Venus/Ascendant Aspects


venus-ascendant-aspectsAm I pretty enough? What do they think of me? Snob. Uppity. Impressing people with your charm and good looks. Smiles open doors. Getting your foot in based on charm and looks. Dimples. People think you’re superficial, but you’re not. You understand the power of appearance, the deceptiveness of it, and the dark side of it. Other people’s tendency to view you as superficial is nothing more than a reflection of their superficiality. People refuse to look deep within you. You have to muster the self-reliance to push yourself further than others will allow. Do not become complacent and rest on surface appreciation from others. Test people to see whether or not they are fair-weather friends. Beauty is only skin deep, but you have to live in the skin you’re in.

Covering yourself and purposely looking dowdy and frumpy to avoid attention. Being the recipient of too much appearance-based attention. Victims of child molestation, cat-calling, and lewd behavior. She asked for it. A naturally flirtatious demeanor that gets misinterpreted. Fears of being too attractive. Wanting to cover up and hide. Learning to actually real love yourself and love the way you look. Becoming a beacon for positive body image. Pushing off the gropers and starers. Being pushed into a pretty girl or cute boy role. Finding opportunities for psychological expansion few and far between. Most people won’t challenge you to grow, they are content to watch you smile. Complacency comes from not questioning adoration. Why do they like me? Why don’t they like me?

There’s no reality except the one contained within us. That’s why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself. ~ Hermann Hesse

You’re popular … now what? Combating envy on a daily basis. Getting smacked in the face by envy and jealousy from others. Women want to claw your eyes out. Men tear you down with insults. Both try to make you feel inferior and less than. Learning to build your confidence regardless of your outer appearance. Being able to look in the mirror and like what you see no matter what you see. True beauty. True love of yourself and your physical container. Cherishing your body. Being kind to yourself. Pampering yourself. Seeing the injustice in the world based on looks … prettiness, societal expectations of a norm, standardization of  beauty, the beauty business. Wearing the bombshell, cute, bubbly, cheerleader, stereotype too well. A penchant for fashion. A knack for style. You have admirers. You inspire copycats. A charmed life. Lavish. A slave for fashion. Fashion victims.

Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful ~ Liberace, “Mr. Showmanship”

Does the inside match the outside? Are the outside and the inside in harmony? Are you sweet on the outside and destructive on the inside? The look of wealth. Brand whore. Money opens doors. Luxe. Wanting to be seen in the right company. Going to all the right parties. Having purchasing power. Getting into all the swankiest joints because you’re wealthy and good-looking. Being envious of people who have those gifts … and not recognizing those same gifts within yourself. Insincere gifts. Insincere smiles. Insincere thank yous. Spoiled.

The tendency to wear a smiling mask to hide shame, grief, fear, anger, and other unpleasant feelings. Hiding behind a facade. Leading with a smile. Leading with charm. The socialite. Leading with “how do you do?” Hey cutie. Hey cupcake. Hey honey. Hey babe. Baby doll. Doll face. In love with your reflection. Narcissists. Sociopaths. Do you see what I see? Seeing beauty in the world. Looking for the best. Having a cheerful outlook. Making others doubt themselves. Female competition. Beauty comparisons. Who’s the fairest of them all? Popularity contests. You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you. Spending too much time wanting what others have. Greed. Envy. Vindictive love games. Wanting to be pampered. Daddy’s princess. Beloved. Trophy wife. Cub.

Seeking a relationship. Looking for ways to connect with others. Looking for things in common. Being agreeable. Being pleasant, as a way to shield yourself. Letting people see you as social. A mask of cheerfulness. Leading with an artistic eye. Being able to see art everywhere. Being able to see commonalities everywhere. Grace. The ability to make others feel welcome. Graciousness. Gratitude. Being able to say thank you. Learning to accept a compliment. Learning to give a sincere compliment. Being able to share the spotlight. Making room for a cherished partner to join you on your journey.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also always in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Venus/Ascendant aspects, read Venus/Descendant Aspects (Coming soon).

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  • Ariana

    Hi! Would this also count for Venus opposition Ascendant? Does the opposition have closes

    • Ariana

      Does the opposition share close to the same traits as the conjunction?

      • They carry the same themes but the way they manifest is different.

  • Vivian

    Venus inconjunct ascendant (is that bad?), also Venus in Saturn, sextile pluto, conjunct uranus , conjunct neptune and in third house.

    • The inconjunct requires working with 2 incompatible energies. It’s not easy, but it certainly builds character.

  • Jazymn Khurana

    hello,my ascendant is in Cancer with south node in 1st house. Venus, moon,north node in 7th house .And i have venus square ascendant aspect ,what does it means ?????

  • Hey! I found this piece to be really interesting and relevant. My venus is 1 degree below my descendant and is in a relatively cosy stellium with saturn and mars [and neptune/uranus if you wanna get real stretchy with orbs ;)] just out of curiousity were you alternating between ascendant conjuntions to venus followed by conjunctions to the descendant? I’ve found this topical to be kinda tricky to find info on. Thanks x

    • Hi lifeofgloveslap,

      I wrote this article to reflect the changing face of Venus in aspect to the descendant – not just the conjunction, but other aspects as well.

  • Armin

    Third house Retrograde Gemini Venus sextile Aries Ascendant. I am beyond flirtatious. I like to flirt for the sake of flirting. I don’t care if other person is interested in me or not.
    People say I look younger than my age. I have a way with words and can use my charm to convince people of anything. I like art and writing a lot. I don’t care what people think of my appearance.
    I’m really good at masking myself. I’ve had severe depression for almost my entire life and everyone thinks there’s nothing wrong with me because I use smiling to hide it. I like to dress attractively.
    I struggle getting along with people my age and younger and find it hard to relate to them. Never been popular despite have lots of planets in the third house oddly enough. I don’t care about clubbing, partying and nightlife. I don’t understand what’s the point of them. Not many romantic partners either but I usually have long lasting ones. I don’t do casual stuff either. I do have a lot of Venus and Ascendant aspects so I can’t point to one particular thing.
    I totally go against everything in Venus Gemini outside of being flirty.

  • Lola

    I have venus quincux the asc… what does it mean? Because it does not make an aspect to my descendant

    • Hi Lola,

      What are the signs and degrees of your Venus and descendant? Which house is Venus in?

      • Lola

        27degree of Leo but I have a Cancer descendant (29degree) and venus is in the 7th house

        • So, Venus and the descendant make a wide semisextile (28 degrees apart, but the semisextile is an 30 degree aspect).

          The 150 Quincunx And 30 Degree Semisextile (Inconjunct)

          Robert Hand points out that ancient astrologers identified both the semisextile and the quincunx as “inconjunct” aspects because they both divide the circle by 12, 112 and 512 respectively. The important point to note is that these once considered minor aspects show themselves repeatedly to reside among the ranks of the majors. They effectively link planets together in signs of different polarity, element and modality and general orientation. It’s a bit like fingers on a chalk board. The combination can make you cringe.

          Some writers attribute adjectives such as “friendly” and “harmonious” to the semisextile, seeing it as a watered down sextile. Others associate both the semisextile and the quincunx with the strain and unease of a square. Again the best approach is to evaluate the aspect based on what two planets are being connected and how easy or challenging is it to accommodate for their needs and drives in the signs they are in.

  • Hi Nadir, I think it’s pretty wide for a sextile. There may be something else in your chart spurring you to seek a connection between the ascendant and Venus. Is there a connection between your Moon (ruler of your ascendant) and Venus or Mercury (dispositor of Venus) and the Moon (ruler of the ascendant)?

    • Nadir

      No there’s no connection between Moon and Venus or Mercury and Moon. Although My Sun and Venus are in a tight conjunction.

  • ValleyOak

    Great post. I love it! Venus Square Ascendant.

  • debojit

    Hi My date of Birth is 20/03/1987 at 5.30PM in India, Assam Guwahati. I am a Virgo Ascendent. I have Venus posted in the house of Capricorn at 26 degree. Will I get good result ? Can anybody tell me Please I beg u ??

  • Hi James,

    Venus is not close to your ascendant. Your Venus is at 25 Virgo while your Ascendant is 21 Libra. They are about 26 degrees apart.

    Pluto, however, is conjunct your Ascendant by less than one degree.

    • James23

      Thanks for the answer Astrofix!!

  • malik

    Venus is in my 8th house, venus trines the ascendant in 1st house Pisces, how does this play out?

    • Hi Malik,
      It’s hard to say without seeing your whole chart.

  • Lopez

    What does it mean to have Venus Libra in the first house? And Venus Conjunction Ascendant? My Ascendant is Virgo, on every site i go there is always something that says that we are attractive and pleasant but i don’t think i’m pleasant or attractive and i don’t think i’m that beautiful so is that all there is to Venus Libra in the first house, Venus Conjunction Ascendant And Virgo Ascendant?

    • Hi Lopez,

      Some of this is going to depend on which house system you’re using and how accurate your birth time is.

      If your birth time is accurate and you like the Placidus house system (which I’m guessing is what you’re using), then you have to look at what other aspects Venus makes. None of the planets or houses work alone. If you have a square or opposition between Saturn and Venus that could make you feel less attractive or give self-doubt.

      If you viewed your chart using the Whole Signs house system your Venus moves into the 2nd house.

      • Lopez

        I did some searching and these are my Venus placements: Venus Conjunction AS, Venus Trine Uranus, Venus Trine Neptune, Venus Sextile Pluto, Venus SemiSextile Mars. And yes i noticed that alot of my placements make me feel less attractive and give me alot of self-doubt.

        • Where are your nodes?

          • Lopez

            Pisces South Node/Virgo North Node 12th House

            • Hi Lopez, Can I see your chart?

              • Lopez

                Here you go! 🙂

                • Hi Lopez,

                  Venus is conjunct the ascendant, the ascendant is conjunct the north node, and the ruler of your ascendant (Mercury) is conjunct the north node. This sequence points to a need to pay more attention in this lifetime to how you come across – your looks, the way you carry yourself, your movement in the world, the first impression you give, and the impact you make. Do you have any beauty or fitness routines yet?

                  • Lopez

                    Well yes! I have quite a few. I am very self concious about how i carry myself and try my best to give a good first impression. But is this very important? Because I’m quite shocked about this because i always think my first impressions are not that great…

                    • Depending on which house system you use your north node will fall in either the 12th house or 1st house. I’m interpreting it in the first house. With a Virgo first house and the north node in the first house, you’re learning how to discern where you are and how to present yourself accordingly. In a Virgo way, it’s in your best interest to learn to make an effort with your appearance .. and this doesn’t mean you have to start looking like Kim Kardashian or whoever. It just means to start recognizing what’s appropriate. Don’t wear your pajamas to the White House … you know? But in real life, don’t wear your pajamas to the grocery store. Look smart, look appropriate, look like you’re aware of who you are and where you are and why you’re there.

  • Tam

    How does venus quincunx ascendant play out
    Venus 28 degrees pisces in the 7th and leo rising 29 degrees? Thanks

    • With that combination, you would feel yourself adjusting between liking to be seen, well-liked, and popular versus having a genuine love and appreciation for the underdog. Both signs are highly creative. You might be in an artistic struggle.

      • Tam


  • nikkilady

    I have my Venus in Sagittarius and my Ascendant in Aquarius. What does that mean?

    • If they are about 60 degrees apart, it means that they are sextile.

  • Z

    Libra Asc trine Venus in Aquarius. But the orb is 8. Do You still consider this as a trine?

    • Yes, I would, but every astrologer is different.

  • Madison

    I have Taurus ascendant trine venus in capricorn 🙂
    what do you think the energy of mine is?

    • Graceful, refined, and conservative come to mind.

      • Madison

        Thank you!

  • Bader Mirza
    here is android application by this you can see your lucky color, number, age , day of birth etc…

  • Venushater

    Venus conjunct Ascendant and the North Node here. Venus is in the 12th though, so the experience is the opposite of all this – was never pretty enough to be loved, wanting to be liked is a self-undoing, a co-dependent approach to life, etc. So now I have to work my butt off to be attractive and charming, eh? I hate Venus!

    • Hating Venus isn’t going to move you towards your North Node 😉

      Is your Venus in the same sign as your ascendant?

      • Venushater

        yes, both in Leo. I think it’s difficult because the Descendant (my South Node) is naturally Libra territory. So technically my Venus opposes my 7th house. I wish I had 2 Venuses.

  • astro-lover

    Venus in Virgo trine Capricorn Ascendant here, by zero degrees.

    Something about this aspect is that we’re very sensual and have a lot of sexual energy but we’re classy about it. I jokingly call myself an elegant manwhore, haha. I love flirting and see beauty very easily, so I picture myself hooking up with many different people. However, I’m very choosy, in the end, thanks to Venus being in Virgo.

    I also love feeling very graceful, in how I carry myself, I do have a great body image, and people are easily convinced that I’m the sweetest guy ever, which may or may not be true. 🙂

    • Hi astro-lover,

      I think your classiness is due to the Virgo/Capricorn influence. I wonder if someone with Sag rising and Venus in Aries would be quite as classy.

      • Venushater

        I can verify having a classy Virgo Sun and Cap Moon, my Leo Venus brings out the pink flamingoes just for fun

      • astro-lover

        Hmm, good point but I see Venus as being about class, in general, especially when hitting the angles. Maybe a Fire Venus touching the Ascendant would be less elegant and more about being in a class of one’s own.

        • Venushater

          ‘a class of one’s own’, I like this

  • John Miller

    ”Are you sweet on the outside and destructive on the inside?” I am impressed about how this question shook me,thank you Michelle for sharing your wonderful texts with us.

    • Thank you for the feedback, John. Sometimes odd things come to me when I reflect upon the planetary aspects and I’m not always sure whether to include them … I’m glad this phrase had some resonance for you.

  • Jessica

    Would you consider Venus at 23 degrees Pisces with an ascendant at 13 degrees Pisces to be a conjunction or is that too wide an orb?

    • That’s a very wide conjunction but many astrologers use an orb of 10 degrees for conjunctions. I guess it would depend on how accurate your birth time is and how big of a role Venus plays in the rest of your chart. The fact that Venus is exalted in Pisces already gives her some prominence.

  • Butterfly

    Hello! 🙂 I’m a Virgo Rising and my Venus is in 12th house and in Virgo but it seems they don’t conjuct as far as I know, right?!? So what is it called as a name literally about what happens between my Venus and Ascendant? For example: Venus …..?…. Ascendant *Thanks for help:)

    • Hi Butterfly, What degree is Venus and what degree is your ascendant?

      • Aries8tHouseNorthNode

        16 degrees Virgo Ascendant and 5 Degrees Virgo Venus

        • OK… and where is Mercury (sign and house)?

          • Aries8tHouseNorthNode

            Mercury Leo in 11th house together with Sun Cancer in 11th house

            • 11 degrees is wide for a conjunction, but we are talking about the ascendant, so there might be some leeway. Also, if you use the Whole Signs house system Venus moves into the 1st house (you can check how this works using

              If you really feel this aspect, it’s also possible you have a planet creating an aspect to the midpoint of Venus/Ascendant, which would be about 10 1/2 degrees Virgo (so anything at 10 1/2 degrees of the other mutable signs – Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius).

              • Aries8tHouseNorthNode

                Generally in everywhere it happens to be in 12th house but yes I see what you mean..In astro website it’s ok that it can fall into 1st house in a different chart system as well.
                But still what I wonder is actually: if we take venus 12th house into account, the aspect between ascendant and venus doesn’t have any “name” such as trine, sextile, sesquiquadrate etc…?

                • Hi Aries8thHouseNorthNode,

                  There is no named aspect for this separation of degrees that I know of. If we were talking about the Sun rather than the ascendant then Venus would be called “under the Sun’s beams,” which is a separation of 17 degrees or less from the Sun.


  • Lina

    I absolutely don’t agree with this: Being envious of people who have those gifts … and not recognizing those same gifts within yourself. Insincere gifts. Insincere smiles.

    I have Venus trine Ascendant and I never be insincere in any way!!

    This interpretation from café astrology suit much more accurate for the trine aspect.

    The energy of Venus is in a supportive trine aspect to your Ascendant, providing a strong base of inner strength which is the result of a positive self-image. You may also find it easy and natural to support and compliment others, since your own self worth may not be in jeopardy from such demons as jealousy.

    • I agree with Cafe Astrology’s description.

      I never be insincere in any way!!

      I’m sorry Lina but this is very hard to believe.

      • Chijiru .

        Lol. Funny statement.

        • Yeah … I’m not sure what to think. It seems like lack of self-awareness but I want to be careful about being judgmental.

          • Lina

            But you’re obviously not careful when judging. If I say that I never been insincere in any way.. who are you to tell me otherwise? You didn’t even ask for the rest of my chart to find out if it is truly possible that I am very sincere..
            Judging by observing only one aspect could not make a statement like that.You should know that as an astrologer.

  • Tam

    Venus quincunx ascendant
    so true about the envy 😁

    • Which sign and house are your Venus in?

      • Tam

        My my venus is 28 pisces 7th and ascendant is 29 leo but im defs more like a virgo rising

        • Why do you think you’re more like Virgo rising? Is your birth time accurate?

          • Tee

            Im pretty sure it is
            Im small 5ft, really shy and quiet nothing really like a leo rising.

            • Does Saturn make an aspect to your ascendant?