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Brainstorm: Sun / IC Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of the Sun in aspect to the IC embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.

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he hearth. The center of the house. Finding an identity by putting down roots somewhere. Finding a place to live that you really identify with. Owning your own home or land is a big deal for you. Where you live has a big impact on who you become. Choose a home-site that supports who you want to become.

Having a home to care for builds your self-esteem. You like being a homebody. You’re OK with being domestic. You need a place, a room … some kind of sanctuary where you can completely let go, feel that you have privacy, and be content that you are completely, utterly accepted for who you are. You need a place to shine and be yourself … this enhances your creative output.

Identity from family. Confidence from a solid family life. Grounded home base. The king in his castle. The one who researches the family tree. Feeling proud of where you come from. Having an ego about where you come from. Your creative potential is realized by establishing a secure home life. Your purpose is to be a central figure among your kind of people. You gain confidence by knowing where you came from. One parent doted on you. You may have trouble separating your personal identity from that of your family or those who share your roots. Your identity is very much bound up with where you come from. You’d like a family to make you feel complete – whether that is your biological family or a family you collect of friends, acquaintances, or even pets. Where do you feel at home and who do you feel at home with?

With ego in excess, you dominate your household or demand to be the center of attention. You think your family revolves around you. You hold power in your household. You are probably “parental” taking on the personality traits of a mom or dad even if you don’t have a family. Sometimes you are too dependent on your family to fully develop your own sense of self. You might be afraid to leave home or move far away from your biological family.  The safety of the family circle might inhibit psychological stretching. You feel recharged by trips home.

To be yourself you need to feel like you really belong wherever you are. Hard aspects could make you perceive that you are an alien no matter where you are or who you are with. To feel truly comfortable, you need to feel that you are special. You need to feel that the people close to you think you are special. If your family doesn’t recognize your unique talents and gifts, your self-confidence can be greatly damaged. If your parents don’t give you the sense that you really fit in you might experience profound loneliness and alienation from not only your immediate family, but from your national, ethnic, ancestral, and other heritages.

Putting yourself “out there” can be difficult. You need to have a private life. You don’t necessarily want to be in the spotlight – which is not the same thing as not having ambitions. Emotional fears may prevent you from striving for success. You might be content to hide in your house. The creative recluse. A shy person. The creative household. A warm household. House proud. The tendency to avoid emotional conflicts. Domestic strife is detrimental to your self-confidence.


  • Confidence
  • Conscious Self
  • Core
  • Creative Potential
  • Ego
  • Life Purpose
  • Personal Authority
  • Self-Expression
  • Vitality & Willpower
  • Authority Figure
  • Boss
  • Celebrity
  • Central figure
  • Go-to person / Point person
  • Hero
  • Key player
  • Powerful Person
  • Royal
  • Self-Confident Individual
  • Star
  • Be yourself
  • Bring something to light
  • Cultivate an identity
  • Develop better boundaries
  • Express who you are
  • Gain awareness
  • Gain confidence
  • Self-Confident Individual
  • Stand on your own
  • Work on your personal style

This interpretation of the Sun in aspect to the IC embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings . . .

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