Sun/Pluto Aspects


sun-pluto-aspectsWill power. Wanting to have power over others. Wanting to be powerful. Wanting to have the power that others have. Being involved with the government – for better or worse. Wanting a powerful position in the world. Needing to show or prove how powerful you are. Needing to show or prove your intensity of purpose. Powerful creative forces. A compulsive personality. An obsessive personality. Pitting yourself against people who are more powerful than you are. Allying yourself with powerful people.

Diving into your own depths. Getting to know your deepest self. Self-regeneration. Self-transformation. Psychoanalysts. Intense self-discovery. Throwing yourself into extreme situations to see what you’re made of. Throwing yourself into crisis to create self-transformation. Grappling with a desire to explore the seedy side of life. Needing to live a life beyond surface expectations. Needing to live a life of depth. Feeling compelled to interact with people who will tear down your ego. Feeling compelled to have someone “rip you a new one” from time to time. Bringing difficult circumstances upon yourself to test your own mettle. Shining a light into the totality of who you are – the dark and the light. Blending and healing the dark with the light and the light with the dark. People who live close to death or deal with dead or dying. People who live close to power. Living in the shadows. People who live on the dark side. Darth Vader.

The Villain. A person who represents everything we hate in ourselves -everything we want to crush, disown, cast out or kill. You draw villainous people to you. You draw powerful personalities to you. You measure yourself against other powerful people. You measure yourself against the worst of society and claim, “I’m nothing like that!” or fear that you are exactly like that underneath it all. Identifying with the villain. Identifying with criminals. Identifying with powerful people. Identifying with the scourge of society. Identifying with healers and shamans. Identifying with your obsessions and compulsions. Identifying with processes of deep cleansing, transformation and rebirth. Feeling empowered by life.

Using power and intimidation to your advantage. Knowing how to intimidate people. Having a powerful presence. Not suffering fools. Deep cleaning your ego. Letting yourself have extreme experiences for the sake of the learning experience. Power mongers. Despots. Polarizing individuals. These are people most people either love or hate. You know how to get under people’s skin. Interrogators. Controlling personalities. Self-destruction. Self-annihilation. Purging. Living in the underworld. Criminals. Shining a light into the underworld. Entering where other people dare not step. Trying to always keep the upper hand in all situations. Hiding your true self. Concealing who you really are. Staying hidden. Keeping yourself shackled. Having good control over yourself. Staying underground and off the radar. Self-obsessed. Paranoid. Obsessed with your own fame or other people’s fame. Obsessed with your own self-expression. Children who are given too much power. Children who control the parents. Powerful pride. Indomitable will. Power games and power struggles. Struggles for dominance. Being abused, or abusing others. Feeling powerless. Feeling overpowered by life. Self-loathing.

Attempting to control the men in your life. Feeling controlled by the men in your life. Experiencing your father as a controlling person. The urge to dominate. Feeling that you are being dominated by others. Feeling that you have no control over your life. Feeling that your life is controlled by others. Feeling that your purpose is out of your hands. Finding deep healing resources within yourself. Finding the capacity to fully and fundamentally transform who you are. People who take part in transforming their generation’s purpose. Regenerating the dead aspects yourself. Recognizing your shadow self rather than casting it on other people.

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People with Sun/Pluto aspects:

  • John Lennon: Sun quintile Pluto
  • Maya Angelou: Sun square Pluto
  • Sean Combs (Puff Daddy): Sun semisquare Pluto
  • Tiger Woods: Sun square Pluto
  • James Dean: Sun quincunx Pluto
  • Charlie Sheen: Sun conjunct Pluto
  • Sinéad O'Connor: Sun square Pluto
  • Richard Pryor: Sun trine Pluto
  • Paris Hilton: Sun trine Pluto
  • James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader): Sun opposite Pluto

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  • Heidi

    I have Pluto in Scorpio in a Grand trine My Cancer Sun and Pisces Asc.
    I think it’s supposed to make me have a powerful, magnetic personality but somehow I think I come across as more ditzy than dark.
    Maybe it’s all that water, or the trine isn’t such an obvious driving force than the other aspects.

    However I go through intense self-discovery on a daily basis! My favourite hobby is to secretly psychoanalyse people and examine their motives and deepest secrets. I think it comes from a decision to always be brutally honest with myself, and a…certain obses– curiousity with people.
    Self-destruction is good sometimes, if only to discover the patch of tender growing grass beneath the ashes.

    • Michelle

      I haven’t seen the big configurations (like the Grand trine) manifest with as much intensity when the angles are involved in the configuration. I’ll have to look into that idea more. Is Pluto in close aspect with your Sun and ascendant?

      • Heidi

        Hey Michelle, Pluto is widely trine my sun at 6 deg, but exactly trines my Asc at 0 deg. I think my Plutonic traits are more internalised than externalised. To be honest I have an aversion to showing intensity with people. I can handle people’s intensity/power, but I just don’t like letting them know that side of me. Trust issues, maybe even fear– which I think are kinda Plutonic characteristics too.

        Maybe the nature of the trine makes it easier to control Pluto? (if it can even be controlled). I think my traits are like a tap, I can turn it on and off depending on the people and my mood.

        • Michelle

          Has anyone ever told you that you are “confrontational?”

          • Heidi

            My friends are likely to call me a pushover 😀
            There is this friend though whom I tend to get confrontational with…
            On second thoughts, this friend has called me confrontational.

            I have Moon in Opposition with Pluto too, if that affects the Pluto/Sun trine.
            Thanks for your taking time to reply Michelle :)

  • P is for Pluto

    Oh yeah….that photo is smokin’ hot and very illustrative of the journey. Kudos

    • Michelle

      Glad you like it – I liked it.

  • P is for Pluto

    Your list is absolutely on the money. I have the Sun as a focal point of a T-Square involving Pluto and Jupiter. Also Pluto is transiting exactly to my Capricorn Sun as we speak. Also throw in Saturn in Libra squaring my Sun as well and conjunct my natal Pluto.

    I’m going through extreme internal rage directed at parents because of childhood abuse and other very traumatic events. Finally learning to transmute all that emotional volatility (4th house Pluto) into activities not involving my self destruction (50 day juice fast, marathon training, daily Bikram yoga). Have even lost 50 pounds to boot. Jupiter has really been an outlet for me to work off all this excess energy through physical activity while allowing me to think quietly. I’ve discovered alternatives to self sabotage through self-transformation. I’m still a BUNDLE of extreme energy right now but thank God I have an outlet or I would be HELL on earth to live with and very depressed. Can’t say this feels great per se and I am still depressed a fair amount of days but……….I am feeling a satisfaction and an appreciation for myself that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing until know. Thanks for the list.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing your experience P is for Pluto.

      Which house is Pluto transiting in your chart right now?

      • P is for Pluto

        7th House

  • LB

    Totally unrelated to Sun/Pluto, but I did want to say thanks for including a way for people to donate to help Japan. Very Virgo Rising of you, in a completely good way!

    • Michelle


      Thanks LB. I hope people actually contribute to the relief effort.

  • LB

    “Diving into your own depths. Getting to know your deepest self. Self-regeneration. Self-transformation. Psychoanalysts. Intense self-discovery. . . Identifying with healers . . . Needing to live a life of depth. . . Feeling that your purpose is out of your hands. Finding deep healing resources within yourself.”

    Currently, Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct my natal 2nd house Sun (natal Pluto is conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th), and I relate to all of these descriptions and then some! Sometimes I wonder who I am and where I’ve been hiding all my life – hahaha! The more I use my spiritual/healing gifts, the more easily accessible they become – I seem to draw situations to me that validate the worthiness of this strange new direction.

    I’ve also encountered some pretty challenging situations – which is nothing new for me. But lately, I’ve felt a more pressing need to reevaluate the way I react to abuses of power. In retrospect, a lot of my old patterns seem pretty pointlessly willful, like doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. I’m slowly learning how to re-direct and conserve my energies – still speaking up and acting, but hopefully in a more “empowering” way. Sometimes I’m learning the value in just letting go. I’m trying, anyway.

    Another post that manages to touch on so many potentials! Good one, Michelle. :)

    • Michelle

      I seem to draw situations to me that validate the worthiness of this strange new direction.
      That seems to be the way when you get on the right path.

  • firetiger

    Othello’s Iago is still my favorite literary character!~

    • firetiger

      Oh yeah, I have Sun conj Pluto :)

  • MsFullroller

    Thanks a lot for this Michelle!!! As you know I don’t have this aspect but as stated below in another comment, I’m the product of parents with this aspect. However, as you mentioned to someone below, Sun in the 8th echos this aspect. I think my Pluto rising does as well.

    This post and Visions comment really has helped me to understand my parents and to understand/heal from my childhood a little a bit more. Transiting Pluto is within 4 degrees of my squaring my Sun as it’s making it’s journey through my 4th. In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve really got the urge/compulsion to start looking more into my parents & childhood issues. That’s when I discovered my Dad’s Sun/Pluto aspect.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing that Ms. Fullroller. I’ll have to go peak at Chirotic Journal – Jeremy always adds a new dimension to everything he writes about.

  • Tuscan

    About sun/neptune : i have the semi square and i had an absent father ( divorced parents and dad living far away) so i agree with Michelle. About sun/pluto i dont have the aspect in my natal but when pluto was on my sun i went through “intense self discovery”.

    • Michelle

      when pluto was on my sun i went through “intense self discovery”.
      Which house did that transit occur in?

      • Tuscan

        Placidus third house , whole sign 4th. I had to dig down into the patterns of my family.Looks like 4th “intense discovery”to me. I feel much more aware of these patterns today than i was before this transit.

        • Michelle

          Where’s transiting Pluto in your chart now?

          One of the “great” things about transiting Pluto in the 4th is that it forces you to work through family issues. You can’t ignore them or sidestep them and you get to resolve, or at least find a new way of dealing with, a lot of shit.

          • Tuscan

            “…a lot of shit”.This last word sounds very plutonian ;).Yep, a new way IS the only way cause i can work on and resolve my own issues but not those of all my family members.

  • Joswan

    Hai thanks, my transit request. I read it :) I just took the good part since I have pluto trine my sun.
    However, my mercury is badly damaged today (due to bad transit) I have to shut my mouth before I rant negative things lol
    May you always fab Mich :)

    • Michelle

      I have to shut my mouth before I rant negative things lol
      Lol…that’s usually a good idea :)

      • Joswan

        Aww you mean :( hehe, no it’s like yesterday when Japan got mega tsunami, I was entirely in bad mood and dont know what caused it, until I browse yahoo and found out that we have Supermoon going on
        My moon in Cancer, I must hold my grip from this massive tidal wave! :(

        • Michelle

          Supermoon, huh? Thank you for sharing the link.

  • Plutonian Persona

    Good going (as usual) Michelle! I liked the way in which you have a point/counterpoint structure to your description of this extremely intense combination: you can experience the highest highs or, conversely, the lowest lows. As such, Sun-Pluto aspects can be used to progress or regress one’s self, family, community, or society in the most dramatic ways.

    Although my Sun-Pluto conjunction is a weak one (8.75 degrees), I can definitely relate to much of what have said, as well as many of the comments on here, especially concerning self-transformation and living in the shadows. Self-transformation has been my m.o. for my entire life, whether it has been negatively (3 suicide attempts) or positively through my total willpower to face all my fears and cast them out of my life.

    One thing that I would add to your description is being abandoned by one’s father or have one’s father be absent a lot. I was abandoned by my father when I was 9 and I have found that a lot of other people with Sun-Pluto hard aspects have similar experiences of having an absentee father.

    Thanks as always! :-)

    • Michelle

      I tend to think of father abandonment issues as being related to Sun/Neptune aspects. Do you have one of those?

      Thank you for sharing your experiences Plutonian.

      • Plutonian Persona

        No, I don’t have a Sun/Neptune aspect. However, I am very interested in knowing your (quick) thoughts about why you think Sun/Neptune is associated with father abandonment issues.

        • Michelle

          Sun/Neptune seems to shows a father who just isn’t around. He may still be alive, but for whatever reason he is either physically, mentally or emotionally absent from the relationship.

          Sun/Pluto would seem to point to some kind of forced separation, maybe death, or something more traumatic than Sun/Neptune.

          What do you think?

          • MsFullroller

            With both parents having Sun/Pluto aspects, I say yes to the forced separation. My mother has the conjunction in Leo. Her father passed away suddenly of heart attack when she was 13, a couple of weeks before Christmas. My father has the sextile with Sun at 28 Taurus, Pluto in Leo at 0 degrees. His mother passed away when he was very little so that meant his father was away from the family a lot. Dad was the 7th of 8 children. He often said that the oldest sibling (sister) was both mom and dad to all of them. I believe he died before Dad was a teenager.

          • MsFullroller

            With both parents having Sun/Pluto aspects, I say yes to the forced separation. My mother has the conjunction in Leo. Her father passed away suddenly of heart attack when she was 13, a couple of weeks before Christmas. My father has the sextile with Sun at 28 Taurus, Pluto in Leo at 0 degrees. His mother passed away when he was very little so that meant his father was away from the family a lot. Dad was the 7th of 8 children. He often said that the oldest sibling (sister) was both mom and dad to all of them. I believe he died before Dad was a teenager.

          • Plutonian Persona

            Makes perfect sense to me: Neptunian fog vs. Plutonian trauma. In my particular case, it’s definitely traumatic abandonment: my father simply left without a word and was never heard from again. Imagine this situation on a 9 year old: one day your father is there, the next day he isn’t…that one took a long time to digest.

            So, as you infer, maybe the concept is one of semantics: actualities v. severity (or something in that general realm).

            Thanks again Michelle, it’s always a pleasure discussing astrological ideas with you! :-)

            • Plutonian Persona

              I was just reading a site about Arabic Parts: Apparently, abandonment is ASC+Neptune-Pluto…a very interesting thought indeed.

              • Michelle

                That is very interesting. I’m so glad you shared that (the Arabic Part and your personal experience :)

          • ladyships

            I have Sun-square-Pluto & my dad was technically around, but completely emotionally unavailable/incapable of expressing affection.

            No aspects between Sun & Neptune, buuut my Moon iiis conjuncting Neptune (0˚59) & Saturn (2˚43).

            (Just to complicate things.)

  • Bob

    Sun (conjunct Neptune) 10 Scorpio 25′ SEXTILE Pluto (conjunct Moon) 9 Virgo 42′.

    (first, can’t help by note that charlie sheen reference in your example list.)

    second, can you keep it down just a little? your excellent and thoroughly enjoyable breakdowns of aspects is really putting all my laundry out there.

    actually, i’m really enjoying gaining insight into a lot of my own inner activity that previously was a source of much confusion. when one begins to understand one’s own machinations, when what is mostly deep-under is brought to the surface, navigation is made easier.

    this seemed particularly poignant:

    “Recognizing your shadow self rather than casting it on other people.”

    thanks, again; i’m enjoying catching up on all your work here.

    • Michelle

      really putting all my laundry out there

      “Recognizing your shadow self rather than casting it on other people.”
      I like that one too. Seems especially apt for people with the opposition.

    • pinstru

      “Recognizing you shadow self rather than casting it on other people”

      Yep I have the square and I can swear up and down for days that my father is evil, yet I can also easily see aspects of himself in me. It pisses me off to no end (ehhh…sometimes…I’m like him in so many ways that if I was pissed off any longer I’d be denying myself). He has his Sun conjunct Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. My sun is in Virgo, Pluto in Sag.

  • visions

    i have the sun at the end of the 7th cusp in opposition to pluto in 2nd house. i can relate the most of what is said but comments here doesn’t help to understand sun-pluto combination sorry for all t he readers but i like WHEN COMMENTS HELPS(maybe some sun-pluto reaction from me)….i am f**** bored… so here is a HELPFUL list of sun-pluto from experience from sun-pluto people survey:

    1. Intense self-awareness, assume others can look through them: hide, need privacy, fear that their identity is under threat;
    2. Survive in any given situation: dominate others so they are not being dominated by them and thus make people feel uneasy;
    3. Compulsion to be the best: sabotage the project if the results are not record-braking;
    4. Become close to those in power or sabotage their authority;
    5. Manipulative: entrap people in a corner from which they can’t escape;
    6. Become a victim by forming relationship with powerful, brutal, dominant people or suffering disablement/ handicap;
    7. Rage, jealousy, violence tuned in on the self (self-sabotage, strong suicidal tendencies);
    8. Desire to overthrow the authority of the father and usurp his position of power—battle of wills/power struggles resulting in punishment and child’s humiliation (can’t succeed later in life risking to incur the rage of a jealous father).

    • Michelle

      I think your list is excellent, but I’m a little confused by the tone of your first paragraph. There aren’t any rules for comments – so readers are not obligated to provide useful content for other readers.

    • Michelle

      I especially like #8. In cases of people like Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton, their power comes from their father’s position in the world. Tiger has his Dad to thank for his success as well.

  • Happycappy.

    I am a Capricorn with Sun and Mercury trine Pluto in Virgo , 8th house Jupiter, moon inconjunct pluto , neptune in scorpio and scorpio South Node and I think your analysis is spot on. Even though Pluto’s influence can be painful at times in the long run it always pays of!

    By the way, great site, one of the best I have seen on the web, good articles and really nice pictures,Thx!
    All the best from Holland.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for the compliments and thank you for reading.

  • amoureuse

    I have square sun in cancer and pluto in libra. some were true to me. before i used to think i will do great things, that i am somebody. now, i realized it is just a feeling, though someone told me that i could be a “world youth leader” because for once politics truamatized me then i just renounced my religion.

    i know what you mean about self-destruction and self-annihilation. i do it everytime i paint. now i am relieved that all of my obssession, my “diving into my depth,” working with death, deep cleaning of ego, and that wanting to be powerful goes to my painting. thank god nothing more. i will never work into govt ever. no pilitics for me and no more living at the edge of the knife.

  • Anonymous

    I blame all my intrapersonal badness on my Sun-Mars square Pluto. The part about being compelled to interact with people who tear down my ego is absolutely true because my parents, especially my mother, are just like that. She’ll criticize everything from your five year plans to the way you eat grapefruit, like a cross-examining attorney. Direct half of that back and you are the horribly ungrateful unfeeling cast iron bitch who doesn’t appreciate her wisdom. Not sure cutting her out of my life would solve that problem. I keep many secrets, and people like telling them to me, but I am very boring.

    • Michelle

      That sounds intense Dreamwr8tr. Do you still live at home?

      I am very boring
      Doubt it.

  • tatiana.larina

    Oh, how I sometimes wish I were this powerful, demonic Pluto character! But unfortunately only the hiding/concealing part rings true for me.

    On another note, my friend gave birth in December to a baby girl with Sun-Mars-Pluto stellium in Capricorn in her 6th house. I guess I’ll want to watch her closely.

    • Michelle

      Babies and children…I’m so hesitant to try to “find” the connections between their personalities and their charts. My nephew has Pluto right on his ascendant…I’m so curious to see how it manifests, but very reluctant to project anything. Right now, he’s an angel :)

    • http://www.selcouthmassage,com ladyships

      I have a Mars-opposite-Pluto-square-Sun T-square with a Saturn-Neptune-Moon-Uranus stellium in Capricorn (6th House). My Sun-square-Pluto is the tightest aspect in my chart (square 0˚08).

      I’m a scholarly massage therapist; my twin sister is probably going to be a veterinarian. Although we share essentially the same birthchart, we manifested our charts in surprisingly divergent ways, & I suspect that the Sun-Pluto had a lot to do with it (having two twin Pluto-Sun-Mars girls growing up in the same environment—there’s no way that’s not going to be an issue.)

      Anyway. It’s manifested interestingly so far (we’re almost 25 now). Let me know if you wanna ask a question.

      • AstroFix

        Thanks for the offer, ladyships :)

  • Sarita

    My lil 5 yr old has Sun-Venus trine Pluto and boy can he be bossy and demanding. He has a certain aura about him. Hope he transforms his generation :-) love that pic, how scary eeeek

    • Michelle

      Hope he transforms his generation :-)
      I hope he does too 😀

      love that pic, how scary eeeek
      Isn’t it?!

  • Christine

    I have Sun in Taurus (7H) opposite Pluto in Scorpio at the end of the first house. I deeply agree with everything written in the first paragraph. One thing that struck me most was the “Throwing yourself into extreme situations to see what you’re made of.” That’s exactly one of the main reasons why I like to hike or run. To me, those things have a lot to do with discipline — learning how to control your breathing, your steps, your water intake. It’s about going beyond “surface-level” biological instincts. You can’t drink too much water or gasp for tons and tons of air, even though your body really needs it. When I ran cross country in high school, one of my favorite things about it was sweating and feeling the soreness in my legs the day after a long run.

    I think Sun-Pluto people also really want to feel the impact of their “power” of influence on other people. For me, and I don’t know if it’s a Sun-Pluto thing or a Mercury-Pluto thing, but I think I want to be in control of how people perceive me. Oppositions are challenging and helpful at the same time. I have no problem delving in, seeing the deeper details, but I can also generalize, conceptulize and see the big picture, as is the case with my Mercury-Pluto opposition. I think because my Pluto-Sun is in houses 1 and 7, I often project my paranoia to other people or give other people intentions and motivations they don’t really have. My boyfriend used to say that people don’t usually think that way… that they usually break down their motivations like that. My answer to that has always been: just because they aren’t always aware of them, doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. Kind of a presumptions Plutonic thing to say, maybe. 😉

    • Christinetruong1


    • Michelle

      I think I want to be in control of how people perceive me.
      Yes…definitely a Pluto thing…I’m thinking it’s even a Pluto/ascendant thing too.

      My answer to that has always been: just because they aren’t always aware of them, doesn’t mean that they don’t have them
      Haha….reading into things… also Plutonic. Assigning motivations where there are none. Something I’ve had to remind myself is that sometimes what you see is exactly what you get, or “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Even Freud could admit that not everything has some underlying meaning.

  • Zoa

    I don’t have an actual Sun-Pluto aspect, but my Sun is in the 8th house, which gives a certain Plutonic-flavor to the person I experience myself to be. I definitively relate to some of these descriptions, especially this one:
    “Blending and healing the dark with the light and the light with the dark”

    I very much enjoyed reading it.

    • Michelle

      Thanks Zoa.

      The 8th house Sun does have some things in common with Sun/Pluto aspects.

      • nick

         very true indeed!!, I have a sun sesquiquadrate pluto,, but I had a friend with her sun in the 8th house, very similar things, death,, intense situations, secretive, ,, bringing danger into our lives,, I was amazed of how similar we were, and this is before I knew about sun aspects and houses, astrology etc..

        • Michelle

          Thank you for reading, Nick.

  • Sagittarian

    This is very interesting. I have a T-square with Pluto as the focal planet. Sun square + Moon Square Pluto, along w/my Sun opposing my Moon. This is the driver of my chart in a very positive, powerful way. However, it’s also a reminder that transformation and change is a stretch and it rarely “feels” good. I think the hard aspects get bad raps as they can be huge catalysts for development if there’s a commitment to managing them.

    • Michelle

      That’s an intense t-square Sagittarian. It certainly can’t be comfortable. But, it does often seem that the tension of t-squares pushes people into “make or break” scenarios where sometimes they end up manifesting the best possible outcome just to escape the pressure of the configuration (obviously some people go in the exact opposite direction!)