Midpoint Analysis Astrology Report


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Midpoint Analysis Astrology Report

This unusual digital astrology report is created using a technique called the “Midpoint Weighting Analysis”, or MWA. The technique takes the geometric pattern within a chart and analyzes this for strength and weakness of qualities, and then ranks strengths and weaknesses.

Often strong midpoints are located empty places in a chart. This is part of an energy pattern. By using midpoints and midpoint interpretations you can get a clearer picture of your energy patterns and intended direction in life.

*Your report will be delivered to you by email within 24 hours of receiving your birth data and payment. You will fill in your birth data at checkout.

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Reviews 3
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Reviews 3

3 reviews for Midpoint Analysis Astrology Report

Safie (verified owner)

Yes. I received it quickly and the descriptions were accurate too.

Kimberly (verified owner)

Was very impressed with this reading and the detail of each theme.


Excellent report, more info then I expected! I gained more insight into my chart. This was a grey area for myself as it’s not something you can clearly see. I have a mercury & mars that make no major aspects and the midpoint between them was strong. You really do need to know about midpoints to take the understanding of astrology further.

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