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What is a Composite report? A Composite report blends your natal placements with your partner’s natal placement to determine what kind of relationship you create together.

This Composite Romance Report includes the following report sections:
  • Chapter 1: Important Issues and Themes in your Relationship
  • Chapter 2: How You Complement One Another
  • Chapter 3: How You Communicate
  • Chapter 4: Challenges to Relating
  • Chapter 5: Background of the Relationship
  • Chapter 6: Summary
  • Natal charts for you and your partner
  • Composite wheel of your charts together
This Composite Romance Report includes the following composite scores:
  • Romantic and Sexual Attraction
  • Good Communication, Problem Solving
  • Success & High Achievement
  • Longevity & Commitment
  • Sense of Fate & Destiny Together
  • Challenges & Weaknesses
This Composite Romance Report includes the following planets, asteroids, and special degrees in charts and interpretation:
  • Psyche in composite relationship
  • Amor in composite relationship
  • Aphrodite in composite relationship
  • Ceres in composite relationship
  • Chiron in composite relationship
  • Cupido in composite relationship
  • Eros in composite relationship
  • Juno in composite relationship
  • Vesta in composite relationship
  • Sappho in composite relationship
  • True Black Moon Lilith in composite relationship
  • True North Node in composite relationship

This report analyzes a romantic relationship between two people by interpreting the composite chart by focusing on the following: the essential issues of the relationship, how the couple deals with essential issues, where and how they complement each other, how and what they communicate, the weakness of the relationship and the influences that can affect the longevity of the relationship. Also discussed are karmic areas and background issues of the relationship.

Pemo Theodore’s approach to the composite chart is innovative and intriguing: she interprets factors like the asteroids Eros, Cupido, and Sappho and other as well as more commonly used asteroids like Ceres and Juno. Also, Black Moon Lilith (the Moon’s apogee) is included in the analysis. The report addresses issues that married couples and romantic partners are concerned about based on the author’s decades of work with clients, and the text is written in a fluid, interesting style.

By default, the composite chart is calculated using the Derived Ascendant method of calculation, which means you will choose a location where the relationship is based. If there is no location, use the place where you currently live.

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