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Venus Synastry: 3rd House Overlay in Astrology

What happens when your Venus falls in someone’s 3rd house? What happens when their Venus falls in your 3rd house? Find out! This article explores 3rd house Venus synastry in astrology.

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Someone's Venus falls in your 3rd house


hen someone’s Venus falls in your 3rd house, they bring their Venus energy to your 3rd house. Their artistic style, personal aesthetic, appreciation for beauty, desire for nice things, values, and personal self-esteem all funnel into your 3rd house of local knowledge, immediate environment, casual conversation, and neighborly relationships.



The positive is the Venus person will make you feel good about the cultural environment that shapes your outlook. Maybe they appreciate your area’s art and culture. Maybe they enjoy the aesthetic of your area. Perhaps they find your Southern drawl irresistible! There can be a love of simply talking together, taking delight in the other converses and which topics light up the conversation. Streams of tweets and texts ripple between you.

The Venus person responds positively to the way you talk about things. They like the way you discuss topics in an easy, not-trying-too-hard style. This person can influence you to ‘up’ your game within your local social circle. You start seeing a better hairstylist, going to the shops uptown, and trading in nights at the dive bar for get-togethers at fancier places. You might get ‘too good’ for your old crowd. But if the match is good, you’ll find the right balance between lowbrow and highbrow.

If you’re a natural recluse, the Venus person can be the antidote for loneliness and anti-social tendencies. You could find yourself enjoying an easy kind of social life you’ve never known before … going to crafts fairs, comicons, visiting galleries, afternoon picnics, and indulging in other pleasant Venusian activities, like making in love in the park.

The Venus person could be the perfect embodiment of your personal romantic fantasy of  “The Girl, or Boy, or Cutie Next Door” You might be from the same area and have local things in common to talk about. ‘People from High School’ might be your favorite go-to subject.



The negative is if the Venus person is selfish and self-serving, they might impose what they like about your area rather than what you like. The Venus person might start to cramp your style.
The Venus person could get jealous of your cute neighbor, make comments about who you hang out with, where you hang out, and what you talk about.
The Venus person might want to give you a makeover so you fit in with the local crowd they like better. You find out, they like your accent, but not your collection of bar t-shirts or the slang words you use. The Venus person might be tempted to ‘elevate’ your style, and you may or may not appreciate the input.

Your Venus falls in someone's 3rd house


hen your Venus falls in someone’s 3rd house, you bring your Venus energy to that person’s 3rd house. Your artistic style, personal aesthetic, appreciation for beauty, desire for nice things, values, and personal self-esteem all funnel into the other person’s local knowledge, immediate environment, casual conversation, and neighborly relationships.



The positive is you appreciate the other person’s early life learning experiences, and where they are now. You’ll respond positively to dates at the local food truck, you’ll love that they know all the hotspots to visit, and you’ll find their colorful language charming.

You, as the Venus person, help the 3rd house person gain more appreciation for what is right in front of their eyes. Together you’ll take short trips to beautiful sites in your area. You could take a painting or pottery class together, and find that you connect on many topics covering art, style, collectibles, and fashion. You could write love letters or art letters to each other in fanciful calligraphic script.

As the Venus person, you need to watch your tendency to want the 3rd house person to agree with your stylistic viewpoint. You don’t need to have every little thing in common to be a match. They say Van Gogh, you say Kah-lo, let’s call the whole thing off!



The negative is that you, as the Venus person, might suck away some of the attention that the 3rd house person normally gives to the people in their environment. Once you start encouraging the 3rd house person to make local connections, you might start to resent that they seem to know everyone now! What about you?

As the Venus person, you might encourage too much superficial small talk and gossip about everyone in town, all the people you used to know in high school, and what the people at the table next to you are wearing.

When you’re with the 3rd house person, be aware of pouting and acting cute to get what you want when it comes to basic activities like what what movie you’re going to see or what club you’ll go to. Beware of using manipulation to change the 3rd house person’s mind. You shouldn’t get your way all the time just because you’re cute. But, you also shouldn’t let the 3rd house person drag you into every petty dealing they’ve ever had with everyone they’ve ever known. It’s good to take trips out of the area to broaden your horizons.

3rd House Venus Synastry Relationships

3rd House Venus Romantic Relationships

If you have Venus in the 3rd house synastry with a lover, romantic interest, or partner, enjoy all the activities near-at-hand. Go to the movies, visit the park, take advantage of the beauty your local area has to offer.

Whisper sweet nothings over the phone and develop your own emoji love language together. You’ll call each other pet names, and might find yourselves using words like baby, babe, honey, and dear … which maybe you’ve never felt comfortable doing with anyone else before. This relationship makes daily life taste sweet. Trips to get groceries, postal drops, and traffic stops, all seem a little nicer under this influence.

Over time, this relationship could take on the flavor of a sibling relationship because you have so many near-at-hand experiences in common.

3rd House Venus Family Relationships

If you have Venus 3rd house synastry with a family member, you should find yourself with a love of lifelong learning. With positive aspects, the Venus person encourages the 3rd house person in their studies wanting them to do well. There could be an emphasis on an artistic or musical education.

With negative aspects, the Venus person might encourage lazy learning habits and self-indulgent behavior that lead to habits of procrastination in the 3rd house person, and that could go the other way too. There could be an over-emphasis on learning about good manners, etiquette, and pleasing behavior which undermine the 3rd house person’s authentic expression of their own thoughts.

Hopefully, though, there are good sibling relationships and a positive early learning environment. You might enjoy short trips together, even basic trips like running errands. You likely have similar tastes in art and style and find you can converse on those topics easily.

3rd House Venus Friend Relationships

If you have Venus in the 3rd house synastry with a friend, you find mutual enjoyment in talking about art and style, including fashion, beauty, collecting, drawing, painting, etc.

This could be the friend who you get dressed up with and send selfies to before nights out. In some cases, this friend could be using you to get close to your sibling, or vice versa. This person could be your best friend from grade school. And in other cases, this person could feel more like a brother or sister than a ‘just’ a friend.

This relationship can be one of ‘gossip girlfriends’ whose only real connection is talking trash about other people.  On a more positive note, you can make great local connections together,  possibly becoming business partners in a Venusian field.

3rd House Venus Work Relationships

If you have Venus in the 3rd house synastry with a coworker or boss, the focus is on making a good impression through pleasant communications. You’ll be expected to speak well, write well, and have smooth communications on the job. Daily conversations should be pleasant and float easily among Venusian topics like money, art, fashion, style, retail sales, beauty, valuations, crafts, hospitality (with the Moon), and business-related paperwork. There could be an emphasis on networking with local people. You could find yourself taking lots of excursions to the post office, enjoying deductible business lunches, and receiving local perks.


  • Androphonos, "man-slayer"
  • Afrodita
  • Aphrodite in Greek, (Venus is her Roman counterpart)
  • Aphrodite Urania (Eldest of the Three Fates)
  • Epitymbria, "of the tombs"
  • Goddess of Death-in-Life
  • Goddess of Love
  • Melaenis, "black one"
  • Scotia, "dark one"
Photo of text
The Greek Myths: 1, by Robert Graves "Aphrodite's Nature and Deeds"
  • The Fates assigned only one divine duty to make love
  • When Venus tried weaving, Athene, Goddess of Wisdom got so upset that Venus was infringing on her territory, that Venus apologized and never did a day's work after that
  • Through a complicated chain of events, Venus and Persephone, Queen of the Underworld were in a fight over the affections of the handsome mortal man, Adonis
  • She (at least once) renewed her virginity in the sea
  • When Venus and Persephone fought over Adonis, it was Calliope, Muse of Eloquence, who handed down the judgment that the two Goddesses had equal claim to him. It was arranged that Adonis would spend 1/3 year with Venus, 1/3 with Persephone, and 1/3 by himself
  • Mars (Ares), God of War was so envious of Venus's relationship with Adonis that he transformed into a boar and gored Adonis to death in front of her
  • Hephaestus, her husband, laid a trap and caught Venus and Mars with a net, while they were in bed together
  • Hephaestus tried to get all of the other Gods involved in his marriage problems, which Zeus (Jupiter), King of the Gods, thought was repugnant
  • Magic Girdle: the magic girdle made everyone fall in love with whoever was wearing it
  • Venus would not lend the Magic Girdle to any of the other goddesses
  • Arts Appreciation
  • Beauty & Good Looks
  • Charm & Romance
  • Love & Flirting
  • Relationship Commitment
  • Style & Aesthetic
  • Values & Self-Worth
  • Wealth & Assets
  • Your Taste in...Whatever (Al Gusto)
  • Art reviewer
  • Artist
  • Beautiful person
  • Diplomat
  • Eye candy
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashionista
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior designer
  • Negotiator
  • Peacemaker
  • Seducer
  • Style icon
  • Stylist

What happens when your Venus falls in someone’s 3rd house? What happens when their Venus falls in your 3rd house? Find out! This article explores 3rd house Venus synastry in astrology . . .

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  • Blows to your self-esteem (with Chiron, The Wounded Healer)
  • Discovering you have a rival for the affections of someone you're interested in (with Persephone)
  • Temptation (with Mars)
  • Upsets to your relationship (with Uranus)
  • Upgrades to your beauty routine (with Jupiter)
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3rd house

  • Classes, Teachers, & Education
  • Connecting & Spreading Information
  • Daily Interactions & Conversations
  • Dexterity & Manual Skills
  • Instrument through which you choose to communicate
  • Local Language & Culture
  • Mental Activity & Daily Processing Power
  • Neighbors & Gossip
  • Reading & Writing
  • Siblings & Adjacent Relationships
  • Speech & Hearing
  • Adjacent relationships
  • Couriers
  • Educators
  • Messengers
  • Neighbors
  • Reporters
  • Siblings
  • The Regulars
  • Bar
  • Downtown
  • Mail Room
  • Neighborhood
  • On a walk
  • On a hike
  • Shipping department
  • Short journeys
  • The Street
  • Attending the neighbor's barbeque
  • Car problems
  • Developing your own viewpoint based on actual experience
  • Getting a new car
  • Getting a street-level view of a situation
  • Honing your perceptions
  • Hopping back up on that bike
  • Putting your boots on the ground
  • Running errands
  • Seeing it with your own eyes
  • Shipping
  • Taking a class or workshop
  • Taking the bus
  • Using Uber or Lyft
  • Walking around your downtown

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