Brainstorm: Jupiter in Pisces Astrology

Brainstorm_ Jupiter in Pisces taking the plunge

ink or swim. The Big Wave. Wave of emotion. Swell. Bloat. Overflowing boats and ships. Out on the vast expanse of the ocean. Oil boom. Out to sea. Lost at sea. Ocean refugees. Colossal ship. Sinking ship. The bounty at the bottom of the ocean. Ocean liner. Ocean voyage. Sailing around the world. World Records. Huge yachts. Mega ships. Oil tankers. Cruising. Cruise wear. The Sea Captain. Mash of the Titans. Mega mutation. Spread. Nurses and doctors and people in the healing professions. Compassion for those who selflessly put their lives on the line for others. Throw out the life preserver. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Get the boats ready. Call the Coast Guard. Titanic. Where’s your anchor?

I will go down with this ship, I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door.
– Dido, White Flag

Deep dive. And never coming back. Heavy sobbing. Reflection pool. The bottomless lake. Cenotes. The eyes are an abyss. Wading in your eyes. Wading through tears. Drowning. Trying to keep your head above water. Plunging in. Get ready to hold your breath for the endless dive. Sitting at the bottom of a pool. Resting at the bottom of the ocean, the weight of the water above you. The crushing weight of water. The crushing weight of emotion. Still waters run deep. Surrender. Surrender to the force of your feelings. Surrender to the flow. Ride the tide. The traveling sick. Flocks of sick people. Traveling for treatment. Caravans of illness. Traveling nurses.

Water, water, everywhere is there a drop to drink? Tremendous concern about water supplies. Is there enough water in the well? The reservoir? Is there too much water? Flooding. A flood of emotions. The emotional reservoir is overflowing. Emotional understanding. Spiritual understanding. Spiritual opening. A softening of the spirit. Spiritual lessons. Spiritual advisors. A mammoth lesson in compassion. Compassion is the teacher. Sadness is the teacher this year. Loss is the teacher this semester. Hello, Professor Triste, pleased to make your acquaintance. The Absent Professor. Acting advisors and adjunct professors. Taking a leave of absence. Going on Sabbatical. Absent without leave (AWOL).

Long, calm, deep, reflection. I look at your face and see the diamond sparkle of the sun over a thousand ripples of water. The glare. I can’t see. Floating along, merrily, merrily. No ambition. Satisfaction. Some people, are, in fact, satisfied. It’s done. The Big Thing is done. Big empathy. Oceans of emotions. Epic poems, poetry, and poets. The world, enveloped in poetry. The world feels like a dream. Is this real? Are we really here? Are we in the future or are we in the past? Panoramic empathy. Fathomless compassion. Helping the downtrodden. The underdog. Getting swindled. Lending a helping hand. Charity. Expecting endless handouts. Excessive passivity. Limbo. Bardo. Purgatory. The Big Sleep. I’m just gonna roll up under my covers and call it a night. Nighty-night.

Sorries, and apologies. Full of sorrow. Full of pity. Full of sadness. Bursting at the seams with tears. The dam is about to break. The levee is going to give. How much water can it hold? Humongous flood. It’s so big out there now, who’s afraid to leave their house? Agoraphobia. The vast expanse is too vast. Overwhelmed by the vista. Expansive dreams and deep dreams. Meaningful dreams. Dreams of traveling. Wanderlust. Wandering. Wondering. The World Wonders.

There’s a lot missing. There is a sizable hole to fill. Heavy sleep. There’s too much left open. Abundant spiritual opportunities. Big stories. Tall Tales. That’s a whale of a tale. She just told us a whopper! Rampant storytellers. Run on, ducking and dodging. Dripping-wet. Oh, you won’t believe what happened! Fecund, festering, pond scum, stagnant water. Really, really, unwell. A collective cry for help. Whales and other large sea creatures. Save the whales.

Film philosophy. Cultural films. Cultural expansion in film. Foreign films. The expansion of film. Gods in Film. Religious films. Higher education films. Studying film. Getting a film degree. Films with depth. Films with meaning. Ideologies, spread through film. Dance philosophy. Cultural dances. Cultural music. The meaning of dance. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969. The meaning of music. The meaning of poetry. The meaning of compassion. A music education. A dance education. Music culture. The emergence of major actors. Big acting. Over-acting. The depth of acting. Multi-cultural actors and acting.

Limitless opportunities. Abundant opportunities. Fake opportunities. False promises.  Big Fake. Deep Fake. The pits. Pity. It’s such a shame that this, that, and the other thing happened. Low morale. A philosophy of coping. Denial of reality. Wanting to float through life. No grounding. Immersion. Learning to swim. Learning to swim through in deep water. Understanding that comes from wading in deep pools. Learning swimming techniques. Learning coping techniques. Is this the calm before the storm, or are we in the eye of the storm? Growing in compassion. Growing in empathy. Surplus. Understanding what all that spiritual training is really meant to help with. Make sure you decompress. Take your time coming back up. Decompression chambers. Sensory-deprivation chambers. Flotation tanks. Water tanks. Water tankers. The silent dark. Water therapies. Spiritual songs. Deep bass.

The middle of Nowhere. Nothing, Nada. Zip. Nyet. Not. How to say “nothing” around the world: Do You Know How to Say Nothing in Different Languages?

Hall of silence. Overwhelmed by the options. Infusion. Auras meeting. Souls meeting. Broken Soul Jamboree. Recuperation. Boundless. Mega spiritual mentor. It’s not for nothing. It’s not a big deal over nothing. Lost. Missing persons. Hollow. Echoes. Chaos. Collapse. Meltdown. Runaway. Out of control. Unmitigated spread. Drifting aimlessly. Drifters and grifters. Hobos. Nomads.  Vagabonds. Beggars. The poor, the sick, the tired. Nowhere to go.

Worms and wormholes. Black holes. The deepest vast. Subterranean magic. Abiding hope. Dense fog. Big dupe. Vast genre. Stymied. Arena. Getting sucked into pits of despair. Getting sucked into pity parties. Getting sucked into pseudo-religions and quackery. Lack of critical thinking in spirituality. Making it up as you go along. Useless knowledge. “Knowing” things with no basis in fact. Lack of a factual underpinning. Foolish fools fooling everyone. Believing it doesn’t make it true.

The sweet spot. An intersection between religion and spirituality. Spiritual wisdom. Expansion of music. “Heights of the gods and the depths of depravity.” (approximate movie quote from Shirley) Low aspirations. Low-balling. How low can you go? Dumbing down. All the way down, through, and out to the other side of confusion, doubt, chaos, and numbness. Profound spirituality. Submerged in meditation. Below the surface. Big moment of silence. Blank. Quiet. Eerily quiet. Clean slate. Clear palate. The end of a giant wave of emotion. Emotional clearinghouse. Overwhelmed with sadness. Crying over you. Lamentation.

Up in smoke. Rose-colored glasses. Cavalier attitudes. Being too casual. Disorderly conduct. Everyone is getting sloppy. Hey, man, just relaaaaax. Overwhelmed with uncleanliness. Care-free or care-less? Handouts. Plagiarism and issues around copyright. Pirating. Copies of copies of copies. Is it all free? Is it a creative free-for-all? Humongous lies. Big Pharma. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Loose. Footloose and fancy free. Too loose.

Heavy drinking. Lots of drugs. Heavy drugs. Drugged. Doped up. Waves of wine. Brandy, you’re a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. Watch out for drunk drivers. Hangovers. The beer is overflowing. Too much alcohol. Drowning your sorrows in a bottle of booze. Is the answer at the bottom of your glass? Bottoms-up. Extensive mistakes. Messing-up, big-time. Overdose. Pity parties. Misery loves company. Commiseration. Justifying your substance issues. Tender-hearted opening. Letting the soft spots show. Vulnerability. The prey and the preying. Praying.

Spiritual fanaticism. Nope, nope, and no, I do not want to join your cult. Not sorry. “Prophets” coming out of the woodwork. You’ll be saved, if you believe xxx. Prophesies. Very superstitious. Believing in things that aren’t real. Give to the needy, give to the church. Religious swindlers. Fake “charities.” Higher spiritual education. “Higher” education. Cannabis education. High spirituality. Drug studies. Getting a degree or certificate in Drug Studies. Coping with alcohol. Coping with religion. Coping with drugs. Coping with prescriptions. Coping with spirituality. Coping with TV. Coping with poetry. Coping with escapism. Drugs as religion. High sensitivity. Highly attuned to the other side. Too diffuse. There are no edges, no boundaries, no delineations. Extreme sensitivity to criticism.

What is beneath you? What is under your feet? What is underfoot? Big Foot. Sandal season. Flip-flop. Swelling feet. Substantial sacrifices. Huge losses. Hexatomb. The Good Samaritan.  Saints. Selfless philosophies. Altruistic philosophies. Self-righteousness amidst despair. Self-righteous do-gooders. Preachy spiritualists. Unseemly clergy. Taking advantage of the underdog. Fishing for a congregation. Holy water. Heeeey, something’s fishy around here! There’s something fishy going on. Fishing. Phishing. Big Fish. Big Phish. Moby Dick. Moby. “Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Are you a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?” Be nice.

Jupiter Astrology

  • Open
  • Understanding
  • Faith & Belief
  • Optimistic
  • Foolish
  • Philanthropic
  • Fanatical
  • Expansive
  • Generous

Pisces Astrology

  • Imaginative
  • Poetic & artistic
  • Psychic & sensitive
  • Slippery & escapist
  • Ethereal & elusive
  • Spiritual & mystic
  • Kind
  • Vast
  • Chaotic
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