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Brainstorm: Uranus / Midheaven Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of Uranus in aspect to the Midheaven embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.

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hoosing a career that involves aviation, electricity, the strange, the unusual, or the occult. Wanting to be free like a bird, high above the fray. Choosing a career involving technology or the web. Bringing something unique to your professional field. Bringing something electric and exciting to your professional field. Getting a reputation for being a bit odd. Getting a reputation for thinking out of the box. Having a hard time staying in one job for too long. Needing a stimulating work environment. Needing room for freedom, independence and originality in your choice of profession. Needing to carve out your own professional niche. Fitting into established professional roles can be challenging. Earning approval from your superiors can be challenging. Electrifying your chosen field. Receiving awards, accolades and recognition from unusual sources. Becoming known for your eccentricities.

Unusual parental experiences. Being an unusual or unconventional parent. Having a parent who took an unconventional approach to disciplining you. Having had a rebellious parent. Having a parent who makes up their own rules. Mothers who are uncomfortable with the role of being a mother. Fathers who are always rebelling against authority. Seeing your parents more as friends or peers rather than as a “parental” authority figures. Having had cranky and willful parents. A lifelong rebellion against your parents’ ability to control your direction in life – for better or worse. Rebelling against your parents’ guidance even when they really do have your best interests at heart. Having had a mother who lacked mothering instincts. Your parents may have been eccentric and erratic – chaotic at worst. Your family may have a strange reputation. Completely opposed to the idea that you are anything like your parents – even though you are. “I’m nothing like my mother!” “I’m nothing like my father!” “I’m nothing like those corporate money-grubbers!”

Getting a reputation for being progressive, a genius or an innovator. Getting a reputation for being cranky, willful and obdurate. Never finding satisfying work because you’re too busy rebelling against your superiors. Challenging your boss over the rules and regulations. Whenever you start a new job you make waves. You think you know how to improve the standard, normal, tried and true way, of doing things. Needing to be free of restrictions may keep you on a lifelong job hunt. The perpetually unemployed and unemployable. Inventors. Innovators. Pilots. Techies. New Age eccentrics. You do best when you’re the head of your own department and free from people looking over your shoulder. You prefer no dress code. “Don’t tell me what to do!” “You’re not the boss of me!” Sudden quitting. Sudden firing. Taking it upon yourself to do things without getting permission or approval (positively and negatively). Getting bored with work unless you have an outlet for your personal genius. Needing professional relationships in which bosses feel more like friends and peers rather than parents or other authority figures. You care about society’s progress. You want to make advances, not just for your own sake, but for everyone else too. You need to contribute to larger society.

Not knowing when to shut up about what you think needs to change in your professional environment. Someone who may have a lot of ideas about how society can be improved but doesn’t necessarily act on or implement those ideas. Society’s radicals. A career in chaos. Choosing liberty over stability. Shocking career changes. Shocking confrontations with authority figures. Having had something shocking happen to one of your parents. Having had something shocking occur through a relationship with an authority figure. Feeling resistant to any external authority. Getting a reputation for being someone contentious and difficult to deal with. People may avoid you because of too “out there” behavior. Or, people may like you because of your out there behavior, your eccentric habits and your willingness to take risks on behalf of freedom and originality. People may admire your ability to stand by your convictions even if others think you’re a quack. People may admire your inventiveness and innovation. You might receive awards and applause for your unique contributions to society. You could be a beacon showing the way for other people who share the same progressive ideals.


  • Ouranos
  • Castrated by his son, Saturn
    • The drops of blood that fell to Mother Earth gave birth to the Erinnyes, the furies who avenge patricide and perjury
  • Fathered the Titans with Mother Earth
  • Fathered Saturn (and the other Titans) with Mother Earth
  • Fathered the Three Furies (Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera) with Mother Earth
  • Father of the nymphs of the ash tree, the Meliae
  • Husband of Gaia (Mother Earth)
  • Son of Gaia (Mother Earth)
  • Jupiter / Uranus make a conjunction every 13.81 years
  • Saturn / Uranus make a conjunction every 45.363 years
  • Uranus / Neptune make a conjunction every 171.403 years
  • Uranus / Pluto conjunction varies from every 126.95 to 170+ years
  • Breaking Out of a Mold
  • Coldness & Distance
  • Disorder
  • Erraticism
  • Disruption & Upset
  • Eccentricity & Genius
  • Experimentation
  • Futurism, Invention, and Flashes of Insight
  • Liberation & Independence
  • Rebellion & Anti-
  • Revolution & Uprising
  • Shock & Awakening
  • The Unexpected
  • Disrupter
  • Dissident
  • Genius
  • Innovator
  • Inventor
  • Liberator
  • Objector
  • Outcast
  • Rabble-rouser
  • Rebel
  • Un-stagnate
  • Breakthrough
  • Disruption
  • Discomfort
  • Excitement
  • Freedom
  • Instability
  • Liberation
  • Something shocking
  • Surprises
  • The Unexpected
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