How to Find All Four Liliths in Your Birth Chart

Lilith, discovered by Dr. Waltemath and publicly announced on January 22nd 1897, was named by Walter Gornold, known to the Astrological world by his pen name Sepharial, who interpreted the dark satellite as obstructive and fatal.
— Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam, Lilith Insight

There are Four Liliths

Dark Moon Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, osculating Lilith & Asteroid Lilith

Only Asteroid Lilith is an actual physical body. Two of the Liliths are theoretical points. The Waldemath Black Moon may or may not be a real body. Then, there is the fixed star Algol which is also associated with Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith glyph
Black Moon Lilith is also known as Mean Lilith.

This Lilith uses the average orbit of the theoretical Black Moon. This is why she is called mean Lilith. Mean refers to the average, not her temperament.

asteroid-lilith-glyphAsteroid Lilith is the only Lilith that is an actual, verifiable physical body.

Osculating Lilith is also called True Lilith
Her orbit oscillates wildly this is why she is called true lilith. This Lilith uses the real orbit of the Black Moon. Her orbit is the real orbit of the Black Moon rather than an average. This is another theoretical point.

Some people, like Juan Antonio Revilla, believe that she is the most important Lilith and most accurately portrays Lilith’s uncontrollable nature.

dark moon lilith glyphDark Moon Lilith is also called the Waltemath Black Moon, or Waldemath Black Moon.
Some people have claimed to have seen this Moon, but those claims cannot be substantiated.

To find your Liliths

Go to, free horoscopes, extended chart selection and scroll to the bottom of the page. Copy and paste these numbers into the empty box on the bottom left side of the screen:

1181, h13, h21, h58

Press “Click here to show the chart.”

  • Asteroid Lilith: 1181
  • Osculating Lilith/ True Lilith: h13
  • Black Moon Lilith/ Mean Lilith: h21
  • Dark Moon Lilith/ Waldemath Black Moon: h58

The fixed star Algol is at a fairly steady 26 Taurus. Algol is a star in the head of Medusa in the constellation Perseus.

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