Brainstorm: Sun / Mars Astrology Aspects

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elf-assertive. Self-directed. Vital force. Primal force. An action-oriented person. Doers. Physical vitality. Sexual vitality. Acting in your own self-interest. Self-centered action. The ability to challenge yourself. Self-propelled. Self-motivated. Initiators. Creative action. Challenging yourself to reach your creative potential. Challenging yourself to be all that you can be. Beating yourself up when you lose. Competitive people. People who know how to assert themselves to get what they want. People who know what they want. Directors. People who tell  other people what to do. Leaders. Managers. Coaches. Trainers. Rough, gruff, abrasive people.

Antagonists. People who are spurred to achieve more when they are challenged or when they have worthy competitors. People who want to be where the action is. People who won’t back down from a fight. Heads of companies. Entrepreneurs. People who challenge themselves to be the best at what they do. Fighting against, or simply rejecting, other people’s efforts to get you to do what they want you to do. People, who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do. The desire to be your own boss. Inability to listen to authority or be put in an inferior position. Asserting your rights.

What’s my next objective? What will I conquer next? What else can I be the best at? Who else can I beat? The need to take your shot when the time is right. The need to prove who you are in the moment. Going for it, with no hesitation, proving who you are. Not letting opportunities to assert who you are – your individuality – pass you by. Being brave enough to show who you are. Being brave enough to prove yourself.

Possibility for violence. Experiencing violence at the hands of men. Experiencing men as base and primal, lacking in refinement. Having a natural affinity for typically “masculine” pursuits. Identifying with men. Identifying with typically “masculine” interests. Tomboys. Self-made men and women. Fighting against authority. Fighting against you. Inner tension caused by fighting against your own best interests. Depression when there are no worthy opponents and nothing worth fighting for. Depression through not reaching your potential. Depression through not taking opportunities. “I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.” Depression through boredom. Needing goals and challenges to reach your full potential.

Needing goals and challenges to feel vital and alive. Seizing the moment. Setting the bar higher and higher. Having a direction. Having aim. Directing your energy toward something. Having things to do. Physical activity as a way to get in touch with your core self. Needing outlets for aggression and hostile tendencies. Needing activities to funnel your competitive spirit into. Identifying with champions, fighters, heroes and heroines, and people who generally kick ass.

People with Sun/Mars aspects

Gloria Steinem: Sun 4 Aries 46′ conjunct Mars 9 Aries 05′
Ann Coulter: Sun 16 Sagittarius 23′ conjunct Mars 18 Sagittarius 03′
Michael Phelps: 8 Cancer 48′ conjunct Mars 14 Cancer 03′
Demi Moore: Sun 19 Scorpio 00′ square Mars 14 Leo 37′
Robert Rodriguez: Sun 29 Gemini 24′ conjunct Mars 29 Gemini 40′
Antonio Banderas: Sun 18 Leo 09′ quintile Mars 5 Gemini 40′
Steven Spielberg: Sun 26 Sagittarius 27′ conjunct Mars 1 Capricorn 09′
Robert Downey Jr.: Sun 14 Aries 45′ biquintile Mars 10 Virgo 12′
Clive Owen: Sun 10 Libra 15′ sextile Mars 11 Leo 03′
Chris Tucker: Sun 8 Virgo 19′ conjunct Mars 10 Virgo 34′
Quentin Tarantino: Sun 6 Aries 21′ trine Mars 6 Leo 03′
Spike Lee: Sun 29 Pisces 49′ sextile Mars 1 Gemini 46′
James Cameron: Sun 23 Leo 14′ trine Mars 27 Sagittarius 46′
Jane Campion: Sun 9 Taurus 07′ trine Mars 5 Capricorn 26′

How rare is it?

The Sun and Mars make an exact conjunction every 2 years and 289 days.

Sun Astrology

  • Core
  • Ego
  • Center
  • Life purpose
  • Vitality
  • Self-expression
  • Personal authority
  • Creative potential
  • Conscious self

Mars Astrology

  • Anger
  • Force
  • Drive
  • Will
  • Competition
  • Impatience
  • Sexuality
  • War
  • Passion

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