Brainstorm: Uranus / Descendant Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of Uranus in aspect to the Descendant embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.
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hocking relationships. Shocking companions. Shocking friendships. Shocking confrontations. Unusual enemies. Eccentric enemies. Bizarre romance. Unconventional pairings. Unexpected relationships. Outrageous enemies. Unexpected alliances. Unexpected bedfellows. Relationships that break conventions. Geniuses in love.

Your partner is erratic and unpredictable. Your partner expects breathing room and space, which works for you because you need it too. Attracting partners who leave suddenly. Long distance relationships. Internet relationships. Keeping your partner at a distance. Keeping friends at arms’ length. Chat forums. Freaking out when things get too intimate. Dropped like a hot potato. Shocking confrontations. Shocking unions. Rebellious partner. Marrying a rebel. Marrying an outlaw. Marrying an outcast. Marrying a pilot. Marrying an astronaut. A strange wedding. Getting married in a unusual way. Non-traditional wedding. Non-traditional vows. The merging of disparate elements.

Separation. Divorce. Attracting an independent partner who encourages your independence, positively or negatively. Unusual relationship arrangements. Friends with benefits. Friendship over romance. Difficulty breaking through platonic relationships. Forever in the friend zone. Forever alone. Contrarian relationships. Love/hate relationships. Inflexible, irritable partners. Curmudgeons.

Relationship with a higher intelligence. Sudden understanding brought through one-on-one relationships with others. Eccentric enemies. Eccentric partners. Magnetic attraction. Outrageous best friends. Hasty marriages. Short-lived unions. Marriages for the sake of shock. Marriages borne out of shocking events. An unpredictable partner. A partner with mood swings. A bi-polar partner. A partner with a disorder.

Alien law. The merging of different partnership expectations. The differences that tear us apart. Unable to bridge the gap in understanding each other. A mismatched pair. Seeking a unique personality. Wanting an out of the ordinary romance. No ordinary love. Extraordinary love. Love that pushes boundaries. Love that creates new paradigms. Love that breaks all the rules. Unusual advice. Unusual interviews. Relationships that don’t meet society’s expectations. Getting a lot of backlash from your choice of relationship. Getting into confrontations because of your relationships and friendships. The startling truth about relationships. The startling truth about the law. Partners in reform. A relationship based on the mutual desire to reform society. Partners with a cause. Unions based on a common cause.

Uranus Astrology

  • Liberator
  • Awakener
  • Rebel
  • Revolutionary
  • Anarchist
  • Eccentric
  • Independent
  • Erratic
  • Impersonal

Descendant Astrology

  • Other
  • Spouse
  • Partnership Status
  • Clients
  • Business Partnerships
  • Lawsuits
  • Best Friends
  • Open Enemies
  • One-to-One Relationships
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