Brainstorm: Chiron Conjunct South Node Astrology

Interpretation of the asteroid Chiron conjunct the South Node of the Moon.

ove away from the endless search for self-healing. Stop trying to be your own doctor. Stop self-diagnosing, whether it’s your health, your love life, or your career. You’ve come into this life with knowledge of how to heal yourself, and you feel comfortable continuing to do so. Self-prescribing is a limiting habit. Give your attention to something other than fixing your “flaws”.

Growth doesn’t have to be painful. Maybe there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe there is nothing left to be healed. Be content. Trust that someone else has probably figured it out. You don’t have to be the “go to” person who knows every food allergy and remedy. You don’t have to dispense dating advice. You’ve already proven that you have healing abilities. You’ve already proven that you can be a teacher and mentor to others. You already know how to help people with problems that you don’t know how to fix for yourself.

Frequently, we manifest the negative dimension of the sign and house in which our South Node is placed at least as often as we express the positive dimension, because our compulsive grasping here makes it difficult for us to learn from experiences and consciously cultivate new and flexible modes of being.
― Tracy Marks, The Astrology of Self-Discovery

You are already whole and there is not much of anything that needs fixing. People come to you with their problems because they sense you have expertise (most likely in the area of life where your south node lies). Your direction of growth is to move away from trying to solve your and other people’s problems. You’ve suffered enough. In the past you were creative when it came to solving your problems. You came up with unique solutions on your own. Perhaps, at that time, there was no one to turn to for help, so you turned to yourself; now, other people have answers too. It’s okay to pop ibuprofen when you have a headache, per the bottle instructions. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Don’t date “projects.”

Live a lighter life. Because you integrated your pain in the past, it might be difficult to unburden yourself from it now. Don’t let pain be your comfort zone. People might get offended that you don’t want to solve their issues anymore. People might resent your desire to avoid difficult circumstances and drama. Watch for jealous souls who might accuse you of being superficial – if they only knew!

Relieve the automatic tendency to try to understand others’ pains and heartaches. Release automatic tendencies to want to help others and give them advice. Step down from the position of teacher and mentor. Let other people be guides and way-showers. It’s no longer a “given” that people will respect your viewpoint. It’s no longer a “given” that people will look to you for the answers. You might find that your expertise is taken for granted now. Feel comfortable taking on a new role in which you are not the guru and you’re not trying to fix anything or anyone.

People with Chiron conjunct South Node

  • Shakira: Chiron conjunct South Node in Aries
  • Orlando Bloom: Chiron conjunct South Node in Aries
  • Chris Martin (Coldplay): Chiron conjunct South Node in Aries
  • Eddie Murphy: Chiron conjunct South Node in Pisces
  • George Clooney: Chiron conjunct South Node in Pisces

South Node Astrology

  • Habitual feelings and attitudes
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Source of safety and retreat
  • Skills and talents that come naturally
  • No-brainer responses
  • Auto-pilot
  • Stagnation and rigidity
  • Taking the easy way out
  • Excuses

Chiron Astrology

  • Maverick
  • Quest
  • Guide
  • Key
  • Learning
  • Healing & Wholeness
  • Loophole
  • Mentor
  • Bridge
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