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Brainstorm: Neptune in the 8th House Astrology

Use this interpretation for natal Neptune in the 8th house, transiting Neptune in the 8th house, progressed Neptune in the 8th house, or solar arc Neptune in the 8th house.

inal fantasy. Psychic awakening. Loss of physical sight. Sensing what the eyes cannot see. Psychic intimacy. Refined reception and attunement. Psychic medium. Psychic dreamer. Easily put under. Talks to the dead. Protect yourself from psychic invasion. Longing for total transformation. Longing to merge with the Other Side. Am I dead yet? Am I dead again? Longing for death. Lost in the graveyard. Tug of war over your soul. Who will win? The line between life and death is blurred. The diffuse borderlands between living and dying. Dreamtime Death Traveler.

Loss of desire. Spiritualized sexuality. Exquisite intimacy. Love is the drug I’m thinking of.  Don’t stop the dance. Sex trance. Losing yourself in intimacy. Intoxicated death. Sensual intoxication. Erotic poetry. Sexual fantasies. Ecstatic techniques that bring you to the brink of death. Erotic dance. Dance of seduction. Ecstatic dance. Sufis. Swirling dervishes. High occult. Exquisite pain. Hellraiser. Diffuse boundaries in intimacy. Transcendent ecstasy. The spirit of ecstasy. Exquisite bonds. Refined intimacy. Fragile, ethereal spiritual links. High intimacy. Higher realms of joining together. Poorly defined sexual boundaries. Making sure you get and give consent. Is that what you really want to do?

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Neptune in the 8th house [Tweet this!]

Music addiction. Music is the drug of choice. Music puts you in a state of trance. Music commands you at a deep level. Losing yourself in the beat. Control through music. Control the beat, control the dance floor. Subtle manipulation through music. It’s getting hot in here. Undercurrents at the yoga studio. The Pied Piper. Control through meditation or trance. Shady spiritual practices. Wriggling your way into someone’s inner sanctum. Being taken advantage of while in a vulnerable spiritual state. Intimate deception. Hey, what are you putting in my drink?

Intuitive understanding of what people don’t want to talk about. Intuitive understanding of taboo subjects. Reading between the lines. Occult spirituality. Under the thumb of a powerful spiritual person. Spiritual psychology. Being manipulated or controlled by a spiritually oriented person. Watch out for hypnosis. Under the influence. Water burial. A watery grave. She sleeps with the fishes. The sea compels you. Water divinations. Dowsing. Sea Witch. Scuba diver. Let me dive down deep and poke around in the muck. Spiritual Muck. The need to transform spiritual stagnation. The need to transform outworn spiritual practices and orientations. Spiritual overhaul. Heading down a bad path.

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Neptune in the 8th house [Tweet this!]

Power dynamics with spiritual people. Getting lost in intense relationships. Drowning in intimacy. Drowning in psychic impressions. Overwhelmed with darkness. Blind in the night. Deep relationships slip through your fingers. Using narcotics to get through life. Heavy dosages of drugs needed to live, not necessarily illegal drugs. Losing control. Dabbling in life-threatening drugs. Nitrous junkie. Fentanyl freak. Boozy lowlife. Dope fiend. Traipsing through the foggy twilight. Disturbed dreams. Blurred death. Problems with anesthesia during surgery. Anesthesiologists. Drug dealers. Drug lord. Narcos. Lost in a seedy underworld. Surrounded by sleazebags. Out like a light.

Spiritual business partnerships. Financial support through spiritual enterprises. Getting a scholarship to an ashram. Having your spiritual business get financial backing. Finding a way to merge joint finances with a higher calling. Drowning in debt. Poor joint financial decisions. Hidden debts. Spiritual debts and credits. Soul blackmail. Depths of the Soul. Guilty deep feelings. Sunk in dependency. Losing all your money through marriage. Poor business partnerships. Video forensics.

Inheriting a water legacy. Inheriting a yacht. Inheriting a fishery. Inheriting spiritual business. Inheriting a yoga legacy. Inheriting an aquarium. You inherit a fleet. Your inheritance slips through your fingers. If you don’t clean up your drug habit, you get nothing. What is your deeper spiritual inheritance and what spiritual legacy will you leave?

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Neptune Astrology Keywords

  • Dreamer & Visionary
  • Refined & Exquisite
  • Poetic & Artistic
  • Ethereal & Psychic
  • Evasive & Transient
  • Disappointment & Longing
  • Vast & Boundless
  • Smooth & Eroding
  • Dazed & Confused

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8th House Astrology Keywords

  • Sex, Intimacy, and Deep Sharing
  • Death & Funerary
  • Financial Support & Insurance
  • Legacies, Inheritances, & Trusts
  • Your Partner’s Assets & the Results of Marriage
  • Debts, Credits, & Taxes
  • The Occult & Taboo
  • Privacy
  • Psychology & Psychological Assets
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