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Brainstorm: Neptune / Ascendant Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of Neptune in aspect to the Ascendant embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.

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ife is a dream. Vapor. Mist. People see through you. Difficulty making yourself noticed. Difficulty making an impact. In camouflage. Karma chameleon. Melted faces. Slip-sliding through life. Anywhere the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to you. Blending in. Not standing out from the crowd. Someone you pass by without noticing. The invisible man. Mystic. Spiritual outlook. All the makings (or trappings) of a spiritual person. An infinite, boundless outlook. Rose-colored glasses. Having the appearance of a prophet or martyr. Spiritual leaders. Blind to the world. Missing what is right in front of your face. A bride wearing a veil. Other people are obscured. Letting people’s projections and criticisms slide off you. All the roles forced on you erode over time. Shiftless. Shifty. Shape-shifting. Astral projecting. Lucid dreaming. Channeling. Artists, musicians, poets, and dreamers. Seeing through the painter’s eyes. Poetic vision. Surfing the atmosphere. Inability to believe that life is actually happening right now, and you’re in it. Difficulty grounding in the here and now. Did it start yet? One foot in this world, and one foot out of it. Straddling planes.

The spiritual social worker. Empathizing with a difficult path. Inability to see past sorrow. Blinded by self-pity. Extreme sensitivity to suffering. Endless compassion. The sailor. Riding the waves of life. Drifting along. Weakness. Being gentle with yourself as you determine your path. Being so gentle that you become a burden and drain to others. Energy leaks. The urge for a spiritual discipline which gives you a path, guidance, and practical instruction for daily living. The need to connect to your spiritual guides. Subtle perception which needs to find integration in the daily approach to life. Blending what you “see” versus what is right in front of your face. Fears of becoming too hard and structured. Fears of crystallizing. Fears of manifesting. Fears of commitment to a path. Fear of commitment to a persona. Transient persona. Fleeting presence. Ethereal energy. Am I really here? Intuitive functioning in the world. Trouble identifying with the current reality. Exploring without boundaries. Letting life pass you by. The passive observer. Lack of interest in the material world.

If you were to ask me if I’d ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I’d have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead.
― Luis Buñuel

People feel sorry for you. You look like a slob. Presenting a pathetic visage. You are aware of critical looks to your appearance. Sometimes you say, “Accept me as I am.” Other times you bend to meet expectations. Wanderers and travelers. Not all who wander are lost. Lack of ambition. Lack of direction. Looking lost. Being lost. Not sure where to go or what to do. Leaning on others to point you in the right direction. Not caring about the right direction. Falling into an alternative, non-materialistic life path. Everything looks promising. No signposts. It’s all equal. Deluding yourself. An unreal approach to life. Living a fantasy. The desire to merge with everything. Poor personal boundaries at the outset. Having difficulty manifesting in the physical universe. The urge to disappear. Difficulty taking on responsible leadership positions. Leading through complacency. Sacrificing a direction in life. Bending to the will or direction of others. Letting other people tell you what to do. Giving yourself up to a guru. Giving yourself up to an unreachable ideal. Merging with a fantasy. Having a well fleshed-out alter ego. Wasting time through having no goals. Unsure if having goals is a goal or should be a goal. Drifting is the goal. Being a wanderer is the aim in life. Vagabond. Homeless. Wanderer. Hippy. One long yoga festival. Confusion about what the point of one’s life is. Perhaps waiting for someone to point you in the “right” direction instead of figuring a direction out for yourself. Delicacy and refinement. Fantasizing and day dreams. The collective fantasy.

Embracing each fleeing moment. Yearning for a way around money. You are balanced by the people in your life who are organized and punctual. You are balanced by a partner or best friend who can help you sort out reality. Receiving hand-me-downs. Being the recipient of care packages. Expecting divine intervention. Wishing to live in a fantasy world. Wiling away the days wishing for the ideal. Bemoaning real life. Other people bring real life to your doorstep like a cat bringing a dead mouse. Presenting yourself as the victim. Presenting yourself as someone who does no harm. Lack of awareness of how your movement through the world affects others. Too much awareness about your movement in the world and the inability to take action about it which leads to giving up. Giving up and going with the flow. Giving up and announcing defeat. The white flag is up.

This interpretation of Neptune in aspect to the Ascendant embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings . . .

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  • Halle Berry (actress): Neptune in Scorpio opposite ascendant in Taurus
  • Richard Branson (entrepreneur): Neptune in Libra sextile ascendant in Leo
  • Philip K. Dick (author, A Scanner Darkly): Neptune in Virgo quincunx ascendant in Aries
  • Robert Englund (actor, Freddy Kruger): Neptune in Libra trine ascendant in Gemini
  • Luis Bunuel (Surrealist filmmaker): Neptune conjunct ascendant in Gemini
  • Masaru Emoto (researcher who claimed human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water): Neptune in Virgo square ascendant in Sagittarius
  • Tip O’Neill (baseball player): Neptune in Cancer trine ascendant in Scorpio
  • Thomas Mann (author, Death in Venice): Neptune in Taurus trine ascendant in Virgo
  • Clint Black (country singer): Neptune in Scorpio sextile ascendant in Virgo

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