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Pallas Athene in Aspect to the Planets in Astrology


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Pallas Athene’s brilliance was so great that … the whole earth quaked before her. For a time the sun ceased to shine, and the only light in the world radiated from the goddess Athena, splendid as a star.
The Goddess: Myths and Stories by Lindel Barker-Revell (pg.42)

Find Pallas Athene in your chart

Go to, Free Horoscopes, Extended Chart Selection and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select her from the box and “Click here to show the chart.”

Pallas Athene / Sun Aspects

Understanding ego patterns. Having the wisdom to let your father shine. Not outshining dad. Taking a backseat to dad. Acting as dad’s wise counsel. Keeping your own counsel. Seeing patterns is what you do. You have a strategy for everything. You want to know how everything fits together. Everything is part of a larger pattern. The strategist. The holistic identity. Vocational counselor. Making peace with your father.

Pallas Athene / Moon Aspects

Understanding the pattern of women’s cycles. Understanding patterns of emotional exchange. Letting mom shine. Taking a backseat to mom. Acting as mom’s wise counsel. Seeing emotional patterns is what you do. Understanding how small emotional exchanges make up a larger pattern. Having an emotional strategy. Having an emotional strategy of keeping the peace. Family planning. Meal planning. Having a strategy to feed people. Holistic emotions. Behavioral counselor. Making peace with your mother.

Pallas Athene / Mercury Aspects

Understanding patterns of information. Knowing how to put bits and pieces of information together to create a whole. Manual dexterity. Mental dexterity. Having mental strategies. Knowing how to string information together. Having a strategy on how to put information together. Holistic thinker. Teacher. Being able to break information into parts and being able to synthesize those parts into a whole. Making peace with your siblings.

Pallas Athene / Venus Aspects

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Pallas Athene / Mars Aspects

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Pallas Athene / Jupiter Aspects

Understanding patterns of meaning. Knowing how small cultural patterns relate to the whole. Having a strategy in religion. Having a battle plan when traveling. Looking for ways to facilitate peace between people of different cultures, religions and beliefs. Deferring to the church or religion. Standing by as big personalities take over. Having profound insights into whole patterns. Making peace with religion.

Pallas Athene / Saturn Aspects

Understanding patterns of authority. Understanding how structural parts fit into the whole. Understanding how discipline fits into the bigger picture. Holding back and deferring to authority figures. Making peace with authority. Architect. Building planner. Coordinating police activities. The ability to understand definitive plans.

Pallas Athene / Uranus Aspects

Understanding how small chaotic events impact the big picture. Knowing how patterns in technology affect people at large. Technology planning. Having a technological strategy. Having a strategy for rebellion. Planning a coup. Standing by as chaos takes over. Deferring to technology. Putting equipment together. Shocking strategies. Shocking wisdom. Designing a computer program. Making peace with shock. Perceiving patterns in astrology. Shocking understanding of gender identity.

Pallas Athene / Neptune Aspects

Understanding how intangible, nebulous parts fit into a whole. Deferring to imagination. Standing by as shady people take control. Dance choreography. Film choreography. Weaving a fantasy together. Understanding patterns of addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction counselor. The ability to tie together ethereal, elusive and transitive elements to create a whole pattern. Imaginative planning. Making peace with addiction. Perceiving patterns that are not discernible to other people. Fuzzy pattern perception.

Pallas Athene / Pluto Aspects

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Pallas Athene / Chiron Aspects

Acute sensitivity to patterns, holistic thinking, holistic perception, strategizing, and planning- for better or worse. Recognizing patterns of wounding. Recognizing patterns of healing. Recognizing patterns in astrology. Knowing how wounding impacts a whole person. Knowing why wounding would make a person want to give up.

Pallas Athene #2

  • Goddess of Wisdom
  • Pallas
  • Pallas Athene
  • Athene's Nature and Deeds
  • Born of her father Jupiter / Zeus’s head. Zeus swallowed the goddess Metis, who gave him counsel from his belly. One day, he had a raging headache, and Athene was born from his head.
    • Jupiter / Zeus’s favorite child
    • Never met her mother, Metis
  • Never lost a battle with Mars (Ares)
  • Flayed the skin from the Gorgon, Medusa, after Perseus beheaded her
    • She took the blood of Medusa and divided it between herself and the great healer, Asclepius
      • Asclepius used the blood to heal and raise the dead
      • Athene used it to start wars and take life
  • Daughter of Jupiter (Zeus)
  • Daughter of of the Titan, Metis
  • Roman counterpart to Greek goddess Minerva
  • Sworn enemy of Medusa
  • Virgin
  • Had to tone down her brilliance
  • Wise counselor
  • Owls & snakes surround her as symbols of her wisdom & gift of prophecy
  • Exceptional manual dexterity as patroness of weaving
  • The ability to perceive whole patterns
  • Strategic thinker & planner

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