Brainstorm: Venus / Neptune Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm_ Venus_Neptune Astrology Aspects Astrology

reating a fantasy around the one you love. Love fantasies. Delusional romance. Delusional attractions. Merging with music. Chaotic love. Chaotic art. Attracting chaos. Attracting visionaries. Visionary art. Visionary music. Celestial music. Celestial love. Delusional creativity. Spiritual love. Spiritual music. Spiritual art. Fairytale romance. Romantic fantasy. Romantic movies. Confused rhythm. Confusing social interactions. A fool for love. Foolish in love. Unrealistic expectations in relationships. Idealistic notions about love and relationships. Idealized art. Idealizing the object of affection. Idealizing attractions. Bride of spirit. Refined love nature. Delicate romantic sensitivity. Artists, musicians, poets, romanticists and dreamers. Bohemians and hippies. Jazz musicians. Disintegrated art forms. Free form music and poetry. Longing for Utopia. A martyr in relationships. A martyr for art. Art and fantasy merging. Fantasy art.

Blurring gender lines. Blurring artistic genres. Inability to love just one individual. Passive receptivity. Passive attraction. Passive spirituality. Attracted to spiritual experiences. Attracted to transcendental experiences. Attracted to escapist experiences. Valuing selflessness. Valuing visionary ideals. Fusion music. People who transcend artistic boundaries. People who are visionaries. In love with a ghost. Attracted to psychic people and experiences. Attracted to people who are unreliable, elusive escapists. Attracted to people, situations and experiences that aren’t real. Desiring mystical union. Desiring unrealistic love. Envisioning an unreal reality. Refined taste. Delicate artistic sensibilities. Vague ideas about love. Vague ideas about what you really want. Floating from thing to thing. Wanting to be psychic. Wanting to be a medium. Being attracted to dream-like experiences. Nostalgic beauty. Longing for love.

Art inspired by dreams. Creativity inspired from a higher realm. Attracted to clairvoyance and paranormal experiences. Elusive love. Elusive attractions. Disintegration of personal affection. No boundaries in love. No boundaries in affection. No boundaries in art. No boundaries to sensual experience. The sensual world and spiritual world merging. Attracted to musicians, artists and poets. Attracted to the underdog. Difficulty discerning where one person ends and the other begins in a relationship.

Soul love. Love that transcends reality and time. Impractical attractions, romances and relationships. Universal love. Universal compassion. Compassionate love. Compassionate values. Spiritual values. Money slips through your fingers. Gentle love. Love is sacrifice. Dissolution of personal desire. Inability to see the object of affection clearly. Love of the abstract. Love that knows no limits. The things that you want elude you. You can never quite grasp what you desire. Compassion and pity mixed with love. Feeling sorry for the one you love. Imperfect love. Loving those with impairments or disabilities.

Loving altered states. Attracted to drug culture. Attracted to experiences that offer escape. Escaping through music. Escaping through drugs and alcohol. Escaping through affairs and relationships. Loving vague, intangible experiences. Too sensitive for everyday life. Permeable love nature. A diffuse love nature. Personal love eludes you. A higher love. Personal love and transcendent love combined. Love on a higher plane. Sloppy love affairs. Sloppy seconds. Romantic beauty. Poetic beauty. Fascination.

Venus Astrology

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Values
  • Desire
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Beauty

Neptune Astrology

  • Dreamer
  • Poet
  • Visionary
  • Ethereal
  • Abandonment
  • Disappointment
  • Limitless
  • Intangible
  • Confusion
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