2022 Lunations and Eclipses

A downloadable table showing the dates and times when there is a New Moon, Full Moon, or Eclipse, and the degree of the zodiac at which those lunations happen, throughout 2022.
New Moon2022January218:33:1912 CAP 20
Full Moon2022January1723:48:1527 CAN 51
New Moon2022February15:45:5012 AQU 20
Full Moon2022February1616:56:2028 LEO 00
New Moon2022March217:34:3612 PIS 07
Full Moon2022March187:17:2427 VIR 40
New Moon2022April16:24:1411 ARI 31
Full Moon2022April1618:54:5226 LIB 46
Partial SOLAR Eclipse2022April3020:27:5410 TAU 2811966
Total LUNAR Eclipse2022May164:13:5825 SCO 1813134
New Moon2022May3011:30:069 GEM 03
Full Moon2022June1411:51:3523 SAG 25
New Moon2022June292:52:057 CAN 23
Full Moon2022July1318:37:2721 CAP 21
New Moon2022July2817:54:505 LEO 39
Full Moon2022August121:35:3319 AQU 21
New Moon2022August278:16:564 VIR 04
Full Moon2022September109:58:5217 PIS 41
New Moon2022September2521:54:222 LIB 49
Full Moon2022October920:54:4716 ARI 33
Partial SOLAR Eclipse2022October2510:48:302 SCO 0012455
Total LUNAR Eclipse2022November811:01:5716 TAU 0113620
New Moon2022November2322:57:021 SAG 38
Full Moon2022December84:07:5816 GEM 02
New Moon2022December2310:16:401 CAP 33

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