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Brainstorm: Transiting Jupiter in Capricorn

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autious optimism. It’s a long way up and a long way down from where you are now. Hedged bets. Calculated risk taking. Global conditions. Global conservatism. Global rules and regulations. Rules of conduct. Faith in business. Procedure. Standard operating procedure. That’s the way it’s always been done. Ritualistic. Preserve the hierarchy. Order! Order! Order in the court! High court. Supreme Court. Silly forefathers!

Smiling at your achievements. Joy in success. Fulfilled in ambition. Reaching your ambitions. Reaching for your biggest goals. The biggest goals of all time. The peak of exploration. The pinnacle of exploration. The biggest game. The highest peak. The lowest depths. You can win, or you can tumble all the way back down the mountain. The hardest part is the descent.

A meaningful goal. Meaning in success. Meaning in achievement. The “old” big companies. Corporate parties. Approved parties. Big stuff, bought and sold. Conservative exploration. Reaching out, with your status intact. Expanding patriarchy. They agree on a shared vision of authority. What is authority? what is the philosophy of authority. The big authority. The big control. Everything in its place. Everyone in their place. Places, please! The bigger meaning of authority. The bigger meaning of control. The bigger meaning of achievement. What are you good for? Are you being useful? The purpose is to be useful – yes? no? Expand your usefulness. You’re not doing enough. No amount is ever enough. Shouldn’t we have some limits? How far are you supposed to push yourself? How much are you expected to take on?

Conservative allegiance. Company beliefs. Corporate dogma. Ethical principles. Huge company. Vast control. Beneficial reining-in. Buoyant practicality. Optimistic planning. Optimistic measurements. Optimistic about getting older. Big maturity. Feeling old for your age. Acting your age. Bigger expectations for your age. Going gray too soon. A wrinkle and a twinkle. How old is too old? The ceiling on old age gets higher. You’re still not old enough, sorry. You still have more to prove. You still have more to achieve. There are still more mountains to climb. You haven’t shown us everything you’ve got. You can’t be tired yet.

The Big Chill. The Big Freeze. Chilling! Icy. Frozen assets. Cold country. Resting on your laurels. Resting on a precedent. Taking the easy way to the summit. Ski lift. Mountain lift. Lift off. There is nothing more important. Be assured, this is important. It’s important you decide what means something to you. Your beliefs are important. Your morals are important. Your ethics are to be respected. The vastness, is curtailed. Where is the limit of exploration? How far can business expand? Sorry for exploiting your generosity! Limited opportunities. Frozen in place. How high can you go? What are realistic limitations? What are realistic expectations? What are the ethics of ever-expanding business? What is the philosophy behind your business? How does what you believe impact how ruthless you can be?

I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.
Jack Nicholson, Natal Jupiter in Capricorn

Get your affairs in order. Plan ahead. Have a contingency plan. Pare back excesses. Get serious about where you are expanding too quickly. Exercise caution. Cultivate discipline. Develop a mature attitude. Notice where you are being overly restricted. Who has too much control over your life? Where do you need to take control in life before things get out of hand? Do you need to lay down some rules of engagement? Is someone walking all over you? Where are the limits to your openness? Are you being too open? Too optimistic?

Meritocracy. Anything you can do, I can do better. Which mountain is higher? This is steeper than I thought! A steep climb to the tippity-top. The big push. Pushy. Unrelenting. Indefatigable. Taking on a lot of responsibility.

Big ambitions. Doing anything to win. Game of chance in business. Rambling discourse on rigging the big stuff. Rig the big. Big rigs. Rigamarole. Rig the morals. “Oh, i’d do anything to win!” Selling morals. Selling the high ground. Selling the *really* high ground. Moral high ground. Rigamarole – oh, no, not that old thing again! Here we go again! A complex and ritualistic procedure. Long, mandatory processes. Mandatory travel. Mandates. Plan for things to take longer than they should.

Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.
Walter E. Disney, Natal Jupiter Capricorn

Streamlining ambitions. Cabbage soup? Again? Sorry, Charlie! Having fun is a lot of hard work. Can’t let loose. Can’t relax. Big stresses. Bigger than the Pope. Bigger than the Koch. Too many ambitions. Too many goals. Too many summits. Toppling over the top. The cream of the crop, top of the heap – I’m leaving today, I’m gonna be a part of it, New York, New York. I’m gonna wake up in the city that never sleeps. Maxed-out Metropolis. City limits. Filling capacity.

Large numbers of people locked up. Locked-up abroad. Foreigners hemmed in. Foreign rules. Limiting foreign business. Rules imposed on foreigners. Strict laws. Enforced curfews. No free roaming. Your time is up. Freedom has conditions. Conditional travel. Foreign regulations. Restrictive laws. Religious laws. Religious rules. Establishing the rules. Establishing religion. Corporate faith. Corporate embassadors. The Disney Embassy. The Prime Minister of Googlandia. Global brands. Expanding the company. Expanding company culture. Business outlook. Businesses run countries. Big business. Higher education in business. What is the true scope of business?

Devoted to the company. Indoctrination. Belief in ambition. Inflation. Growth within limits. Growth, that has prior approval. Approved markets. Approved expansion. Approved philosophies. Approved beliefs. Approved travel. Legitimacy. Do you have a reason to be here? Do you have the correct documentation? Get yourself in order. What is the purpose of your travel? Over-disciplined. Getting used to being controlled. It’s easier to follow the rules. It’s easier to conform. Follow the rules. Do what you’re told. Preserve order. Preserve authority. Long term planning.

Foreign ambition. Big groups in control. Companies expand their authority. Companies merge into conglomerations. The top big companies. Something is moving there. Expanding control. Too much authority. Moral conservatives. Moral control. Belief needs to be useful. Belief in the rules. Belief in authority. Faith in the rules. Authoritarian rules. Excelling at Jupiterian endeavors. Bringing the world under control. Order, order! Rigid laws. Rigid belief systems. Religion becomes law.

Spreading conservativism. What are your conservative beliefs? What would you like to preserve?  What do you need to conserve? Where have you reached your personal limits of expansion? Where do you think things have gone too far? Big stuff, but with limits and expectations. What is really important? What matters? What is really  important to you right now? What is your top priority? Prioritize your obligations. What is the highest thing on your list? What is the most important thing you need to achieve next year? There is nothing more important for the next year. The long cold road ahead. Getting tougher. Gaining grit. Gritty. Tougher. Harder. Strenuous. Working hard, with the bigger picture in mind.

Conservative faith. Excessively conservative. Repressive. Authoritarian. Everything has a purpose. We have the right to use everything up. Corporate rights. The ethics of “grandfathering it in.” Ethics of ageing. Ethics of business. Ethics of those in positions of authority. How high are your standards? Too high? How much should we hold corporations and authority figures accountable? Prove you believe. Pledge allegiance to Facebook. What are the big things you want to achieve? How far would you go to win? Believe what you will achieve. Believe in your heighths and depths. The jungle has been tamed. The edges of the world are under control. The Jungle, brought to you by Amazon. Buy your guide to the products of the Amazon, coming soon.

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