Brainstorm: Uranus in Taurus Transit Forecast


ich revolutionaries. Moneyed anarchists. Crazy bankers. Wealthy nut-jobs. Woke millionaires. Revolutionary farmers. Radical conservatives. Artsy liberators. Radical fundamentalists. New Age well-to-do. Botanical intellectuals. Free-thinking historians. Down-to-earth wizards. Natural genius.

Bonding with people over conservative views. Conservative groups. Closed societies. Nope, you’re not welcome. You’re shocked to discover your own personal conservative viewpoints. The sudden changes in the environment make you aware of your own stuck and outmoded concepts. Liberation through coming back down to Earth. You discover there are things you won’t budge on. You become aware of your own stubborn attitudes. You are confronted by your own fixed position. Where are you not a radical? Where are you unwilling to innovate or make change? Where are you so content you’d rather leave “well enough” alone? A return to pragmatism.

Confrontational conservatives. Obscene greed. Distasteful displays of bigotry. Ruining stability. Nothing to rely on. Havoc on Wall Street. Chaos at the banks. Security breaches continue. Financial problems. Independent banks. Currency instability. New forms of currency. Electronic currency. Currency revolution. Continued innovations in Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc … Banks are out of touch. New types of banks and banking. Bank tellers lose their jobs to computers. Electronic banking. New types of ATMs. Instant banking. Get your money in a flash. Your money is gone in a flash. Disruption to Social Security. Yo, where my money at?

Change at any cost. Revolution at any cost. The price of freedom. The price of independence. Pooling resources together. The price of peace. The roots of progress. Being grateful to be one of the “haves” rather than one of the “have nots.” Outrageous hoarding. The fight for net neutrality fails because a lot of people are complacent and a lot of others are greedy. The realization that complacency allows greed to take root. The divide in wealth. The contented middle class continues to be in jeopardy. Stability is in peril.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
— Leonard H. Courntey

The opposite of “let sleeping dogs lie.” Don’t let sleeping dogs lie. Stress not rest. A steady vibrational hum. A long slow period of constant stress. Stress is the new norm. Unease is the new status quo. Everybody is uneasy. Everybody is unsure. No one feels secure.

A return to the enjoyment of the very simple pleasures. New appreciation for relaxation, contentment, and silence. Shocking silence. Renewed appreciation for simple tasty food. Appreciating what you have in your hands rather than chasing every new thing. Working with what you have. Building on what you have. Making advancements with you have already established. Innovative construction. New building techniques. Buildings for the future. Communal living. Skyscrapers.

The slow food revolution continues. Crock pots make a huge comeback. Awakening to your real needs. Radical simplicity. Necessity if the mother of invention. Taking unprecedented action for self-preservation. Doing what it takes to survive. It’s tough to be a radical while trying to cover basic needs … or, when you have nothing left you have nothing left to lose. Grounded risk-takers. Plotted revolution. Well-planned risks.

Crazy security. Border patrol. Electric fence. Android security. Problems out of hand with elephants, rhinos, hippos and other large land mammals. The shocking elephant in the room. Scientists produce the woolly mammoth clone. Awakening the mammoth. Electrocuting large mammals. Changes to the cattle industry. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Backlash against innovation. AI develop traits like possessiveness, greed, and jealousy. Do I own my phone or does my phone own me?

Who are you texting, Michelle? I thought we were going to watch videos together tonight.
— Siri
Fuck you, Siri.
— Michelle

Sound technology. Voice commands revolutionize everyday tech. Speech technology. Voice technology. Taste technology. What does a computer taste like? How does it taste to kiss a robot? “That robot is not my taste, I like AI with bigger hips.” Venus of Willendorf androids. Soft, sensual computer voices. Electronic hedonism. Androids develop the capacity for taste. Artificial Intelligence flavored lollipops. Edible technology. Eat your disposable phone. Biodegradable tech. I’m so hungry I could eat my motherboard. Swallow a camera. Voice recording. Invasive recording. Invasive taste. The taste of invasion. Getting a taste of your own tech.

Handmade looking web design. Farmer web design. Plants on blogs. Earthy web design. Web design gets tactile. Braille technology improves. Less emphasis on the way technology looks and more emphasis on the way that it feels. Technology gets comforting. Fuzzy, fur-covered phones. Woolly phones. Tablets covered in skin-feel materials. Scratch and sniff devices. Candy-coated mobile devices. Lolli-phones. The phone that melts in your mouth not in your hands. Lick-able gadgets.

Unusual taste. Unusual art. Robots learn painting. Androids sing. Advancement in artists’ tools and materials. Ugly art. Portraits of robots. Statues of astrologers. Sculptures of the planets. Paintings of the constellations. Astrological art. Space art. Astrology bed sheets and china sets. Inspired basics. Basic clothing gets innovative and incredibly comfortable. Stranger Things. Dull is innovative. Simple practical innovations. Comfortable feels new. Relaxing into technology. The frenetic pace slows down. Renewed appreciation for tactile fabrics. Incredibly basic improvements. New types of fasteners and closures. New types of protective clothing and gear for everyday use (not just for glamping). Fabric innovations.

Advanced crafting tools. Technically advanced crafts. Enhancing gadgets. More beautiful gadgets. We spend more time with our gadgets; we slow down and get to know them. It’s normal to have tech. It’s not normal not to have tech. You’re not normal if you don’t have a phone with you. Technology used to be liberating, now it’s a requirement. Only a weirdo doesn’t have a phone.


Futuristic “natural” beauty. Breaking from beauty conventions. Extreme actions to conform. Extreme skin bleaching. Extreme pigmentation augmentation. Permanent eye color changes. Permanent skin color changes. Permanent body modifications with the aim of fully completely fitting into a sector of society that is radically different than the one you come from. Attempting to make fundamental changes to natural order. Attempting to shift or change your race or racial profile to fit in with whatever group is the norm in your area. Beauty tech. Genius makeup artists. New beauty classics.

Radical break from the status quo. Radical shift in the basics. The new basics. A new basic is a water filter. A new basic is a home garden. A new basic is a gas mask. A new basic is food storage. A new basic is a bomb shelter. A new basic is a private well. A new basic is maximum security. Breaking out of complacency. Breaking out of stagnancy. Community farms. Disruption to the normal routine. The awakening voice. The voice of the disenfranchised. Voices from the margins. Real, long-lasting changes.

Electric Earth. Land shocks. Land mines. Explosions on land. Disturbing upsets to soil quality. Earthquakes. Earth rumbles. The Earth breaks away. Islands crumble. Upset to farming. Farm alarm. Farm reform. Upsets to agriculture. Getting thrown off your land. Reversals of land rights. Inhumane treatment of the Earth. Radical earth. Radical ecologists. Terraists. Radical Earth movements. Land conservation activism.

Shocking gluttony. Shocking complacency. Outrageous self-indulgence. Problems that come from tolerating extreme behaviors. Rebellious attitudes get put in check. Tolerance could take a step backward. Unbelievably pigheaded attitudes. Progress doesn’t progress. Uprooting long held suppositions. Grounded electricity. Shock absorption. Aliens on Earth. Shocking reality. Earth is almost unrecognizable. Stranger in a strange land. Where are we?

Activated Earth. Activated Crystals. Energized soil. Renewed interest in elements. Intuitive Earth. Basic alchemy 🜁🜂🜃🜄. Radical herbalism. Advanced plant use. Breaking Convention. New and innovative techniques for working with herbs. Ground-breaking mind expansion. Spagyrics. Quantum botanicals. Plant revolution. Plants won’t take root. Plants won’t grow. The plants revolt. The herbal/farm/plant/healing revolution is firmly taking root. Far out-farming, man. Earth-consciousness. Earth’s Rights. The Earth’s life matters. The Earth is a living creature. New Age conformity – everybody has all the same stuff.


Development 90Good Vibes
Design 80Good Vibes
Marketing 70Good Vibes

Cosmic farming. As above, so below (continued). Star farming. Planting stars. Astrological flower essences. Blending earth and sky. Grounding astrology. Making astrology real. Astrology for the wealthy. Luxury astrology. Woo woo gets waaaay down to earth. Taking intuitive concepts and bringing them down to earth. Practical applications of far-out knowledge. The practical application of astrology. Far-out viewpoints become commonplace. Mind-blowing boredom. Bored out of your mind. It takes really big disruptions to shock us out of complacency. Innovation at a relative standstill.

  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Medicine pouch
  • Essential oils
  • Smudge stick
  • Tarot
  • Lunar calendar
  • Herbs
  • Festival pass
  • Trip report

Being possessive of innovative understandings. Keeping intuitions to yourself. I have the sacred technology and you don’t. Future-vision is MINE. New Age greed. I hold the patent on the future. Using intuition to make money. Innovative ways to make money. Avaricious avant-garde. How much does it cost to ‘get woke’? The steep price of radical enlightenment. Hoarding illumination. Herb prices skyrocket. Selling the revolution.

The revolution will cost you $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Please send your payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope to AstroFix, PO Box 31774, Santa Fe, NM 87594. (Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery).

Shifts in the earth. Shocking land issues. Farm communes. Communes start making a comeback. Group parcels. Collective bargaining. Trade unions. Farmers’ co-ops. Group farming. Group land use. Innovative use of existing real estate. Technology takes over farming. Robot farmer. Electric milkers. Robot migrants. Mechanized farming. Unsettling disruption to natural habitats. The farmer can’t tend the crops, he has a new message.

Old MacDonald had a farm – online – EIEIO, and on his farm he had 25% off organic carrots for a limited time with free shipping through Amazon Prime delivered direct to your fridge – EIEIO.

Liberation from the land. Freedom from being tied to the land. Freedom to move. Freedom to leave. “You are free to go.” Releasing your possessions. Being liberated from a great burden. Free from burdens. Free from being weighed down by stuff. Breaking loose from your rut. Less to carry. No foundation. Cracks in the pavement. Land is unattainable. The displaced. The homeless. Vagrants. Squatters. Vagabonds. Tramps. No place to go. No place to return to. Uprooted. The established and settled people versus the newcomers.

The sudden realization that you’re not safe. The sudden realization that you need to leave where you are. Leaving a secure area. It’s not safe here anymore. Let’s get the fuck out of here. The crazy lengths people will go to to ensure their safety. It’s not safe for people who don’t fit in and conform. Radical conformity requirements at a very base level which it is actually not even possible to conform to. Shocking bigotry. Liberation from bigotry.

Let’s slow down and catch everybody up. We need a breather to get everyone up to speed. Get up to speed on the basics. The internet is real. Technology is here to stay. Technology is stable. Technology is safe. Technological investments. Technology hits rural areas – or does it? The technological divide. Technology is for the rich. Can you afford to upgrade your phone? The good life is out of reach. No contentment. Technology is ruining our ability to feel satisfied. Update your basic business technologies. Slow down and fill in the gaps. Slow mail makes a comeback

Technology stabilizes for a while. No major new innovations in communication. Improving on the basics. We lose the fight for net neutrality. The internet gets slow. Progress slows down. Innovation slows down. We go back over the ground we just covered to get everything solid and reliable to be sure that this is where we want to establish the roots of the future. Going back to basics. Progress is costing too much. We need more bang for our buck. Returning to what we know. Going back to the tried and true.

Key Concepts for Uranus

  • Liberator
  • Awakener
  • Rebel
  • Revolutionary
  • Anarchist
  • Eccentric
  • Independent
  • Erratic
  • Impersonal

Taurus Zodiac Sign Traits

  • Dependable
  • Steady
  • Solid
  • Stubborn
  • Stuck
  • Plodding & conservative
  • Artistic & aesthetic
  • Patient & enduring
  • Earthy & sensual

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, 2018 ...


... Uranus leaves Taurus on April 26, 2026


How is your year going? Have you looked at your Solar Return yet?

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    Oh dear – correction – I’m on your mailing list AND have spent hours on your website…

  • Irmi1969

    Your new website is AMAZING, Michelle!
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    I wish you every success…

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  • Rahu

    Thanks for the brainstorm, super cool that you are able to wrap language around these energies. I noticed you are a Virgo Ascendant, have you experienced Pluto trine your rising?

    • AstroFix

      Yes, I had Pluto trine my ascendant a while ago when it was at 11 degrees Capricorn. Is your trine coming up?

      • Rahu

        yes I have a taurus rising at 19*, so my trine is coming up. can you tell me about yours?

  • Marija Chandler

    Your article makes no sense. Is this what you intended. Your social media icons are layered on top of each other. I was looking for clarity and found total non-sense. Was this your goal?

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      Hi Marija,

      Maybe you’re out of the loop? I’m working on building the blog up from scratch after losing most of my material. It’s been what? 4 days? I’m one person. ONE PERSON. Sorry everything was not perfect for you. Perhaps a better way to address your concern would be with an email describing what you’re seeing along with screenshots and details about which browser and device you are using.

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  • Jamie

    I have been practicing and studying Astrology for nearly two decades and I have to say that your understanding of Cosmic energy patterns is profoundly rich. Every time I read your interpretations it is as if I have just unearthed a rare jewel….a wealth of ancient wisdom lost.

    Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your powerful insight.

    Merry Christmas.

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      Thank you, Jaime. That is very kind of you.

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      I’m happy you liked it, Rosana.

  • Rafael Rosado

    Hi Nora, I’m Rafael I’m a Taurus sun, Leo moon,and Leo Asc. Enjoyed your article and hope to read more. Thank you for your time and your work. Namaste🙏🏼.

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      Thank you, Rafael. Nora sent you here. Big thank you to Nora 🙂

  • LaVergne

    Please give guidance regarding the upcoming URANUS/TAURUS transit with respect to the remaining PLUTO/CAPRICORN phase. Barely survived Pluto H12; now at my ASC IN CAP opp MOON IN CANCER. All female members of my family died – except me. Gracious thanks for sharing your discernments.

    • AstroFix

      Hi Lavergne,

      I plan to write two separate articles. One on Saturn in Capricorn and one on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

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      Hi Nora Jean,

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  • Armin Bejdic

    Is Taurus detrimental in Uranus? It seems very counterproductive. Taurus does not like change and unpredictability while Uranus incites that. Taurus wants stability, routine and to maintain status quo while Uranus does not do that. For these reasons, I feel Taurus should be a coruler of Saturn with Capricorn.

    • AstroFix

      Uranus is in fall in Taurus (detriment is in Leo). The exaltation is in Scorpio (dignity is Aquarius). You’re right, Uranus and Taurus have little in common … except maybe that Uranus can become fixed in its extreme viewpoints.

  • Erin

    Awesome as always!! Much gratitude 🙂

    • AstroFix

      Thank you, Erin 😀

  • Gina Bilajiw Long

    Hi Michelle,
    I’m a Leo sun, Virgo moon and Pisces rising. Love your insights!

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      Thank you for reading, Gina 😀