Brainstorm: Sun / Saturn Astrology Aspects

Loose, brainstorm-style interpretation of the Sun in aspect to the planet Saturn in astrology
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imited self-expression. Self-limiting behavior. Holding back creativity. Hard workers. Task-oriented people. Walking the straight and narrow. Principals. Teachers. Authorities. Rule makers rather than rule breakers. Law enforcers. Hardened personalities. Fragile, brittle egos. Self-disciplined. Stern. People who get noticed for their self-discipline. People who get noticed for how they do or do not follow the rules. People who get noticed because of their self-denial. Denial of self-expression. Denying your personal creativity. Denying your creative power. Feeling cut off from yourself. Dry self-expression. Serious self-expression. No time for fun and games. Life is serious business. Taking yourself too seriously. No sense of humor. No sense of play. Mature attitudes. Fuddy-duddy. Fuss pots.

Getting into the business of life. Having a matter of fact attitude. Being really hard on yourself. Not forgiving yourself for errors and mistakes. Self-censorship. Rigid standards. Crystallized ego forces. Being your own authority. Making your own rules. Creative structure. Self-structuring. Creating schedules, routines and daily structures for your life. Finding out who you are through experiences that require discipline and hard work. Pushing toward success. Living with restrictions. Thriving when you have restrictions placed upon you. People who feel more comfortable within structured environments. Structure gives personal freedom. Structure gives creative license. Having routines, habits and daily structures keeps you in check and helps you get what you want out of life. Understanding your limits. Self-defined. Being realistic about your personal limits – and working with them. Self-testing. Being your own taskmaster. Feeling that other people are always testing you. Life is a test. Feeling that other people impose restrictions on your personal freedom.

Easy authority. Proper. Pruning back excess. Tight self-expression. Dried-out husk of a person. Depression. Dourness. Lack of vitality. Melancholy. Bleak outlook. Living an austere life. Self-deprivation. Scrooges. Making do with less. Having a very focused core self. Builders. Long-term planners. Understanding how events unfold over time. Realizing that it may take a long time to get what you want – but pushing ahead to get it anyway. Planning to live to be a ripe old age. Getting along better with older people. Seeking out older mentors and eventually being a mentor or teacher. Having the wisdom of someone much older. Super-conservative. Business executives. Droll. Dull. Lack of creativity. Lack of spontaneity. Grandfatherly types. Heads of dynasties.

Growing into yourself as you get older. Late bloomers. Fear-mongers. Learning to keep all of areas of your life in shape. Having a need to be recognized for your hard work. Needing to be recognized for what you accomplish. Difficult or limited relationships with men. Being cut off from your father. Being cut off from your own sense of inner authority. Taking the hard line. Lack of empathy from men. Never feeling good enough. Inadequacy. Dad was a disciplinarian. Dad had high expectations and standards. Dad pushed you toward achievement. Dad kept you on a schedule. Dad structured your life.

How rare is it?

The Sun makes an exact conjunction with Saturn every 1 year and 13 days.

Sun Astrology

  • Core
  • Ego
  • Center
  • Life purpose
  • Vitality
  • Self-expression
  • Personal authority
  • Creative potential
  • Conscious self

Saturn Astrology

  • Limitation
  • Order
  • Discipline
  • Maturation
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Old Age
  • Crystallization
  • Fear

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