Midpoint Analysis Astrology Report


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Midpoint Analysis Astrology Report

The chart evaluation is done through a technique called the “Midpoint Weighting Analysis“, or MWA. Midpoints are the combination of two planets or points, and they lie on an axis across the chart, not as a single point in space. Midpoints are the middle point between pairings. The MWA is both a technique and a computer program. The technique takes the geometric pattern within a chart and analyzes this for strength and weakness of qualities. The computer program then ranks these strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and explaining the stronger midpoints, much about life can be clarified.

Why midpoints and not planets in signs or houses?

Interpretations of planets in signs or houses remains fairly one-dimensional. Interpretations of midpoints are multi-dimensional. Often a strong midpoint can be located into what appears to be an empty place in a chart. This is not something that is visual — it is a part of an energy pattern. Thus, by using midpoints, and midpoint interpretations, you can get a clearer picture of your energy patterns and intended thrusts in life.

There are many reasons as to why a midpoint can be strong or weak. You may have chosen your astrological signature because it represented a pattern of familiarity. Or, you may have chosen your astrological signature because it promised certain new situations, or having to revisit older unresolved situations. Or, you may simply have chosen the first available opportunity for an energy pattern without even realizing that you had choices, and thus wound up with a set of energies which are not so familiar or comfortable. Whatever your choices or reasoning, you are living in a fixed astrological energy pattern. Now it is your destiny, your obligation to learn how to use these energy patterns wisely.

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Safie (verified owner)

Yes. I received it quickly and the descriptions were accurate too.

Kimberly (verified owner)

Was very impressed with this reading and the detail of each theme.


Excellent report, more info then I expected! I gained more insight into my chart. This was a grey area for myself as it’s not something you can clearly see. I have a mercury & mars that make no major aspects and the midpoint between them was strong. You really do need to know about midpoints to take the understanding of astrology further.

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