Brainstorm: Saturn / Pluto Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Saturn/Pluto Astrology Aspects interprets astrology aspects between Saturn and Pluto. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this article embraces phrases, concepts, imagery, and more to evoke meaning. Entertaining read for new and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Planet Combinations astrology eBook.

uffering and deep passion. Overhauling your karma. Transforming your personal patterns. Dedicated to transformation. Dedicated to catharsis and healing. Dedicated to starting over from scratch. Enduring depth. Enduring transformations. Annihilating whatever is blocking your path. Heavy depression and deep disappointments. Feeling that your responsibilities weigh upon you. Fear of the dark. Fear of deep experiences. Fear of losing control. Fear of death. Fear of far reaching loss and destruction.

Making do with less. Transformation through limitation and paring down. Getting rid of everything you don’t need. Severity. Austerity. Blocked sexual release. Passionate about abstinence. Taboos that are restrictive or cause you to feel inhibited or reserved. Fear of things that are taboo. Teaching about taboos. Bringing people face to face with their fears. Collective nightmares. Not wanting to delve too deeply into anything. Afraid of what might turn up if you dig deeper. Lessons learned from the dark side. Lessons learned through hardship. Difficult life tests. Getting a raw deal. Cautious about sharing your resources. Fear of deep sharing.

Absolute authority. Obsessed with control. Fearing power. Fearing authority. Keeping a tight grip on the power you have. Powerful guidelines. Life or death rules and regulations. Unwavering. Unbending. Unyielding. Adamant. Brass balls. Steel cajones. Tense. Stringent. Grim. Macabre. Vicious. Cold and calculating. Sadistic. Relentless. Cruel. Harsh conditions. Punishing. Total lack of empathy. Heavy. No fun. High tolerance for painful conditions and experiences (for better or worse). Dead serious. It’s fucking cold! Intense pressure. Carbon. Diamonds.

Government organizations. Totalitarian control. Deeply disturbing rules and regulations. The boss – no questions asked. Intensely ambitious. Won’t take no for an answer. Absolutely ruthless. Toughing it out. Thick-skinned. Tough as nails. Single-minded purpose and dedication. Leaving no stone unturned. Transforming existing structures. Transforming the rules. Overhaul of conventions. Pushing the old out of the way. The burden of authority. The burden of power. Serious and secretive. Rigid and controlling. Reserved and intense. Structured and destructive. Disciplined and relentless. Cold and unsympathetic. Inhibited and compulsive. Dedicated to research. Seriously penetrating. Using fear as a motivator. Scaring yourself into success.

Planning the steps you will take to make irreversible changes. Stark confrontations with the underside of life. Taking realistic steps to transform your life. Getting real about making fundamental changes to the structure of your life. Lessons in healing. Lessons in catharsis. Lessons in death and dying. Teaching people how to let go. Teaching people how to heal. Teaching people how to overcome trauma. Learning how to overcome trauma. Teaching people deep healing techniques. Testing your ability to recover. Learning how to shed your skin from time to time. Slowly getting in touch with the deeper parts of yourself over time. Slowly releasing fear and inhibition over time.

Feeling that you lack power or that your generation lacks power. Feeling that you are part of a vicious cycle. A deep desire to overturn the existing authority structures. Deeply questioning existing authority. Deeply questioning why things are the way they are and if they can be made over. Surmounting all obstacles through great effort and perseverance. Obliterating what is normally considered the “real” limit of anything. Transforming something that normally you wouldn’t think could be transformed. Changing your sex. Complete and utter, total renewal or destruction of something that seemed to be static, rigid or set in stone.

Aspects of slow planets refer to the assumptions, activities, and beliefs which identify people with their generation, and which change but slowly over the course of a lifetime.
— Bob Markransky, Astrologer

How rare is it?

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurs every 33.42 years.

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Saturn Astrology Keywords

  • Limitation & Boundaries
  • Structure & Order
  • Discipline & Hard Work
  • Maturation Process
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Manifestation
  • Fear & Crystallization
  • Wisdom gained through age & experience

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Pluto Astrology Keywords

  • Underworld & Criminal Activity
  • Underground & Mining
  • Underbelly & the Seedy Side of Life
  • Cleansing & Renewal
  • Treasure
  • Trash
  • Rebirth
  • Passion & Consumption
  • Transformation & Alchemy
  • Corruption & Annihilation
  • Magic & Sorcery
  • Manipulation & Power Struggles
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