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Brainstorm: Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

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ressing the reset button. Resetting the game tutorial. You know the rules of the game, and now you’re mastering them. Getting a deeper understanding of life lessons. Having just enough power reserve for one more round. You need to complete this stage to level up. There’s one more big boss to fight. Feeling that this is your last chance. Time is running out and there are no more power-up options. It’s now or never. You must commit fully to reach your goal. Pushing past normal limits. Exhaustion. Insurmountable obstacles. Everyone wants to summit. Everyone wants to reach the top. Everyone wants to do the impossible. The power of being a mature adult. You are a powerful adult. Manifest your power.

No turning back. Over-committed. More commitments than you can realistically fulfill. More expectations than you can meet. Cutting back your expectations. Letting yourself fail. Feeling the relief of giving up. Realizing that you’ve peaked. Failing is a rite of passage. Feeling like you can’t cope with the stress. You can’t measure up. Holding yourself overly accountable. Taking on too many demands. Fears of failure.

Even climbing the highest mountain in the world has become routine, mundane and boring. Summit (Saturn) and die (Pluto). Killing yourself for success. What’s the point of living if I can’t be successful? The highest achievements aren’t good enough. The highest standards are expected. Be best – no exceptions. Be best, or be depressed. Where is the middle ground? Expectations are ridiculous. Setting yourself up for failure. Diminishing returns. Maybe the focus needed to reach your goals isn’t worth the effort. Maybe getting what you want comes at too high a cost.

You’ve maxed out the area of life where the conjunction falls. Over-striving. To achieve more, you’ll have to push yourself harder than you ever have before. Exhaustion. An area of life you need to lock down and get under control. Getting your priorities in order. Getting your expectations within realistic standards. Who or what are you trying to measure up to?

Ancient ruins. Ancient lessons. Digging into the past. Unearthed. A deep dark hole that could swallow you whole. Digging up bones. Polishing that old karma. Taking out the garbage. Recycling the old ways. Having to get really tough, really intense, to hang in there. Deepening wisdom. Deepening Mastery. The end of the old shamans. Death of the old wise ones. The clock runs out on some old traditions. Ancient wisdom. Old magic. Drawing out deep old skills. Mastering your depths. Control through force of will. Mastering your will. Manifestation of will. Concrete power. Concentration of power. Concentration of will. Directing your will. Choosing directed will over oppressive control.

Controlling your transformation. Setting limits to how far back you go. How much regression is too much? Maybe it’s not worth dredging up all the old muck. Or, maybe dredging up the old muck will be healing, and the last time you need to do it. The limits of transformation. How much can you change in one lifetime? Fears of transforming. Fears of deep magic. Fear of the shadow. Fear of the dark. Fear of depth. Fear of taking on intense responsibilities. Heaviness. Burden. Weight. You have mastery where this conjunction falls in the chart. Stop making yourself repeat lessons. Acknowledge how much wisdom you already have. What did you forget that you already know? You know this. You’ve done this. You’ve been in this place before. You ran over this ground a long time ago.

Shadow Masters. Master manipulators. Master Recyclers. Trash Masters. You can take anything and make it valuable. You can put anything to use. Practical magic. Salvaging the remnants of whatever house the conjunction falls in. You’ve already learned this lesson. Getting the lesson once and for all. You’re done with this. You’ve had it. You’re ready to MOVE ON already. Pick up the rocks that litter your path to discover what is underneath them – Bugs? Artefacts? Minerals? Metals? Gems? Crystals? Crystallized at the depths. The limits of mining. The limits of digging into the past. Applying pressure. How much pressure can you handle? Diamond vision. When is enough, enough? Every crystal, gem and rock has been dug up and put for sale; there’s not much left. Limited resources. The Dark Crystal. Dark magic. Old mines. The rights to old mines. Digging up all the crystals in the world.

Digging deep to discover your own inner authority. How deep do you have to dig to find your father? Is your father on the dark side? Is your dad Darth Vader? What are the secrets on your paternal side? Where do you draw your strength from? What gives you true grit? How can you be strong, but not brittle? Wisdom of the elderly. Older generations are passing away. Old lessons are dying. The old storytellers are drawing their last breaths. The transforming reality of the elderly. It’s hard being old. Old and out in the cold. Elderly crisis. Redefining attitudes to old age and death. Drawing strength from tradition. Gaining power by following the power paths of the past. Regenerating old traditions and lessons. Bringing back forgotten traditions.

Obliterating hardened perceptions. Destruction of old forms. Destruction of old notions of social status. Where is the top? What does success mean? Is the effort worth it? Does hard work pay off anymore? So much effort for so little return. Starting all over again at an older age. I’m too old for this shit. World-weary. I can’t believe we’re doing this again. Tired of reality. Tired of making the effort. Tired of transforming and regenerating. Wearing down. Resignation. When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.

Reality is transforming. Dark matter. Dark matters. Black holes. Concentrated matter. The rules are changing at a fundamental level. The rules are toughening up. The knot is tightening. The pressure is on. Reality is getting an overhaul. What are the core fundamentals? Feelings of deep loneliness and isolation. A lesson you learn alone. Getting to the top and finding out it wasn’t worth it. It’s lonely at the top. Sinking down the bottom to get to the top. Low lows and high highs. Catching yourself before you hit bottom. Maybe success is at the bottom, not at the top. Maybe you should be spelunking rather than climbing.

Rebuilding the dark side. Return of the dark side. Tales from the dark side. Total control. The highs and lows of society’s impossible standards and expectations. Dark reality. Stark reality. Needing a realistic overhaul wherever this conjunction falls in your chart. The time to transform the affairs of this house is coming to an end. Keeping your dark side in check. Limiting the amount of destruction you allow. Setting limits to how low you’ll let yourself go. Stopping yourself before you hit bottom. Knowing you can only go up from here. Mastering lessons that involve deep feelings of bitterness and resentment. Nailing the lesson.

Undermining authority. Is your authority being undermined? Is someone making you obsolete? Corporatizing reality. Reality is brought to you by these corporate sponsors. Corporations dictate what is real. Corporations make ruthless efforts to consolidate power. Fear compels you to agree with prevailing tradition. The power of tradition. Finding where you fit in, for safety. This is the way we’ve always done it. This is the traditional way to do it. Fear of losing your grip on reality. Keeping your shit together. How many obligations are you supposed to take on? Why does it feel like nothing is ever enough? Feel saddled with too many responsibilities. Is the effort worth it? Last ditch efforts to take back control, which could mean letting go.

Releasing the pressure valve. Taking the pressure off yourself. Letting go of unrealistic expectations. Letting go of being too hard on yourself. Being aware of shouldering too much of the burden. Becoming aware that you’ve let someone else shoulder too much of the burden. Where do you need to take on more responsibility? Where might you be slacking? is there a point where you’ve done all you can do? Making long-lasting, realistic changes. Establish a new foundation. Building upon a solid structure. Scraping off the mold. Replacing rotting beams. Soldering leaking pipes. Buttressing the foundation. Demolishing outworn structures. Renovating obsolete rooms. Reconstruction phase. Beyond repair.

Over-developed sense of duty. Putting all of your eggs in one basket. Overly devoted to something or someone. Deep patterns of lack. Deep patterns of failure. Anti-climactic climaxes. Owning up to your failure patterns. Owning your success patterns. What happens after success? What happens after failure? Feeling let down. Left bereft.

As old as time itself. What have you built that will last? What will last until the end of time? Looking back to ancient traditions. Looking back to ancient civilizations. What traditions are you passing on? What traditions do you want to let go of? Having trouble keeping up with your responsibilities. Discovering your conservative side. Where are you a conservationist? Where do you prefer a traditional approach? Conservative shadow. Redefining conservative.

Redefining the area of life where the conjunction falls. Overhauling your definitions of X. Going back to traditional definitions. Redrawing old lines in the sand. Old as the sands of time. Timing death. What are the lessons we need to ingrain from the passing generation? What will we be doomed to repeat? Redefining your generation. What needs to be transformed within your age group? Intense obstacles that require you use all your resources to solve them. Problems which compel you to dig deep and uncover unknown talents and abilities to surmount them. The power of borders. Redefining boundaries. The point of no return. Throwing away the old rules. Redefining power. The power to create a new reality. The power to redefine your limits. The power to push past limitations. The power to set realistic expectations. The power to meet your goals. The power to achieve your potential. Transform and materialize.

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