

      I should feel very deeply (which I do BUT only when my emotions are aroused which is a rarity)

      You may need to feel personally involved or threatened in some way to get emotionally motivated.

  • billow

    Well, ain’t this a dandy review down the road a bit.  Get the hell out of my way seems to be the message.  And I am only too happy to do it.  Backroads ho!  : DDDDDD

    • Michelle

      Pretty much 🙂

  • Mars Conjunct Uranus here in Third house,Saggitarius! You damn right I’m a disruptive force, powerful, cosmically universal force.I don’t follow any path but my own. Sometimes, I go out my way just to take a different path. Lets see since birth… I was born into military family and lived on-base, then moved off base. I participated in three different sports each season. I remember I played soccer games with kids my age and the coaches on the other teams thought I was much older since I was much taller ,stronger, and more skilled than the other kids on the team. I rebelled against my teachers all day everyday. When people tell me to do something, I do the exact opposite… lol. 6’4 1/2 African American that played soccer.. instead basketball, even when my father suggested I played basketball. Everyone thinks I’m not a human since I think differently and say the most random things. lol I love it! Now I currently work and live in a Country on the other side of the planet. :P… You gotta love those Mars/Uranus people. We open up paths and make the world a little bit more interesting.

    • Michelle

      Does rebelling all the time work for you? Do you feel that you get what you want most of the time?

      • Yea. I often do. I tend to stay out of people’s way it’s just when they try to put illogical impressions unto me that makes absolutely no sense. I just rebel instinctively. I’ve done this with religion for example. Even as a kid, someone told me that I must believe in Jesus or I’d go to hell. Made absolutely no damn sense to me. I have a strong Libra Influence. So I’m able to see both sides of a situation and I do handle my dealings with people as diplomatically and sweet as possible.. . Like if someone says… I must do something I don’t want to do.. I simply smile and say. I’m not doing that! .. But most of the time it does work. Considering I’m more action oriented than a talking person.

        • Michelle

          Thank you for elaborating 🙂

        • MB224

          Right with you again bro’.  Mars square Uranus and I remember thinking, at age 10 or 11, “I don’t need to be saved.” haha  That whole nonsense made no sense and offended me.  You say you’re on the other side of the world…looks like Nippon in the background of your shot. Is that where you’re working?  

  • Mert

    İ have Mars in Gemini 3rd house quincux Uranus In Capricorn 11th…
    ———–Lol @Michele Craciun we have exactly same aspect. )))——

    Well i can use all my energy to do eccentric, unprecedented things in my life since i adore it.

    • Michelle

      Well i can use all my energy to do eccentric, unprecedented things in my life since i adore it.
      Excellent 🙂

  • “Refusing to do anything that you don’t want to do.” So do I.
    I have Mars in Gemini quincux Uranus in Capricorn. For me doing what I don’t want to do it’s so irritating. Just like a quincux aspect 😛

  • Linda Ahms

    I’ve Mars in Aries opposite Uranus in Libra. Totally identify with the above. Great post!

    • I’m glad you could relate. You must be very self-directed with Mars not only opposite Uranus, but also in Aries.

  • Lili

    I am very happy with my Mars (Aquarius 4th) trine Uranus (Libra 12th). It makes me feel like I can be alone and work through stuff by myself. While I feel some regret about being a such difficult/rebellious teenage daughter to my parents, in the bigger picture it all pays off. I am a big KLUTZ though.

    • It makes me feel like I can be alone and work through stuff by myself.
      I agree. There’s definitely a do it yourself attitude with these aspects.

      I feel lucky that my mom gave me a lot of freedom- or I might have been a nightmare to deal with.

      I break a glass probably every two to three weeks!

      • Lili

        I break a glass probably every two to three weeks!
        – LOL! Me too! I broke a glass last night. I also fall over, get cuts, scrapes and bruises on a regular basis.

        • Me too. I have a lot of scars.

  • When a planet is 17′ from the Sun it is cazimi. Cazimi is strong but it only works for planets 17′ from the Sun (not from any of the other planets). An 18 degree aspect is a virgintile. I haven’t worked with them much so I don’t have much insight into what they mean in delineations.
    Here is more about cazimi:
    and here is more about all the oddball aspects like virgintiles:

  • Robin D

    My Mars in Scorpio 5th house forms an 18′ aspect to Uranus in Scorpio 5th house.
    I can’t remember the name of the aspect,but I’ve read it’s weak.
    I would think that it would be strong since it’s so close to being like a conjunction.

    Anyway these words seem to fit the most…..
    Eccentric actions. Klutzes.Rebellious actions. Rebellious energy. The courage to do your own thing. Shocking anger. Unpredictable angry outbursts. Accident prone. Unconventional desires. Sudden actions.Exciting energy. Sexual excitement. Needing exciting sex. Needing physical excitement. Needing to feel electric attraction.Nervous energy. Jittery. Technical ability. Unpredictable actions. Contrariness. Acting like a weirdo. Bizarre behavior. Restless. Fidgety. Inability to sit still. Easily bored. Needing new and exciting experiences constantly.Maintaining your individuality within a group.Acting on intuition. Acting on sudden insights. Advanced workouts. High energy exercise programs.DIY (Do It Yourself).

  • billow

    No offense. But Uranus tranisitting my natal Mars was way too much. I handled three big projects simultaneously but physically couldn’t move as I was glued to the ceiling. Something about that energy made me real uncomfortable. Took a peak at my bio unit’s charts. Yup, the two oldest sibs. Always leaving a mess to be cleaned up. Whirlwinds take their toll. It’s voltage I am not physically equipped to deal with.

    • Do you have many Uranus contacts or Aquarian planets in your natal chart? Were there any other transits going on at that time?

      Thank you for reading billow 🙂

      • billow

        Hey Michelle, thanks for the response. This Mars Uranus write has made for a real productive mars square uranus transit. Broke out in a rash just thinking about it. So something had to give.

        What I did find on closer examination of my natal setup is that I have something called a sequiquadrate(?) aspect between Mars and Uranus. Unimpeded energy flow Sue Tompkins writes. Saturn is about midpoint so I guess it is a teacher? And my natal Saturn squares natal Pluto, which I’ve heard is rough, but how the heck would I know it’s the only life I know. But Pluto is on my midheaven and that is one tough taskmaster.

        Chiron in Aquarius is in opposition to Uranus. Uranus forms a loose square to Neptune. ( I know there is some kind of three degree rule, which I am finding true for transits but not natally. It is one energy packet.) Take me for a ride to fantasy land so you can beat the crap out of me. After all, why would anyone lie about a thing like that? Mistrust, another issue.

        Probably the natal Uranus sextile Mercury is what sent me comatose. Brain on overload. I think what you are trying to tell me is that my wiring is uranian. I’m just not all the time comfortable with it. Too much stuff coming in. Some of it just isn’t worth processing.

        So if Mars Uranus values freedom above all, it should grant my right to freedom too? So is there room for me on freeway going the speed limit? Cuz the one time I speed, the uniform is waiting. I’ve got limits.

        I’m doing the Neptune square Saturn dance now. The fun never ends. This is so helpful thanks to you and the bloggers.

        • I think that Chiron in Aquarius opposing Uranus may have something to do with your discomfort with Uranian energy. Does Mars aspect Chiron as well?

          Thank you for responding 🙂

          • billow

            Why of course.

  • I have Mars in Aries square Uranus.

    This sounds very much like me!

    • 😀

      Thank you for reading Aprodite.

  • Mars in Aries square Uranus.

    That all sounds very much like me!

  • Heidi

    I’m so glad I found this insightful and humourous blog/author!
    I was quite surprised to see the picture above, because I think I recognised one of the actor inside, it’s from Hong Kong I think?

    This article describes me to an electric T. I am sensitive to electricity and static too.
    I have Pisces Mars in first house Square Saggitarius Uranus in the 10th house. I wish I am more graceful, with flowing movements and dainty ways like a swan. But I feel more like a duck. If there’s a hard surface around, my hand will inadvertently connect with it with not too little force. Jerky movements. Restless, erratic and a general klutz. One of my fantasies is to have a green meadow all around me a la Sound of Music, and I jump, run and dance around with no obstructions like a little kid/goat. Whheeee! *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*
    People’s favourite words to describe me, “random, unpredictable, weird.” Sigh ._.
    I am 5″ on a hot day when my height expands, aren’t short people supposed to be pixie-like and petite? I feel like a dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

    Oh Uranus Conjuncts Saturn exactly in my chart, so I have Saturn added into the mix too. I read that murderers are like to have that aspect. One thing for sure, I am more likely to cut my own self with a knife than someone else.

    • it’s from Hong Kong I think?
      I don’t know where the photo is from.I like your physical description of your energy very much- thank you for sharing it!Thank you for reading Heidi 🙂

  • Haha love the Japanise picture, how about “homosexuality?” in relation to this aspect? 🙂

    • I think that Venus/Uranus and Mars/Uranus both show the potential to have desires and attractions that deviate from what is “normal”, however I don’t think that having either one means that you are gay, and I think that what people consider normal changes.

      • He is sexi 🙂

      • NVm.. I read your description over Sid Vicious..and he ought to be perfect if he’s gay (swoon) hehe 🙂

  • I have an exact conjunction in Leo. Frequently referred to as an ‘original’ People definitely view me as an out there, odd egg, but I’ve also got Venus thrown into the mix: I’m not oblivious to other’s feelings. Definitely not sexually excited by computers.

    • Definitely not sexually excited by computers.
      Do you have any planets in Aquarius?

      Thank you for reading zodiacts.

    • I just visited your website- very interesting books for kids!

      • zodiacts

        Thanks for taking the time to look. Gemini Jamboree is about ready to roll as well.
        In response to your question, I have the Moon at 27 Aqua, must say, shockingly I am not feeling the Neptune transit at all. But why do you ask? I thought if anyone got turned on by computers it’s Aqua folks?

        • It doesn’t have to be actual sexual attraction via computers, but you might experience ..almost a kind of sexual satisfaction from using computers. If you feel more relaxed after using computers, like you just released some pent up energy, that’s what I mean.

      • Brian

         Hi Michelle, I know this is a shameless plug, but I discovered this awesome blog and saw your post about “books for kids”, so I think you might like the links to these two children’s books that I’ve written. ;). and I have mars sextile uranus with a 0 degree orb. mars at 0 pisces, and uranus at 0 capricorn.  would uranus at an aries point make any difference?

        • Michelle

          Having Uranus at 00 Capricorn does make a difference. You probably know that the Aries Point marks a point of interaction with the world at large. It’s possible that your Uranian experiences are mirrored by what is happening out in the world at the same time – so, basically those experiences aren’t all about you, they’re all about everybody.

          • Brian

            I also have venus at 0 cancer opposition 0 capricorn uranus, and 1 degree cap saturn. what would these aspects say since they’re all at the aries point degrees? thx

            • Michelle

              I think I answered this in the remark above. Venus at 00 Cancer might also point to standing for from the crowd because of your appearance.

  • firetiger

    mars in aquarius! yaya theres a semi sextile w/ uranus ~~ anyway i relate with a lot of the above keywords but i also think it’s a combo of moon/uranus opposition


    hope you’re doing well xoxox

    • I think there are some overlaps between the Moon/Uranus and Mars/Uranus aspects. The Mars aspects are more about intentional, conscious action while the Moon aspect are more about unintentional, unconscious behavior.

      I’m well 😀 How have you been? Are you in the States?

      • firetiger

        yea definitely~ the moon/uranus is def a SURPRISE!

        i’m doing well too~ will be visiting cali in January.. so excited. Korea is soooo cold in the winter i am really looking forward to the beach!!

        • The beach…ah…how I would love to go to the beach.

  • visions

    i have mars trine uranus and mars trine jupiter 😀 i feel just like a demigod and i can with this awesome aspect !

    • visions

      just read those lines of this aspect and you can immediatly feel that it’s an amazing aspect to have, one day a frient told me hey you are staying cool but we can feel that you are able at any moment to make an unpredictable move that probably make you shine and impress other people, but the fact you remain cool increase your shining even more because we can feel the power inside you, and like Chestov say ” Those know how to act can stay in inaction”. I wait for mars trine jupiter because it’s one of the most beautiful aspect to have in a birthchart. Mars is the planet i like the most and it’s the most important thing i look after the moon and the 4rth house in a natal chart. First your emotions, your roots, secondly how you use your energy and where do you direct your energy.

      • First your emotions, your roots, secondly how you use your energy and where do you direct your energy.

        That’s an interesting course to take. Every astrologer seems drawn to a different path through the chart. I like this. I do view the 4th house as a kind of resting place for the soul- that’s lofty! It is what it is 😀

  • paloma

    hi! i have leo mars conjunct leo uranus conjunct leo venus! Fiercely independently minded, hate to be micromanaged, or told ‘that;s not possible’… for a female, it has been hard, especially as i am a 12H cancer sun & 4h scorpio moon. Confuses people to no end. i love your articles. The one on venus/uranus was spot on too! thanks much!

    • Thanks Paloma 🙂 Uranus in Leo is a very strong willed combination- pretty darn stubborn- and determined individualists.

  • I didn’t even know I had this aspect, I have Mars Semi Square Uranus in a one degree orb haha! I’m curious as to how I project it considering that Uranus is in the 12th house and Mars in the 10th. I would think that I don’t realize how erractic, rebellious I come off as, but others around me see it loud in clear. I’ve been told that I can seem aloof or intimidating. I don’t mind following orders so long as they make sense to me, but if I think the rules are stupid or others are simply trying to exert their will on me or play power games, then I become angry and rebel.

    I act on sudden insights and intuition all the time now. Which may be also because of Uranus moving through the 3rd as you asked about earlier.

    I have to read you Mars-Venus post again since I have that semi-sqaure too. Always learning something new 🙂

    • I think you summed it up about right- that other people are probably well-acquainted with your Uranian side while it remains mysterious to you.

      You have so many close Uranus contacts- it’s quite cool 🙂

  • Shannon

    I sent this to my husband, who read it back to me with great glee as he pointed out my particularly strong areas.

    Emergency workers. Yep, that’s you. Nervous energy. Jittery. Technical ability. Unpredictable actions. Contrariness. That’s you too. Doing the opposite of whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing, even if it’s not in your own best interest. Doing the opposite because following orders is intolerable. Hahahaha.”

    I pointed out the genius part, and he likened it to the “acting like a weirdo” part. Heh.

    • Lol 😀

      Happy belated birthday!

      • Shannon


  • Totefee

    I got the square: Mars square Uranus.

    Sometimes my angry outbursts come out of random. Sometimes one thing might not make me angry one day but the same thing might piss me off a week later. let’s take traffic… sometimes it can be bad and I’m alright, but othertimes it just pisses me off.

    • Traffic is a Mars/Uranus trigger. Do you notice what is different when you’re not pissed off? Why some times are more annoying than others?

      Thank you for reading Totefee 😀

    • Shannon

      I have the square too, and I am *exactly* like this about traffic. Sometimes city driving is my favorite thing to do, and sometimes I feel like I’m two steps from being that guy getting out of the car with a baseball bat.

      (That was a common event in Miami, anyway.)

      • I guess that’s the unpredictability of Uranus.

      • Msfullroller

        Do you remember the old Atari game Spy Hunter? (I think that’s the name) Anyway, one of the weapons on the car was spikes or spirals that came out of the wheels where you could cut the other car’s wheels off when you passed by thereby eliminating it. Yeah, there have been times while in traffic that I seriously wished I that option on my car.

        • I wish I had a LED display so I could type out everything I’m thinking and have it flash in bright red lights.

        • Shannon

          I just played a lot of Grand Theft Auto. It was pretty therapeutic.

  • Msfullroller

    I’ve got the quincunx, Mars in Aries quincunx Uranus & Pluto conjunct in Virgo. Mine is kept somewhat in check by Saturn opposing Uranus & Pluto.

    “Refusing to do anything that you don’t want to do. ” Damn I seriously need to work on that! lol Though I will say it has been made much easier with these midlife transits. Would having Uranus retrograde make the aspect’s resulting behaviors any different?

    • I think the ambivalence about refusing to do anything you don’t want to do is because of the quincunx. I’m kind of surprised though with Mars in Aries. What is your Mars like?

      • Msfullroller

        I don’t understand your question. But if you mean how is my Mars aspected in the chart well here are the stats.

        Sun conjunct Mars in the 8th
        Mars trine 12th house Leo Moon
        Mars semi-square Gemini MC

        I forgot to mention that Uranus & Pluto are in the 1st house conjunct the ascendant, Saturn is opposing from the 7th.

        • That’s what I meant 🙂

          From what you’ve shared so far, I would think you’d be fiercely independent and strong-willed. Though, I know several people with that Uranus/Pluto in Virgo conjunction opposing Saturn in Pisces and they have a tendency to bend over backwards to please people. They are selfless people to the point of being self-sacrificing. Your Mars/Sun conjunction might help prevent too much of that energy.

          • Msfullroller

            “From what you’ve shared so far, I would think you’d be fiercely independent and strong-willed.”

            Yep very much so, but in a behind the scenes way. It’s very hard for a female with this energy to really be who she is which leads to frustration or alienation if you just say f it, I’m gonna be me. But I’m discovering that I have to risk alienation or face death due to health complications from holding all the crap in. I’m in better health at 44 than I was at 24 due to these outer planet transits.

            “Though, I know several people with that Uranus/Pluto in Virgo conjunction opposing Saturn in Pisces and they have a tendency to bend over backwards to please people. They are selfless people to the point of being self-sacrificing.”

            That scarily and accurately, describes my life up to age 36 or so. It’s been eye opening and heart wrenching to discover when you are down, these same people that you have given so much too basically abandon you when you need them, more so when it’s family or those that said they loved you. But at the same time demanding that you be there for them because it’s what you are “supposed” to do.

            • The people I know also had major awakenings in their late 30s and early 40s. They finally started to put their own needs first occasionally, and they’ve become much healthier because of it.

  • I have the trine 😀 Mars in Cancer trine Uranus in Scorpio.

    • MB224

      We have a great deal in common Michelle. I have a very tight square between these two, Mars in Cancer (12th), Uranus in Libra. 

      That Saturn in my chart is very, very necessary. hahaha  She keeps all these volcanoes in line for the most part.  Plus I have a lot of Venus (1st House conjunct ASC) to smooth things out. lol 

    • pinstru

      I have the opposition…mars in cancer with uranus in capricorn…what degree is your mars?