Brainstorm: Jupiter in the 8th House Astrology

Use this interpretation for natal Jupiter in the 8th house, transiting Jupiter in the 8th house, progressed Jupiter in the 8th house, directed Jupiter in the 8th house, profected Jupiter in the 8th house in astrology.

normous evolution. Breadth and depth. You pose deeply philosophical questions about taboo subjects. Teachers get jealous of you. Expanding your occult knowledge. Church of the occult. You start your own occult school. Tarot school. Hermetic philosophy school. Witch school. Hey, I just got my diploma from Samhain University! Look, ma, no broom! Can you transform the world around you through your beliefs? What is the power of belief? What is the meaning in trauma? You inherit a body of knowledge. You get more interested in deeper aspects of life. You seek to explore death. You seek to explore psychology. You seek to explore deeper sexual terrain. Deep research. Broad research. Foreign detectives.

You propose your own school of thought on occult subjects. Death philosophies. Psychological philosophies. Should you wash your crystals in sunlight or moonlight? Well, here’s my opinion on that subject, and I just wrote a Crystal Manifesto. Finding yourself having an opinion on taboo subjects, where maybe you never gave them much thought before. How can I ease my burden? Is there a spell I should know? Are there some magic words I can say to line my pockets with cash? Are there crystals that can ease my painful Saturn transit? Astrological remediation. Exotic occult knowledge. Foreign occult teachings. Is there ‘good’ magic? Are there ‘good’ magic practitioners? Do you believe in magic? A broadening interest in magic. Amulets and protective magic. Sigils and hexes for protection. Church of the dead.

Ethical investing. Increase in your partner’s income. Protect your investments. Protect your partner’s assets. Help your partner grow their assets. Find someone who can take you under their wing. Seek financial guidance. Find a financial guru. Become a financial guru. Invest for the good of all. Invest in philanthropic causes. Huge benefits package. Taking advantage of opportunities to receive support from others. Bountiful financial aid. Expansive credit card debt. Accumulating debts.

Death benefits. A good death. A Good Goodbye. Death guru. Death doula. Death philosopher. A big death. Deep breath death. Inheritance. Windfall. Having a vision for your death. I’m going to donate my body to science. I’m going to give my body to one of those tree planting organizations and have flowers spring from my corpse. I’m going to be an organ donor. Where do death and belief meet? Should you get that tattoo? Will you be cremated or buried? Expanding your viewpoint and opinion on all 8th house subjects. Making room in your mind to contemplate dark subjects in an expansive, and potentially optimistic, way. How can death be … better? What can you learn from trauma?

Transforming opinions about death. Transforming opinions about trauma. Transforming opinions about legacies and inheritance. Transforming opinions about psychology and seeking psychological help. Transforming other people’s belief systems. Expanding shadow work. Opinion overhaul. Freedom from emotional attachment. Kill your outworn opinions. Occult doctrines. Looking into hidden beliefs. Seeking to understand subjects outside of the mainstream. Beliefs about joint finances. Transforming your beliefs about what “should” happen when two people get together. Transforming beliefs about intimacy. Transforming beliefs about sharing information. What’s your personal privacy policy?


  • Openness
  • Meaning & Understanding
  • Faith & Belief
  • Optimism
  • Foolhardy
  • Philanthropy
  • Fanaticism
  • Gluttony
  • Culture


  • Sex
  • Death & funerary
  • Taxes
  • Legacy & inheritance
  • Your partner’s assets
  • Debts & credits
  • The occult & taboo
  • Privacy v. deep sharing
  • Financial support & insurance
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