Brainstorm: Mars / Saturn Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this post embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing

olding back energy. Holding yourself in check. Holding back aggression. Not physically demonstrative. Restricted force. Limited. Tightly controlled physical actions. A narrow channel in which to act. Cock block. Obstacles to action. Obstacles in your path. Rage from feeling limited. Feeling that you have a limited effect on your world. Having grown up being told what not to do. Growing up constantly being told “No.” Fear-based self-control. Feeling limited in what you are capable of accomplishing. Limited achievements. Limited victories. Victory through hard work. Accomplishment through hard work. True grit. Making real, hard won achievements. Steady effort. Disciplined effort. Defining masculinity. The definition of bravery. Staying the course. Feeling that your efforts go unacknowledged. Feeling that there is a big “NO” to confront every time you want to do something. “That’s not how you do it.”

Feeling that you are always dealing with problems. Understated force. Physical strain. Physical stress. Physical limitations. Restricted energy flow. Hardened. Rigid, mechanical actions. Feeling that you have limited choices. Anger with authority figures. Getting aggressive with authority figures. Angry with your father. Violent with older people. Becoming more aggressive as you get older. Learning how to act like an authority. Learning what it means to act like an authority. Conservative actions. Exercise routines. Police officers. Hating police officers. Going from fighting authority figures to becoming an authority figure. Working class heroes. Few opportunities to go for it. Timeless bravery. Fighting for the establishment. Fighting against the establishment. Fighting against your father.

Classic gentlemen. Codes of conduct. Traditional masculine roles. Adult behavior. Acting older than your age. Maturing early. Resisting maturity. Resisting aging. Fighting against getting older. Fighting against parental figures. Feeling that there are rules of behavior. There are rules for how men should act. There are rules for what you should and should not be doing. Acting within certain parameters. Being able to follow rules. The ability to take direction without asking questions. Understanding what the unspoken rules are. Breaking the mold requires tremendous effort. Making the mold. Molding behavior. Setting the rules. Disciplinarians. Attempting to dominate through rules and regulations. Strictness. Hard edges. Sexual discipline. Wanting to tie people up. Serious sex. Adult sex. Sexual desire to be in an authoritative position. Wanting to be dominated. Wanting to be disciplined. Rules for sex. Setting sexual guidelines. Serious effort. Reliable. Willing to take responsibility no matter how much of a burden. Willing to keep trudging forward. Die Hard. Fulfilling your duty. Keeping order.

Learning to be assertive. Learning to how to get what you want. Attempting to get what you want by following the rules. Doing things in a step by step manner. Following protocol. Establishing guidelines. Pushing past obstacles. Meeting resistance. Developing fortitude. Stripping down to the bare essentials. Getting down to basics. Too frightened to do anything. Feeling caged. Doing things the hard way. Getting what you want is hard. Hard labor. Hard work. Doing hard time. Not knowing what to do with yourself when someone isn’t putting limitations on you. Wanting someone to keep you in line. Needing a coach or trainer. Becoming a coach or trainer. Learning physical discipline. Needing structure, rules and guidelines to achieve your best. Scorched earth. A cold way of acting. Recognizing the need to act- because time is running out. Acute awareness of the reality and consequences of actions. Serious competitors. Real men.

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Mars Astrology Keywords

  • Anger & Rage
  • Force & Coercion
  • Drive & Will
  • Competition & Rivalry
  • Impatience & Impulse
  • Guts & Daring
  • Sharp Edge of the Blade
  • Initiating & Pioneering
  • Antagonizing & Bratty
  • Straightforward & Uncomplicated

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Saturn Astrology Keywords

  • Limitation & Boundaries
  • Structure & Order
  • Discipline & Hard Work
  • Maturation Process
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Manifestation
  • Fear & Crystallization
  • Wisdom gained through age & experience
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