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Black Holes

Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics and, as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact to a natal horoscope either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun-centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.

This report covers 70+ Black Holes in conjunction to your inner natal planets, geocentric and heliocentric (Your Earth, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant and Midheaven). There are at least 10 million estimated black holes in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.

The Black Hole photographed by NASA named POWEHI by Hawaiian astrologers, meaning “adorned fathomless dark creation” is included in this report! It’s called ZS. Sag A is also included, which is also known as the Galactic Center.

This report gives a generous 10 degree applying and separating orb to each Black Hole conjunction so you can determine for yourself whether or not they have resonance in your life.

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3 reviews for Black Holes Astrology Report

Joan (verified owner)

I want to take this opportunity to say your multifaceted reports are exceptionally detailed, allowing for an expansive view of one’s internal landscape. Thank you for your gifts of time, effort and obvious love of the art of astrology to produce such in-depth resources.

Warm wishes,
Joan 😊

Isa (verified owner)

Really interesting report that gives helpful info on top of your normal natal chart. Thorough too!

Lori (verified owner)

I am always on the look out for distinct and exceptional reports that give me a different perspective. This one surely fit the bill.

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