Brainstorm: Saturn in the 8th House Astrology

Use this interpretation for natal Saturn in the 8th house, transiting Saturn in the 8th house, progressed Saturn in the 8th house, solar arc Saturn in the 8th house, and more.
Saturn in the 8th

ut off from instincts. Cut off from deep energy exchanges. Setting a clear line in the sand of where others end and where you begin. Crystallized, calcified gut. Cut off from gut feelings. Dowdiness. Fear of your own deep power. Feel of your own magical abilities. Fear of deep transformation. Unable to tap into instinctual reactions (try California Pitcher Plant flower essence). Fearing lack of financial support. Fear of the occult. Fears about losing yourself in deep magical experiences. Fear of magic. Magic made real. Occult manifest.

Maintaining delineated boundaries in intimate relationships. Keeping separate bank accounts. Um, how about we don’t merge our finances, dear. Mastering intimacy. Mastering deep energy exchanges. Which of your fears are justified and which fears are holding you back in intimacy? Fears of intimacy. Barriers in intimacy. Taking intimacy seriously. Psychological mastery. Lessons in psychotherapy. Shed your outworn rules and regulations. Deadly serious. Masters in psychotherapy. Fear of deep psychological processes. Mastering psychology. Marriage brings yields financial shortages. You marry someone who drags you into debt. Moldy oldies.

Putting up boundaries in intimacy. Setting rules in intimate relationship. Professional intimate relationships. Mastering intimate relationships. Karmic lessons in intimacy. Limited sexual options for a sexual partner. A period of celibacy. A period of involuntary celibacy. Incel. The “rules” of intimacy. It might be best to limit intimate relationships when Saturn passes through your 8th house. Unable to meet others at a deep level.

Therefore, on this day, I decree,
We shall do the nasty,
Every Tuesday at 2pm,
Your faithful servant,
In Eternal gratitude,
The Grim Reaper
Sign here _______________________

Intimate contracts. Intimate obligations. Formality in intimacy. Read the fine print. The devil is in the details. Withholding sharing your sexual self with others. Being choosy when it comes to an intimate partner. Restricted sexual energy. Conserving your sexual energy. Learning to master sexual energy. You control your sexual out-put, it doesn’t control you. Learning to say, “NO” to intimate experiences. Learning to trust your gut in intimacy, which may lead to more “no’s” than “yes’s”. Taking classes in intimacy. Learning to put your foot down and put a stop to unwanted advances. Learning who’s not right for you. Learning who NOT to have an energy exchange with.

Restrictions to your partner’s income. Your partner loses their bank account. Your partner’s assets are frozen. Your partners’ ex is requiring they pay alimony. Your partner’s savings gets depleted. Not wanting to share assets with another person. Not wanting to merge bank accounts. Not wanting to share a credit card. Lack of business. “None of your business.” Limited clients and customers. Limited monetary exchanges. Cut out of the will. Cut off from your trust. Not wanting the other person to affect your credit rating in any way. Helping your partner get their finances in order. Becoming a public accountant. Working on bankruptcy cases. Becoming a loan officer. Taking a hard look at joint finances. Taking a hard look at your personal debt. Paucity.  Paltry. Taking control of your sex life.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?

(Sorry, there’s no punchline)

Problems with lack of insurance coverage. Lack of financial support. Getting rejected for your loan application. Taking on a huge financial burden. Feeling that finances are a major burden. Getting serious about business. Making major “adult” business moves. Things get serious. The burden of an inheritance. The burden of taking care of estate planning, possibly for elderly parents. Working with the elderly on their estate planning. Fear of death. Fear of losing control. Grave considerations. Absolute stark reality. The consequences of sexual exploration. The consequences of taking an interest in the occult. The karmic implications of deep relationships. The consequences of therapy. Trauma Master.

So, this video got blocked, but, ironically, not getting what you want is a Saturn in the 8th house theme, so it still fits, and you peeked!

Really? You should be ashamed of yourself! Here’s your reward 😉


  • Limitation
  • Order
  • Discipline
  • Maturation
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Old Age
  • Crystallization
  • Fear


  • Sex
  • Death & funerary
  • Taxes
  • Trust & Trusts
  • Legacy & inheritance
  • Your partner’s assets
  • Debts & credits
  • The occult & taboo
  • Privacy v. deep sharing
  • Financial support & insurance
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