Black Holes Astrology Report

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Custom Made
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This offer includes:

⭐ The Black Holes Astrology Report is an advanced report!

⭐ It’s not as easy to understand as some of the others, and I recommend this report for advanced astrologers

🌟 Black holes are a compelling mystery of modern astrophysics and modern astrology

🌟 When these powerful enigmas contact the natal horoscope, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation

🌟 Black holes add a dimension to the psychological and spiritual profile of the birth chart

πŸ’«This report covers 70+ Black Holes in conjunction to your inner natal planets, based on geocentric and heliocentric positions, and it includes the Galactic Center (Sag A) and Powehi

πŸ’«This report gives a generous 10-degree applying and separating orb

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Ascendant, Midheaven



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3 reviews for Black Holes Astrology Report

Joan (verified owner)

I want to take this opportunity to say your multifaceted reports are exceptionally detailed, allowing for an expansive view of one’s internal landscape. Thank you for your gifts of time, effort and obvious love of the art of astrology to produce such in-depth resources.

Warm wishes,
Joan 😊

Isa (verified owner)

Really interesting report that gives helpful info on top of your normal natal chart. Thorough too!

Lori (verified owner)

I am always on the look out for distinct and exceptional reports that give me a different perspective. This one surely fit the bill.

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