Brainstorm: Mercury / Pluto Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this post embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing
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ystery writers. Sleuths. Whodunnit? Crime writers. Tunnel vision. Fixation. Getting stuck on a particular idea or concept. Obsessive thoughts. Secretive. Probing. Investigators. Researchers. Detectives. Paranoid. Deeply suspicious mind. Conspiracy theorists. Attempting to uncover plots where none may exist. Psychopath. Deranged. Powerful words and language – for better or worse. The power of persuasion. Withholding information to gain power. Using information to gain power over others. Keeping silent. Concealing your thoughts. The need for privacy in communication. Secret languages. Coded languages. Occult knowledge. The ferret. Healing words. Catharsis through language. Getting to the bottom of things. Speaking in absolutes. The dirty mind. Smutty. Sex on the brain. Thinking the worst of people. Trying to uncover everyone’s deep dark secrets. Mentally turning something innocent into something else entirely. Deft. Subtle. Penetrating. Relentless.

Passionate communication. Overwhelming people with words. Controlling people with words. Abusive language. Mind control. Thought control. Mind manipulation. Uncovering layers of thought. Plunging deeper and deeper into an idea or concept. Inability to gain distance from your own ideas. Lack of objectivity. Pushing your ideas on other people. Inability to consider another viewpoint. Impressing your opinions on others through sheer passion and conviction, not logic.

Deeply healing conversations. The ability to cut to the core of an issue. Psychotherapists. Cutting through the crap. A willingness to broach taboo subjects. A willingness to bring unpopular topics out for discussion. A willingness to take a look at the problems that society would rather sweep under the rug. The need to purge dark thoughts through writing or conversation. Writing about the underworld. Looking to get to the root of problems. Looking to solve a mystery from the bottom up. Needing a mystery to unravel. Finding ways to rebirth the mind. Take an idea and transforming it – for better or worse. The ability to fully, fundamentally, and totally, change your mind.

Disturbing sibling relationships. Undercurrent of control in sibling relationships. Power struggles with siblings. Having a nosy sibling. Your brother is a criminal. Your sister has a dark streak. Your sister died in the woman. Having a dead twin.

Mercury Astrology

  • Communication
  • Linking & Connecting Information
  • Speech & Hearing
  • Commerce
  • Traveling (even between worlds)
  • Trickster
  • Learning
  • Language & Symbols
  • Siblings

Pluto Astrology

  • Underworld
  • Underground
  • Underbelly
  • Cleansing & renewal
  • Treasure
  • Trash
  • Rebirth
  • Sex
  • Alchemy
  • Annihilation
  • Black magic
  • Sorcery
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