Brainstorm: Venus / Uranus Astrology Aspects

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rratic affection. Inconsistent likes and dislikes. Personal magnetism. Electric attractive qualities. Unusual style. Bizarre attractions. Strange preferences in love. Attracted to unusual people and things. Attracted to offbeat romances. Needing distance in a relationship. Need to maintain personal freedom within a relationship. Coldness in relationships. Love of science and technology. Geek chic. Innovative artists. Loving your computer. Awakening to love. Breakthroughs in romance. Romantic inventions – sex toys? An original take on love. An original take on beauty. Having unusual, progressive ideas about what it means to be beautiful or attractive.

Flouting the conventions of romance and relationship. Unusual partnerships. Abrupt relationships. Sudden attractions. Issues with being friends versus being lovers. Inability to gather the warmth to create close, intimate relationships. Aloof in love. Disinterested in relationships. Progressive ideas about marriage. Progressive ideas about relationships. Extreme relationships. Extreme attractions. Relationships on the edge of normal society. A genius at relating. An artistic genius. The beauty of science. Breakups. Crankiness in relationships. Having an extreme viewpoint about what relationships should be like. Inability to sustain long term affection for someone. Inability to sustain a long term commitment to someone. Relationships that begin and end with excitement. Relationships that begin and end abruptly. Exciting relationships. Needing excitement to feel attracted to someone. Needing constant excitement to remain interested in someone.

Feeling attracted to rebels. Wanting to be a rebel. Feeling turned on by rebellious activities. Feeling turned on by ground-breakers. Wanting to be someone who breaks the mold. Needing to maintain independence within a relationship. Learning that everything you thought you knew about relationships is false. Being a ground-breaker when it comes to how relationships can be lived, and who can have a relationship with whom. Attractions, relationships, romances and marriages that fly in the face of convention. Being attracted to people who aren’t available (this could be for Venus / Neptune too). Being attracted to people who don’t want to get tied down.

Attracted to intellectuals. Attracted to geniuses. Attracted to people who are not demonstrative in love. Attracted to revolutionaries. Wanting to be a revolutionary. Feeling turned on by the idea of revolting, picketing, staging a walk-out, or putting on a march. Marching on behalf of same sex marriage. Making odd choices in love. Socializing with humanitarians, intellectuals and progressives. Having a shotgun wedding. Eloping. Shocking marriages. Shocking relationships. Shocking desires. Being on the cutting edge of style. Group love. Open marriages. Wife swapping. Love of technology. Love of the bizarre and unusual. Loving to be shocking. Liking to be considered a weirdo. Being attracted to weirdoes. Liking to socialize with misfits, punks and anyone who seems on the fringe. A love of astrology. Falling in love with an astrologer. Falling in love with someone who’s “out there.”

Progressive music. Bizarre music. Ground-breaking art and music. Creating music genres, instruments or vocal styles that have never been done before. Jerky, stop / start attractions. Mixing beauty with the bizarre. Making the bizarre beautiful. Making money from strange pursuits. Mixing art and science. The science of beauty. Beauty technology. Clothing technologies. Avant garde fashion designers. Avant garde musicians and artists.

Venus Astrology

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Values
  • Desire
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Beauty

Uranus Astrology

  • Liberator
  • Awakener
  • Rebel
  • Revolutionary
  • Anarchist
  • Eccentric
  • Independent
  • Erratic
  • Impersonal
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