Brainstorm: Mars / Pluto Astrology Aspects


owerful force. Powerful energy. Powerful actions. Pushing yourself to get stronger. Buried anger. Buried rage. Buried energy. Stifled will. Volcanic rage. Explosive temper. Burning desire. Compulsive desire. Controlling force. Forces beyond your control. Killer instincts. Catharsis through rage. Catharsis through physical activity. Feeling renewed through physical activity. Feeling renewed through sex. The desire to destroy and decimate. Needing to kill away the old to make way for new actions and inspirations. The desire to kill. Compelled to control. Physical power. Physical control. Atomic power. Fight for survival. Fight for power. Fight to the death. Needing to prove something. Crime fighters. Criminals. Criminal underground. Underground activities. Thugs. Recycling energy. Healing energy. Intense energy. Energy that can transform what it touches. Intense force. Brutality. Cruelty. Abuse. Violence. Antisocial behavior. Making people feel like they’re walking on eggshells around you. Tension. Muscular tension. Inability to release tension. Stress buildup. When will it stop? Will it ever stop?

Willingness to do what is necessary no matter how it displeases other people. Making things happen without necessarily knowing why or how. Deeply unconscious actions. Deeply unconscious motivations for doing the things you do. Tapping into a deep reservoir of what needs to be done, or what is possible to do. Compulsive drive. Indefatigable effort. Relentlessness. Intense sexual energy. Dark sexual energy. Stifled sexual impulses. Buried sexual energy. Snuffed out. Sexual taboos. Violent taboos. Obsessed with sex. Obsessed with violence. Obsessed with winning. Asserting power. Destructive actions. Destructive impulses. Regenerative impulses. Drive to heal. Feeling compelled to transform. Driven to scrape off ‘dead’ aspects of yourself and your life. Weighed down by dead parts of yourself and of your life. The drive to destroy and renew. Tearing down decayed or dead parts your life. Cutting off from what is dead or dying.

Tremendous courage. Keeping impulses under control. Controlling anger. Controlling your sex drive. Sexual compulsion. Too controlled. Keeping a lid on anger. Not relaxed. Wound tight. Not easy going. Stressed. Burning up inside. Strength. Intense orgasm. Violent orgasm. Strong sex drive. Initiating transformation. Active healing. Healing energy. Obsessive actions. Obsessive energy. Self-willed transformation. The courage to start over from scratch. Brave enough to keep going. Unceasing control. Unceasing courage. Ruthlessness. Initiating catharsis. Instant transformation. Actively un-burying secrets. Actively burying secrets. Secretive actions. The drive to investigate and uncover. Leaving no stone unturned. Obsession with what is hidden. Physical obsessions. Transforming the body. Body builders. Weight lifters. People who need to release physical energy so they don’t explode.

Bitterness from storing too much energy. Nastiness from holding onto too much energy. Frustration from pent up energy. Impulse to annihilate. Physical feats. Single-minded focus. Consuming passions. Acting paranoid. Acting suspicious. Detectives. Spies. Mobsters. Inability to be detached. Innate understanding of cruelty, anger and aggression. Buried desires. Acting on your passions. Depression when passion in life is lacking. Frustration when there is nothing to put your all into. Anger, lashing out and cruelty when desires and passions are stifled or thwarted. Superhuman effort. Pushing yourself to the point of complete and utter exhaustion on all levels. Body-breaking effort. Tearing muscles to make new muscles. Dominance or subservience. Physical trauma. Sexual trauma. Sexual abuse. Indomitable will. Anger that fuels transformation.

Mars Astrology

  • Anger
  • Force
  • Drive
  • Will
  • Competition
  • Impatience
  • Sexuality
  • War
  • Passion

Pluto Astrology

  • Underworld
  • Underground
  • Underbelly
  • Cleansing & renewal
  • Treasure
  • Trash
  • Rebirth
  • Sex
  • Alchemy
  • Annihilation
  • Black magic
  • Sorcery
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