Brainstorm: Saturn / Descendant Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of Saturn in aspect to the Descendant embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.
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n it for the long haul. Long term commitments. Ultra long term commitments. Interminable long term commitments. Lasting love. Lasting friendship. The ties that bind. Tying the knot. Macramé. Wedding rings. Wedding vows. Business contracts. Legally binding agreements. Friendship bracelets. Needing an anchor. Being an anchor. Looking for someone to anchor you. Looking for someone who can match your serious side. Looking for a partner who will ground you. Wanting a serious relationship. Getting serious about relationships. Taking relationships seriously. Marriage brings hardship. Unwavering commitment. For richer or poorer. Sticking with the commitment no matter what. No child’s play in love. Equal exchanges in commitment. I love you infinidad.

Restricted by the enemy. Censored by the enemy. Censored by your partner. Hard enemies. Crystallized relationships. Barriers between you and me. Barriers to marriage. Marrying someone who is handicapped. The burdens of a marriage. Taking on hardship. One-to-one relationships with hardship. Stuck relationships. Relationships where the people involved have been frozen into their roles. I act like the parent and you act like the child. I’m mature and you’re immature. I’m the risk taker and you’re boring and conventional. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

Lack of flexibility in relationships. Brittle relationships. Lack of growth and development in relationships. Frozen in time. Wedding dresses in moth proof boxes. The expectations of marriage. The wedding day is the happiest day of your life – and it’s all downhill from there? Needing to set realistic expectations for relationships. Dried bouquets. Memorabilia and photo albums rather than dynamic present tense love. The history of a marriage. Locked into love. Strict rules for a wedding. Conventional wedding. Marriage traditions. Attracting a traditional partner. An older partner. Having a mature partner, so you don’t have to mature. The partner acts like a parent. The partner acts like a teacher. The partner is a task master. Marriage is a learning paradigm.

Boundaries between partners. Laws that keep partners bound or separated. Laws that define a partnership. Waiting a long time to get married because you recognize the realities and responsibilities of partnership. The mutual responsibilities of partnership. Seeing marriage as a burden. Seeing close friendships as a burden. Feeling that close friends lean too heavily on you. Taking on the burden of someone else’s marriage. Letting your friends vent their marriage woes onto you. Being the person people come to for advice about love even if you’ve never had a close relationship and you’ve never been married. Marriage counselor. Not seeing yourself as part of the love equation. You think that love is all lessons and learning. You think that love is struggles and obligations. Love is test of sorts. Can you overcome your self-created obstacles and barriers? Love of duty rather than pleasure. Putting love on the back burner. Throwing up defenses against intimacy.

Mature negotiations. Marrying an authority. An authority on law. An authority on marriage law. Divorce lawyers. The limits of the law. The boundaries of the law. Sworn oaths. Traditional enemies. Proving that you can be responsible. Proving that you can take care of your partner even if you wear yourself down in the process. Your father is like a partner. Wanting to be equal to Dad. Wanting to match Grandpa. Responsibilities concerning your Dad prevent you from giving your all to your marriage. Obligations to your grandparents prevent you from choosing a partner you would otherwise pick. Pre-meditated “love.” Lack of spontaneity in relationships. Wanting a partner who is really going to be there for you through thick and thin.

Elder law. Treating senior citizens fairly. Treating older people with respect and dignity. Equal treatment for those in decline. Love for the ageing. In business with the elderly. Working at the old folks’ home. Your best friends are 80 years old. You’ve always gotten along with people much older than you. Sometimes you find it hard to relate to people your own age. You are not the biggest fan of youth culture. It’s easier to relate to older people. Relationships get easier as you get older. Your friends lean on you. Your partner leans on you. You’re a rock in relationships. Let yourself lean on others too. Beware of becoming a magnet for hardship. Hard work is generally rewarded with more hard work! Take a break sometimes. Don’t give your all to every single person who crosses your path. Commit to the few who are worthy of you. Reduce your number of commitments and make those count. You’re not here for everyone.

Mastery of relationships. Mastery of the lesson of equality in relationships. Mastery of maturity in relationships. Teaching about relationships. Passing on lessons learned in love. Heavy tolls in love. Long term relationships. Going steady. Monogamy. Waiting for Mr. Right. Definitely a white dress. Looking for something real. Commitments in love. Commitments in business. Commitments to the enemy. Taking equality and fairness seriously.

Saturn Astrology

  • Limitation
  • Order
  • Discipline
  • Maturation
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Old Age
  • Crystallization
  • Fear

Descendant Astrology

  • Other
  • Spouse
  • Partnership Status
  • Clients
  • Business Partnerships
  • Lawsuits
  • Best Friends
  • Open Enemies
  • One-to-One Relationships
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