North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo, by House


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North Node Pisces 1st House/ South Node Virgo 7th House

north-node-in-pisces-south-node-in-virgoMoving toward a more fluid interaction with your environment. No longer putting so much emphasis on your quest for the perfect partner. Putting more emphasis on your own need to get in the flow of life. Letting go critical attitudes toward others. Letting go of workaholic partners and petty friends. Becoming the person who sees the whole picture in any situation. Letting go of worry concerning your relationships. Getting to a place of acceptance in your overall attitude to life. Transcending the mundane in relationships to find inspiration in your life.  Becoming a more imaginative, poetic or spiritual person. Learning to let yourself daydream. No longer needing to pay attention to every tiny detail of your relationships. Feeling okay letting some things slide every now and then. Getting over any preoccupation with the imperfections of your partners and friends. Developing an approach that is compassionate and accepting. Cultivating a holistic approach to everything you do. No longer breaking your relationships down in parts, segments, categories or lists. Setting fire to your list of traits that your perfect partner will have. Becoming more receptive to your own movement in the world. Finding inspiration in the simple act of being present. Living the life of an artist, musician, poet or dreamer. No longer seeing marriage, partnership or friendship as just another job to do.

North Node Pisces 2nd House/ South Node Virgo 8th House

No longer organizing or cleaning up other people’s messes. Resisting the urge to help other people with their problems. Resisting the urge to organize other people’s priorities for them. No longer keeping track of other people’s finances. Developing values of empathy and compassion without over-extending yourself or getting walked all over. Learning to value the occasional escape. Learning how to retreat back into what is important to you when the details of other people’s problems become overwhelming. No longer categorizing psychosis and traumas. Letting what is important to you be soothing, healing, gentle and wash over you like a wave. Letting go of the worry attached to other people’s money, inheritances, and debts. Letting go of worry attached to death and deep transformation. Developing spiritual values. Developing priorities centered on imaginative artistry. Developing priorities centered on a holistic, receptive and sensitive stance. Realizing that your survival needs may seem wholly impractical to other people. Learning how to live and let live when it comes to what is important in your life. No longer needing to account for every nickel and dime of other people’s income. No longer being an accountant or the family trustee. Giving more of your own income because you feel like it. No longer letting other people dump their crap on you expecting you to clean it up for them. No longer compartmentalizing sexual experiences. Moving into a more fluid experience of your own body. No longer seeing sex as dirty. No longer seeing sex as work, or as a job to be done like washing the dishes or vacuuming. Resisting the urge to critique your sexual partners.

North Node Pisces 3rd House/ South Node Virgo 9th House

Learning to express your thoughts in a more poetic, inspired and imaginative way. Letting go of critical or judgmental philosophies and ideas. Letting go of an overly purist, perfectionist lifestyle. Becoming a daydreamer. Giving in to moments of inspired communication with others. Learning how to converse about ethereal, spiritual and wholly impractical topics. No longer needing every idea or thought to have a practical purpose. Beginning to embrace a less precise mentality. Beginning to embrace a way of communicating that allows for divine interruption. Beginning to take a more holistic view of your immediate surrounding. Beginning to find poetry in motion. Opening yourself up to a spiritual education. Opening yourself up to conversational merging. Learning how to pick up on more of the subtle nuances of a conversation, what people say and how they say it. No longer picking apart every theory. No longer being so critical of other cultures or religions. Giving up your narrowly defined ideas of adventure. Developing more compassion for the people you speak with in your everyday life. Learning how to express compassion and empathy in words. Learning how to write about what makes you feel confused, what you can’t define and what has no easily distinguishable boundaries. Letting your mind wander. Letting the lines of conversation blur – picking up where another leaves off. Letting go of the idea that there is a correct, right or perfect Truth. Beginning to understand and truly empathize with them through sensitive and receptive communication. Giving up over-analysis of what is right, what is the truth, what is the law, morals, ethics and absolutes. Learning how to communicate in a way that takes everything into consideration in a holistic and nonjudgmental way. No longer putting your healthy lifestyle on everyone else. No longer assuming that everyone cares about whatever new cleanse you’re on. No longer finding fault with every religion. Learning how to speak with words of kindness instead of with incisive barbs. Giving up your position as the philosophical critic.

North Node Pisces 4th House/ South Node Virgo 10th House

Giving yourself permission to abandon practical responsibilities and escape into your home. Letting yourself become less worried about your reputation and what people might think. Finding that you need periods of privacy to give into your artistic side. Giving yourself time out from your busy outer life to spend time with your family. Learning how to merge with your family. Releasing the urge to be critical of your parents. No longer finding fault with every authority figure in your life. No longer finding fault with every career option. Learning how to be more compassionate and caring toward your parents and family. Showing your family sensitivity and kindness. Letting go of being known as the analyst, the critic or the health nut.Getting in touch with your imagination. Making the time to explore your imagination and poetic inclinations. Drawing inspiration from your roots and personal culture. Watching films that reflect where you’ve come from. Becoming more receptive to caring, compassion and random acts of kindness. No longer needing to be seen as having all of your ducks in a row. No longer needing to hold yourself to such high standards of perfection and achievement. Releasing the need to be seen as flawless. Letting go of workaholic tendencies. Moving away from a public identity associated with perfectionism and workaholism. No longer needing to be seen as the efficiency expert.

North Node Pisces 5th House/ South Node Virgo 11th House

Releasing yourself from groups and associations that have narrowly defined conditions for membership. Allowing yourself to have a more fluid and gentle self-expression. No longer associating with people who are picky, critical or fault-finding. Developing your personal, imaginative creative self-expression. Moving away from feeling that people are only interested in your practical side. Giving yourself permission to take up completely impractical hobbies.  Taking up scuba diving, synchronized swimming, music, poetry, dancing or any other hobby that has few, if any, realistic applications. Learning how to play with your imagination. Learning how to extend more kindness and gentleness to your children. Learning how to be kinder with yourself and your creative projects. Realizing that taking a vacation where you simply space out for a week is okay. Releasing yourself from overly detailed work involving groups and organizations. No longer being the treasurer or secretary of whatever group you get involved in. Becoming less concerned with being associated with the ‘right’ people. Putting less emphasis on what makes members of a group different from everyone else. longer dividing groups of people into categories. Putting more emphasis on how your personal expression of empathy and sensitivity helps your imagination blossom. Easing up on your exceedingly practical long-term goals. Making room in your life for inspired creativity – for the sheer joy of it.

North Node Pisces 6th House/ South Node Virgo 12th House

Moving away form over critical internal attitudes. Letting go of self-sabotaging perfectionist behavior. No longer needing to categorize and remedy every fear and phobia. Getting over any self-sabotaging fears of being organized or doing inner work. Beginning to bring a more imaginative approach to work. Learning to be gentler with your health. Giving yourself more compassion when it comes to your diet and exercise routine. Embracing dance as a method of exercise. Finding a way to bring more fluidity to your daily schedule. Relieving yourself of internal nagging. Saying goodbye to the inner critic who prevents you from accomplishing your dreams in the real world. Finding a job that allows you to express your imagination. No longer trying to escape by inundating yourself with busy work. Developing more compassion for your coworkers and employees. Learning empathy through service. Volunteering to help those less fortunate. Merging into your daily schedule so that your private and daily lives are seamless. Bringing more spirituality to your work. Beginning to embrace holistic medicine and noninvasive health remedies. No longer compartmentalizing your free time. No longer scrutinizing your dreams, your fears or your sorrows. Becoming less judgmental toward your own inner life. Moving through your schedule like a dancer. Developing work skills by developing your empathy, compassion, imagination, receptivity and sensitivity. Realizing that you need to work in an environment that allows you to explore your imagination. Realizing that you need to use your imagination every single day, on schedule, as a routine.

North Node Pisces 7th House/ South Node Virgo 1st House

No longer being so critical of your appearance. No longer picking yourself apart. No longer criticizing the way you do everything. No longer needing to look, behave or act perfectly. No longer being the teacher’s pet or setting a good example. Letting go of a tendency to dissect and separate everyone in your environment into distinct groups. Releasing the urge to categorize experiences. Releasing a tendency to keep yourself separate from others to avoid too much merging. Moving away from an overly practical approach to allow for more inspiration to enter your life. Releasing over-concern with issues of personal purity. Getting over any obsessions with personal cleanliness. Getting over any obsessions with personal grooming and neatness. Easing up on the need to keep your direction in life free from the clutter of input from other people. No longer resisting the chaos and confusion that relationships can bring. Becoming willing to engage in significant relationships no matter how confusing they may be. Embracing the inspiration and fluidity that other people bring into your life. Tapping into your spirituality through relationships with other people. Becoming more compassionate in your significant relationships. Blending with others, yet remaining a distinct individual with separate boundaries. Letting other people mess up your plans. Releasing judgmental attitudes by becoming more receptive to other people. Letting other people pervade your experiences. Willing to blur your personal boundaries in an effort to understand the other. Bringing more people into your life who are imaginative,  poetic, musical, inspirational and artistically sensitive. Letting go of a tendency to worry in favor of becoming more accepting of the people and relationships in your life. Cutting some slack for the people in your life.

North Node Pisces 8th House/ South Node Virgo 2nd House

Lightening up on the “purity” of your values or morals. Letting other people and their complicated lives mess up your plans sometimes. Becoming less particular about what you consider important. Beginning to let your priorities merge with those of others. Letting your body more fully merge with another person’s body. Becoming less judgmental or critical about sex. Letting go of prudish attitudes. No longer being so concerned with cleanliness and purity concerning your body. Being less picky about what you really need to survive. Becoming more accepting of the inevitability of death. Beginning to feel yourself merge in an intimate way with other people. No longer thinking that “busy work” is important. Releasing yourself from priorities that are unnecessarily tedious and ultimately trivial. Getting in touch with any psychic gifts. Allowing yourself to explore any mediumistic talents you may have. Letting yourself explore dream therapy or music therapy. Becoming finely attuned to what other people consider to be important. Becoming sensitive to the problems of others. No longer picking apart your finances or keeping excruciatingly detailed notes and files. No longer needing to have every last dime accounted for. Realizing that there are intangible, nonverbal experiences to be shared with others that are more important than anything you can measure or list. Letting go of resistances to getting your personal priorities sullied by other people. Learning to be more compassionate toward your sex partners. Learning to be more accepting of people when they share with you at a deep level. Learning to be compassionate and nonjudgmental toward people who have problems that are “taboo.” No longer viewing other people and their problems as “work.”

North Node Pisces 9th House/ South Node Virgo 3rd House

Learning to take the whole into account when forming opinions about experiences that are outside your everyday life. Releasing overly analytical thinking patterns and critical ways of speaking. Expanding your horizons gently. Embracing a more compassionate life philosophy. Letting yourself explore imaginative intuition. Beginning to view travel as a way to escape and find inspiration. No longer being so bogged down in the details of your comings and goings. No longer needing to tell people every detail of every interaction you have. Easing up on your mental lists. Resisting the urge to say every criticism you think. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Finding meaning in selflessness. Practicing humility as a life philosophy. Letting go of obsessive daily worry. Learning to relax nervous habits. Learning to relax pessimism and “Murphy’s Law” thinking. Allowing yourself to develop gentle faith. Letting go of over-adherence to the facts. Beginning to believe in things that have no data sheets, statistics or tables to back them up. Allowing yourself to believe in something without picking it apart. Giving in to your desire for a spiritual quest. Taking a chance at following a spiritual guru or leader.  Becoming more accepting of other people’s religions, faiths or belief systems. Moving beyond endless fussing over the details and running in mental circles. Beginning to think beyond practical everyday concerns. Opening up to experiences that have no sign posts, no guide books and no lists of things to do.

North Node Pisces 10th House/ South Node Virgo 4th House

Letting go of the private inner critic. Letting go of the part of yourself that secretly picks apart every outer experience. Beginning to become known as someone who has imagination and vision. Allowing yourself to have a career that champions the imagination. Becoming a filmmaker or actor. Realizing your need to get beyond doing household chores and into doing something idealistic and inspirational. Letting it be known that you’re a sensitive artistic type. Letting your compassion and gentleness form your reputation. Refusing to let nagging inner criticisms prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. No longer letting emotional security and the need for perfection prevent you from going after your dreams. Letting yourself mingle and merge with the world outside your door. Developing a public identity as a dreamer and a poet. Bringing your artistic vision to the outside world. Bringing your spiritual inspiration to the outside world. Letting go of any over-cautious health concerns that make you virtually home-bound.

North Node Pisces 11th House/ South Node Virgo 5th House

Moving away from perfecting your personal hobbies and interests. Letting go of personal projects that demand painstaking attention to detail. Releasing critical attitudes to children or artistic expression. No longer being a purest when it comes to your hobbies or interests. Letting yourself mingle with people who share your interests, without criticizing them or picking them apart. Letting yourself actually pick up outside creative influences. Learning how to merge with the collective without feeling that you’ve dirtied your craft. Learning how to bring your imagination and inspiration to the group. Lightening up on your personal creative strategies. Learning how to go with the flow in group situations. No longer keeping your interests distinct and separate from the group’s. Becoming more sensitive and receptive in group situations. Associating with people who are kind, compassionate, sympathetic and inspirational. Spending less time organizing and categorizing your interests. Becoming less critical of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Releasing a tendency to find fault with everyone you date. Learning how to accept people based on having shared interests and similar long-term goals. No longer categorizing or inventorying your lovers. Developing more compassion for your friends.

North Node Pisces 12th House/ South Node Virgo 6th House

Becoming less critical and fault finding of your coworkers and employees. No longer thinking that no one can do it as well as you can. Releasing workaholic tendencies. Letting go of the view that “If you don’t do it yourself it won’t get done” and “If you want it done right, your have to do it yourself.” No longer taking everyone to task. No longer getting so wound up about your day job. No longer letting your day job impact your health. Releasing obsessive health concerns. Releasing hypochondriac behavior. Getting over any tendencies to find fault with every diet or exercise routine you try. Moving away from too much inner cleansing. Not being such a purest about your diet. Working through fears of letting go and simply being. Working through fears of your psychic abilities and extreme sensitivities. Beginning to do the inner work necessary to understand your dreams. Doing the inner work necessary to accept your fears. Beginning to become much nicer to yourself on the inside. Releasing perfectionist tendencies in your daily job and everyday habits. Allowing yourself to retreat from the exacting demands of your job to explore your imagination and find out what inspires you. Getting over the feeling that you have to hide your sensitivity. Coming to terms with your fear of the unknown. No longer thinking that you do your job better than everyone else does. Developing inner gentleness so you won’t be so hard on yourself. Beginning to feel whole inside.

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  • Bumdog

    Been reading the last week or so about north and south nodes like never before. My North Node in Picses in the 5th house, south node in Virgo in the 11th. It seems to go with a theme I’ve been on as of late, and what I’ve truly believed most of my life. To just go of control and go with the flow. 

    But while I have believed this most of my life, I’ve never been able to truly embrace  it. One of the reasons is that I have ALLOT of Virgo directly or heavily influenced in my chart: Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo conjunct the south node. Then Chiron, Venus and Saturn in the sixth house. My ruling planets are Pluto (which is in Virgo) and mercury ( which is in Gemini and the ruler of Virgo as well).

    On top of that I have no support for my North node in pisces, in the fifth house.I have no other Pisces in my chart or even Leo. And 7 planets opposite or square Pisces (the four planets in Virgo I just mentioned, mercury and sun in Gemini, and mars in sag), and the three other planets in the sixth house enforcing the opposition. 

    Is this as difficult as it looks? Or is there something I’m missing? It looks like I have no support for my “destiny”.

    • Where is jupiter in your chart? What’s he up to?

      • Bumdog

        Jupiter in Virgo conjunct south node in 11th house.

  • This is so accurate (Virgo!) I feel quite emotional (Pisces!) !!

    Thanks so much… This is such a great site! Very much appreciated X

  • Meredith

    Understandable, that’d take a lot of time and energy.

    So, do you do interpretations outside of the blog that I could pay for?

    If so, link me. And I would be excited to eventually be interpreted by ya.

  • Meredith

    Hello there again.
    This is another old post I’m responding to buttt maybe you shall have some answers for my curious confusion.
    I have N. Node Pisces in the 2nd house and S. Node Virgo in the 8th house…is this read the same as the reverse–eight house N Node Pisces and 2nd house S Node Virgo?

    From what I remember, I think it is the same.
    You said to look to Neptune and the aspects it makes for relief from the Virgo tendencies. Well, my Neptune is in the twelfth (number buttons are stubborn they need to be finger punched to work so pardon ze transitions from numerical numbers to written out numbers–it’s the Virgin Speaking here).

    Alright, so my Neptune is in the 12th…(worked that time)..forming a T-square with Mars @ the apex (in the 3rd) opposing Mercury (in the ninth). Virgo Moon in the 8th trines Neptune. Ascendant conjuncts Neptune.

    Hope that made sense?

    With all that being relayed, where would I find relief? It seems it’s scattered all over the place.

    • Hi Meredith,

      I have N. Node Pisces in the 2nd house and S. Node Virgo in the 8th house…is this read the same as the reverse–eight house N Node Pisces and 2nd house S Node Virgo?

      No, they are not the same; they exactly the opposite.

      It seems like your Virgo/Pisces traits are intimately intertwined since you also have a Virgo Moon, and Mercury is involved in a t-square with Neptune. Unfortunately I cannot give an interpretation without seeing the full chart, and I generally don’t give individual interpretations here on the blog.

  • cleo

    i just realized something interesting about my chart. my north node and sun are in pisces in the 8th house. what do you think about this?

    • You would want to work on developing your Piscean 8th house traits.

      • Jamecamcghee

        ok thanks so much!

  • Joe

    Any thoughts on my NN Pisces 24deg 42′ 53” in the 5th house?

  • meow

    arrrgh..I hate this, again..having to go with houses…both seem to fit. in Placidus, I have North Node in the 6th. In Whole Sign, it’s in the 7th.
    I am overly-critical of my appearance and everything I do, I am very controlling, and I generally avoid any relationships. I’m ok with occassional, shallow encounters, but nothing past that.

    Either way, though, I have Mercury in 3 degree Pisces, conjunct North Node in 4 degree Pisces, so I guess that makes North Node in 6th valid? somewhat..

    Anyway, it would be cool if you could write about aspects to the Nodal Axis, I have some heavy ones.

    • Michelle

      if you could write about aspects to the Nodal Axis
      I plan to 🙂

      About planets switching houses using one house system or the other, I’ve been finding that the descriptions of both placements seem to fit.

  • AriesGirl

    Ok, so this is awesome and I think i finally understood my Nodes!

    My N.Node conjunct my chart and MC ruler Mercury and I realized that I have to let go many unnecessary aspects of my personality and also my initial careers!

    Very interesting that in the past, in a way I always looked down a bit on those who were not very clever or were handicapped…and i realized that i did it, because I’ve always wished to be accepted and loved for the person who i am and being allowed to be imperfect in my own way… so in a way envied them.
    And I know now that my real career path should involve working with wounded/handicapped children…

    And an other thing. I have that interesting case that my South Node ruler conjunct my N.Node, and I think it means that instead of being a victim of life and others, I need to consciouly display my Pisces qualities…

    • AriesGirl

      I forgot to add that my North Node is in the 7th house

      • Michelle

        Seeing eye to eye. Getting to know your Piscean traits through relationships with other people.

    • Michelle

      That’s a good analysis.

      Mercury conjunct the North Node could make you a good advocate on behalf of victims or people who are being taken advantage of.

  • billow

    Oh, so when I don’t let south node virgo (something I tend to encounter frequently) railroad me I am doing them a favor?  And this nodal axis might be good practice for me in not taking things at face value.

    • Michelle

      Which house is your SN in?

  • Ladyleokaz

    I’m astounded how this describes my second house experience…

    • Michelle

      What have you experienced?

      Thank you for reading Ladyleokaz.

  • Zoa

    NN in Pisces in the 9th here.
    I am just learning to have faith and to let go of my desire to criticize and control everything around me. I’m not quite there yet, but my Pisces moon has been of great help.
    Awesome post as always.

    • That sounds like a perfect description of your nodal axis – thank you for sharing your insights .

  • Heidi

    I have finally waited for this post! There are not too many descriptions out there to help with understanding my North Node Pisces 1st House. I always thought it was an odd placement with the Pisces feel of merging or hiding away combined with the first house way of dominance, assertion and expression. It’s like, having Mars in Pisces.
    Oh wait whaddya know, I have that too!

    Interestingly, the picture corresponds to the way I sometimes feel– as if I could fly or lift myself off the ground by willing myself so, or by flapping my arms(sorry ridiculous human chicken image there)…that sort of floaty feeling. I also have NN conjunct my Ascendant by about 6 deg, plus a trine to the Sun. Am I not supposed to manifest my NN just by being myself? Easier seen astrologically than in real life hahaha.

    I’m going to save up this description and look at it whenever I feel like I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing with my life! It seems to be about letting things slide…Thank you so much for this great help, Michelle. 🙂 Do you have any tips on this position?

    • Thank you for writing Heidi.

      I sometimes feel– as if I could fly or lift myself off the ground by willing myself so, or by flapping my arms
      Wonderful description!

      Am I not supposed to manifest my NN just by being myself?
      It seems like you have that advantage with those placements.

      Do you have any tips on this position?
      Take a look at the position of Neptune for more clues about how to manifest this energy in your life. Some might say to also look at Jupiter’s placement since Jupiter is Pisces traditional ruler.

  • Anonymous

    That.s me. In the NN in the 5th In Pisces. Nice writings!

    • Thank you Matthew!

      Whole signs! I saw that you said you use this system on the Facebook page. I like it more and more as I continue to use it. Wow…Jupiter, Venus and the Moon conjunct – nice!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Michelle, I have a great book at home discussing house systems and equal/whole signs come out on top for me. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        When I get home from work, I will share it with you. 🙂

  • Awesome post!

    • Thanks LGH 🙂 Which axis do you have?

      • North node in the 3rd and south node in the 9th. After retyping what I wanted to say here, I figured that I don’t know exactly what to write, so yeah.

        • Hm…lol..ok! I wanted to say that with a 9th house south node and 3rd house north node, allowing yourself to learn without feeling that you have to know everything can be a challenge. I have a 9th house south node too and sometimes I feel like I should have all the answers, but I don’t, and that’s ok. I don’t know if you can relate to that.

          • I can’t say anything or feel sure about anything if I don’t know about it. I feel some pressure about it all the time. And it’s difficult sometimes to write something, my ideas are kinda hazy. I felt like the post was describing me, but didn’t know how to express it. I also have sun, moon and black moon conjunct my south node, wich I guess isn’t something nice… no matter how much I try to escape from that point, the closer I get.

            • It’s strange how the south node can suck you in. I repeatedly find myself doing things that are completely in the wrong direction for growth.

              • I am really bored with all my exactly thinking. And all the need I think I have for simetry. And the lack of understanding of my own feelings. And all the stress I get from “doing the right thing” or from “breaking the limits”. Sometimes I just wanted to lay down and disapear.

                • Sometimes I just wanted to lay down and disapear.

                  I can relate to that.