Brainstorm: Mercury / Jupiter Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this post embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing

ig ideas. Too much talking, not enough action. Arrogant opinions. Open-minded. Broad minded. Expansive thinking. Speculating. The philosophical mind. Generalizing. Lumping everything together. Glossing over the particulars. Getting the gist of it. Motivational speakers. Keynote speakers. Epic stories and tales. Full of hot air. Blowhards. Laughing it off. Missing the details. Exaggerating. Wanting to talk about meaningful subjects. Wanting more education. Talking about morality. Thinking about moral issues. Contemplating ethics. Speaking with conscience. Meaningful messages. Believing in your own thoughts. Having faith in your opinions. Confident verbal expression. Confident written expression. Mental confidence. Confidence in communication in general. Cheerleaders. Contemplating religion and faith. People who ponder, contemplate and mull. Looking forward. Thinking about the future. Hope and optimism. Seeing the big picture. Thinking ahead. Premonitions. Foresight.

Prolific writers and authors. Publishers. Lecturers. Sermon givers. Preachers. Teachers and professors. Garrulous. Blowing your opinion out of proportion. A self-important way of communicating. Bloated ideas. Thinking highly of your own opinions. Talking a lot. Conveying information. Having faith in your ideas. Distortion of an idea through over-emphasis. Making a big deal out of something insignificant. Beating a dead horse. Students of life. Mind expansion. Making yourself laugh. Cracking yourself up. The ability to brush off negative thinking. Affirmations. “I think I can, I think I can.” Positive thinking.

Getting away with saying ridiculous things. Latching onto one idea and expanding it beyond recognition. Pollyanna. Becoming blind to the things you don’t want to hear or see. Misinterpretation through not gathering all the facts. Misinterpretation through focusing only on the parts that you want to focus on. Inflated sense of the importance of your own thoughts. Interest in archetypes. Wanting to know what things mean. Getting beyond mere accumulation of facts to find meaning. Positive sibling relationships. One sibling looms large over the other. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Glossing over the details.

Books are important to you. Learning means something to you. Adventure is a book away.

Mercury Astrology

  • Communication
  • Linking & Connecting Information
  • Speech
  • Commerce
  • Siblings
  • Trickster
  • Rational Mind
  • Symbols
  • Language

Jupiter Astrology

  • Open
  • Understanding
  • Truthful
  • Optimistic
  • Foolish
  • Philanthropic
  • Fanatical
  • Gluttonous
  • Generous
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