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Brainstorm: Planets and Things in the 3rd House Astrology

Think of this post as an evolving online astrological journal of thoughts on planets and things in the third house, Read it for natal placements, progressions, transits, etc.

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Planets & Things in the 3rd House


lay me a tune, Maestro. Schoolteacher. Guitarist. Music teacher. Local celebrity. Been born here all my life.


aving a sibling who also acted like a mother, or caring parental figure. Having a good memory. Home-schooled. Sensitive to early school conditioning. An uneven education.


usy mind. A bustling day-to-day life. Talking with siblings almost daily. Petty thief. Sleight-of-hand. Local news. Local reporter. Local weather. Local commerce. Day trading.


reative mind. Flirtatious talk. The ‘girl next door’. The popular girl at school. Sisters. All girls school. Street style. Fashion school. Fashion education. Arts education. The local art gallery. The local art scene. The local clothing store. Let’s talk about aesthetics. Let’s talk about art. Let’s talk about money. Fashion blog. Finance blog. Art blog.


ibling rivalry. Aggressive speech. “Boy crazy.” The ‘boy next door’. The local bully. School bully. Angry at your siblings. Having brothers, having a tomboy as a sister. All boys school. Beat cop. Street cop. Traffic director. Revving your motorcycle engine at 7am on a Sunday morning. Peeling-out. Tire patterns on the asphalt. Street Fighter. The Fast & The Furious. Drag racing on a Saturday night on Main Street. Mechanically inclined. Gearhead. Fitness blog. Martial Arts blog. Let’s talk about karate. Let’s talk about Taikwondo.


offeehouse philosopher. Parochial school. Joining the local foreign language group. ESL classes (English as a second language). The Big Parade through town. Let’s talk about church. Let’s talk about religion.


peech impediments. Hearing aids. Formal elementary education. Special Education. Difficult siblings relationships. School’s under construction. Held back a grade. Old school. Old school cool. Blocked education. The road to school is blocked. Blocked local travel.  Getting around town is difficult. Mental structuring. Educational structures. Educational curriculums.


riginal thoughts and ideas. Brainstorming. Unusual siblings relationships. The language of the stars. Computer code. Programming languages. Gifted classes. Advanced learning programs. Advanced Placement. Skipping a grade. The local alternative scene. Heretic. Blasphemer. The Local Crazy. Blogs about web design. Blogs about programming.


ongwriting. Siblings with drug or alcohol issues. Drug dealers. The local drug scene. The local music scene. The local spiritual scene. Hanging out at the local ashram. Talking about missing or lost brothers and sisters. Soul sister. Soul brother. Where the streets have no name. Anywhere, USA. Coffeehouse musician. Coffeehouse poet. Songwriters. Music school. Photography classes. Film school. The local film scene. The bar scene. Music blog. Music reporter. Music journaling. Lost in translation.


treet-level surveillance. Neighborhood Watch. CCTV. The local police. Intense sibling relationships. Dark sibling relationships. Code talking. Encrypted languages. The local underground scene. The local criminal scene. The local gangster. Small-time crook. Crime blotter.


ealing through talking, writing and listening. Healing words. Healing journaling. Healing writer. Gifted teachers. The local alternative medicine scene. The local herbalist who knows all the local plants and where to find them.


an you talk about what you think you know about? Can you explain it in your own words? Don’t preach, converse. Learning to talk with your hands. Learning sign language. Learning how to make yourself intelligible. Increase your language abilities. Take speech classes of all kinds. Learn languages, of all kinds. Know all the buzz words of whatever things you’re interested in.


ravel beyond your town. Go out and see the world.


wning a local restaurant and using local food chain suppliers.


ocal weddings.


ocal patterns. Traffic.


edicated to local. In”vest”ed in the local co-op growers market.


outhpiece for the Universe.

3rd house

  • Classes, Teachers, & Education
  • Connecting & Spreading Information
  • Daily Interactions & Conversations
  • Dexterity & Manual Skills
  • Instrument through which you choose to communicate
  • Local Language & Culture
  • Mental Activity & Daily Processing Power
  • Neighbors & Gossip
  • Reading & Writing
  • Siblings & Adjacent Relationships
  • Speech & Hearing
  • Adjacent relationships
  • Couriers
  • Educators
  • Messengers
  • Neighbors
  • Reporters
  • Siblings
  • The Regulars
  • Bar
  • Downtown
  • Mail Room
  • Neighborhood
  • On a walk
  • On a hike
  • Shipping department
  • Short journeys
  • The Street
  • Attending the neighbor's barbeque
  • Car problems
  • Developing your own viewpoint based on actual experience
  • Getting a new car
  • Getting a street-level view of a situation
  • Honing your perceptions
  • Hopping back up on that bike
  • Putting your boots on the ground
  • Running errands
  • Seeing it with your own eyes
  • Shipping
  • Taking a class or workshop
  • Taking the bus
  • Using Uber or Lyft
  • Walking around your downtown

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