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Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Capricorn through the Astrological Houses

Loose, brainstorm-style interpretation of transiting Saturn in Capricorn through the houses. Of course, you can read it for transits, natal placements, progressions, etc.

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ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 1st house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with your appearance, your demeanor, your reaction to your immediate environment, your life conditions, and your outlook. Developing a more mature outlook. Letting go of childish attitudes. You attract circumstances that force you to grow up. Getting serious about the way you interact with the world. Acting like an adult. Stop goofing around. Mobility limitations.

You begin to embody your true adult self. This IS your grown body. Coming to terms with your real appearance. Doing something real about your appearance. Feeling your age. Looking in the mirror and seeing your age. Getting gray hair. Getting wrinkles. Losing weight from losing some appetite for life. You stop looking for outside approval. You gain personal self-reliance. You look in the mirror and seek your own approval. Are you measuring up to your personal standards? Where do you draw the line on how much someone else can influence how you see yourself? Who gets to have a say on how you present yourself? Whose viewpoint matters?

Creating a new structure for interaction in the outer world. Recognizing your limits in life based on your appearance. Having more patience in interactions. Gaining self-discipline. Taking this opportunity to gain discipline over your body. Taking yourself seriously. This is real. The starting gun already went off. The race started and you’ve been in it. How close are you to the finish line? Use this transit to develop helpful personal routines for general well-being and a healthy outlook. Look at yourself in the mirror now, what would you like to see in 29 years when Saturn returns to your 1st house?


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 2nd house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with personal finances, income, values, valuables, possessions, self-esteem, resources that support the physical body, and survival needs.

You pay closer attention to how you actually earn your money and whether or not your income stream is in line with your personal value system. You decide to do something about your eating disorder. You seek professional help with your finances. You seek professional help with body issues. You take your finances seriously. You build a nest egg. You think of constructive ways to increase personal assets. You get real about your income and income potential. Getting serious about any untapped talents you may have – especially those that could be increasing your income. Where do you draw the line on what you share and what you keep?

You spend money like an adult. You buy things that last. You curb wasteful spending. You stop buying crap because it’s on sale. You save for a rainy day. Saving money like an adult. Earning an adult income. Having adult values. Taking care of your personal physical needs, like an adult. You work at financial self-reliance. Is this where you thought you would be financially at your current age? Where would you like to be in 29 years when Saturn returns to your 2nd house? Start planning! Make a concrete financial action plan. Limited funds. Your bank account has a low balance. Learning monetary discipline. Organize your finances. Master of Finances.


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 3rd house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with sibling, neighbors, your local environment, the daily workings of your mind, conversation, listening, teaching and learning. Good fences make good neighbors. You put up barriers against your neighbors and keep some distance. The reality of your relationships with your neighbors becomes apparent. The reality of the nature of your relationship with your siblings becomes apparent. Your brothers and sisters are getting older. What are your obligations to your siblings? Being part of the neighborhood watch. Attending neighborhood meetings. Being an adult in the neighborhood.

You cut out the chatter. Your ears dull to the sounds of gossip and hype. Your brain is working lean and mean. You’re accomplishing tasks like a boss. Groceries – check. Gas – check. Laundry – check. Bills -check. Enhanced linear thinking. Putting a stop to mental diarrhea. Stop wasting time thinking about things that don’t matter. Where should you focus your attention now? What matters? Taking your own thoughts more seriously. Writing a how-to manual. Improving your conversational abilities, which improves your professional interactions.

Taking responsibility for your words. Listening to what you are saying and the understanding the consequences of what you say. You’re not a flaky teenager. Taking your words seriously. Beginning a journal. Starting a daily writing routine. Starting a mindfulness program. Mulling over your current education level – what have you done since high school? What have you done since school in general? Making an effort to read more than blurbs on the internet. What do you need to learn about? Where are the holes in your education? What kind of practical knowledge would help you in life? What do you know that you can teach others? Start talking to people about your real interests.


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 4th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with your home, family, roots, heritage, ancestry, dwelling, native country, deep internal self, your parents. and your lineage. You decide where you want to live. You give up a nomadic lifestyle. You realize what is important to you in your living environment. Organize you home. Organize your private space.

You begin to take considerations like retirement and old age seriously. The reality of your relationship with your parents becomes apparent. The reality of your impending old age hits you. Who will take care of your parents as they age? What are your obligations to your parents? What are your obligations to your family and lineage? Who will take care of you as you age? Where will you live? Who will you depend on? Where do you see yourself living in 29 years when Saturn returns to your 4th house?

You create an action plan to have your own home, like an adult. You emotionally separate from your parents at a fundamental level. You attain a new level of emotional self-sufficiency. You rely on you. You lean on yourself. Where do you draw the line on family dependency? Building up your inner self for the next half-cycle of Saturn when you will need self-reliance to reach the top of your potential.

You gain a strong interest in your family history, or you decide to just let it go. You get a DNA test. You look into your ancestry. You being to really think about heritage, dynasties, longevity, and the family line. Where do you come from? What traits do you carry from the past? Will you pass those traits on? Which members of your family will surround you when Saturn returns to your 4th house? What are your ties to those people? Working with a professional to get your family history done.


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 5th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with children, creativity, risk-taking, entertainment, speculation, self-expression and sports. Coming to a decision about whether or not to have children. What are the expectations? Are you expected to have kids? Who will you disappoint by not have kids? What happens if you choose a child-free lifestyle? Will you regret that decision? Are children worth the trouble? What are the consequences of having kids? Who will take care of you when you’re old? Will you have grandchildren? Are your kids still living at home? Are your grown children still acting like immature brats? If you have kids, maybe it’s time they grow up.

Making a decision on procreation, like an adult. What will you contribute if you don’t have children? How much of a commitment do you want to make to the kids in your life? Mentoring children. Mentoring teenagers.

You’re late to the party. You’re the oldest one at the party. Putting hard work into creative endeavors. Taking your art seriously. The children are grown. Finally doing what you really want to do. Making time for the fun stuff. Taking the creative energy you would have put into your children and funneling it into something else. Doing something useful with your creative interests. Turning a hobby into a business. Going pro. You don’t want to waste time on frivolous stuff. Even the fun things serve a purpose. Romance with a purpose. Real love. Real self-expression in a love relationship. Love is work. Fun is work. Work is fun. Becoming a creative expert.

Committing to projects, like an adult. Taking risks and accepting the consequences, like an adult. Expressing yourself, like an adult. Professional gambling. Professional sports. Professional creative projects. Party businesses. Professional DJs. Wedding planners. Professional entertainment. Choosing to do ‘fun’ things that have cache. Doing fun things that impress the ‘right’ people. Adult fun. Mature self-expression. What interests will carry you into old age? Which hobbies can you still see yourself doing at 80? What interests are worth investing in?


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 6th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with health, routine, work, slavery, employees, co-workers and small pets.

Working, like an adult. Treating your co-workers and employees with respect. Having daily work that is satisfying and fulfilling. Having daily work that feels respectful and appropriate. Developing a mature approach to your daily work. Setting routines and boundaries in your work environment. Eliminating distractions. Making sure that people treat what you do with respect. Learning to work with limits and delays. Getting streamlined procedures in place. Setting up a separate work office space with a door that locks! Keeping your office environment professional – wherever that ‘office’ space may be.

Taking responsibility for your health, like an adult. Examining your level of servitude – who do you serve? What will you do about it? Letting go of all the stuff that feels like pure drudgery. Doing what is really useful. Eliminating unnecessary compulsions. Don’t be an animal hoarder. Look after your ageing pets. Don’t take on more than is necessary. Do your best at the things you have taken on that matter to you. What can you get rid of in your daily life that doesn’t really matter anymore? Which chores are worthwhile? Which chores are time-wasters? As you age you won’t be able to keep up with everything. Getting organized. Becoming an expert organizer. Becoming an expert at your daily routine.

Get a tighter rein on your diet. Do real things to stay healthy. Curb childish eating habits. Kids like candy, eat adult food. Set an exercise routine now that will carry you through ageing years. Where would you like to see your state of health in 29 years when Saturn returns to your 6th house? What kind of work would you like to see yourself doing? What will your daily work be? What is it that you do? Where do you draw the line on what people can impose on you? Workaholic. Health restrictions.


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 7th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with relationships, partnering, one-to-one relationships, counseling, business partnerships, law, open enemies.

Take responsibility for your half of your relationships. Getting married? Half your responsibility. Getting divorced? Half your responsibility. Making a commitment? Half your responsibility. What do you contribute to your significant relationships? Anything significant?

You can’t let your partner do all the work. Being in a real relationship, like an adult. What are your commitments to others? Making an effort to improve your relationships. Looking at your significant relationships with a long-term viewpoint. Who will take care of your partner if something happens to you? How is your best friend doing? Who is looking after his long-term interests? Who will be by your side in your old age? Will the person you are with now continue to stick with you as time goes on? Who are you committing to? How committed are you to your clients? Where are the boundaries? Where are the barriers? Where do relationships cross the line?

Is it time to cut out frivolous relationships? How many significant relationships can you sustain at one time? Who really matters? Who is worth giving your time to? Who has your back? What do you really want? Which relationships are most useful? Which relationships will help you improve your life? Who wants to see you succeed and help you do so? Which relationships are worth investing your time in?

You could feel limited or stifled by the choice of partners available to you at this time. You might feel old or outdated. Maybe the people you are attracting are old or outdated. Maybe you wish for someone a little more old-fashioned. Maybe you are confronted with your own outmoded views on relationships. Where do you draw the line on partnership expectations? Limited relationships.


Loose, brainstorm-style interpretation of transiting Saturn in Capricorn through the houses. Of course, you can read it for transits, natal placements, progressions, etc . . .

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ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 9th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with long-distance travel, foreigners, philosophy and meaning, higher education, gurus and guides, ethics and morality, in-laws, and dreams and consciousness exploration.

Getting real about what matters to you. What is your life philosophy? What do you believe in? Does everything in your life fall in line with your true beliefs? Maybe it’s time to cut out the non-essentials. What knowledge do you lack? Where are you the real expert? Where you you can polish your education? What courses or classes would you like to commit to? Now that you’re an adult, what kind of education would you like to pursue without coercion from others? What kind of education would make you feel like a real adult? What do you think you should know about? What kind of knowledge could you gain that would impress the current you? Committing to education. Having informed opinions. Being serious about being a global citizen.

Taking world events more seriously. Gaining a mature outlook on other cultures and their beliefs. Taking the time to learn about the way that other people live. Taking the time to broaden your horizons. Narrowing down your range of global interests to focus on a few. Narrowing down potential study topics to just a few. Deciding which big topics really matter to you. What really has an impact on your philosophical outlook? What global topics really interest you? On what should you focus your time to make a big impact in the world? Limits that force you to expand your outlook. Limited travel. Travel bans.

Where do you tend to let other people be the guru? Where do you give away your right to know and rely on someone else to tell you? Take responsibility for your own life philosophy. Take responsibility for your own religious beliefs. Take responsibility for the way you may impose your beliefs on others. Do you have a philosophical outlook that matters to you? Perhaps now is the time to commit to bringing that outlook to the world. What is your code of ethics? How committed are you to your ethics? Where do you draw the line when it comes to morals? Maybe your viewpoint is too rigid and limited. How much of the world have you really seen and experienced? Where can you travel in the next 29 years as Saturn makes its way around your chart to return to your 9th house?


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 10th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with fame, reputation, social standing, professional recognition, worldly success, your parents and other authority figures.

Getting real about your standing in the world. Who are you? What is your reputation? What do people know you for? Have you taken advantage of opportunities? Have you put the in the work and effort? Are you where you want to be? Does anybody look up to you? Committing to yourself as an adult in the wide world. Seeing your place in a world context. You are an adult and you have authority as such. How do you wield your authority? Who do you have authority over? Limited career opportunities. Limited room for advancement.

What have you achieved? How is your trophy shelf? No trophies? What can you commit to achieving within the next 29 years as Saturn makes its way around your chart to return back to your 10th house? Who do you want to impress? What would you be impressed by? What would you have to do to impress your current self?

Hitting the glass ceiling. Limited success. Finding yourself in a very small circle of people. What do you expect of yourself? Have you met your expectations for success? Do you have respect? Do you have authority? Do you matter? Are you pushing yourself enough or are you waiting for someone else to come along and give you a nudge? You could be attracting people who are domineering and authoritative as a way to spur your own inner authority into action. It’s time to take an adult leadership role in society.

Where do you need to exercise your personal authority? Are people walking all over you? Have you hit your potential? What concrete steps can you take to achieve more in your field? Perhaps you want to cut ties with your current profession. Maybe there’s a lack of fulfillment. Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can go. Maybe you’ve reached the top and it’s not any place you actually want to be. Maybe you don’t like the people you’re surrounded by when you get to the top. How much longer do you have to achieve success? Does you current standing match your age? Are you behind? What can you do to get ahead?


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 11th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with groups, unions, corporations, like-minded individuals, humanitarian endeavors, long-term goals and wishes, and other people’s children.

Paring down the number of causes you’re involved in. Getting serious about just a few social interests. Intentionally losing touch with acquaintances. Having a select group of friends. Getting serious about long-term goals. Does your current social standing put you in contact with the kind of people you want to associate with? Joining professional groups. Networking with like-minded professionals.

Creating useful friendships, not a bunch of time-wasting relationships. Making connections that matter. Getting involved in causes that matter. Becoming a foster parent. Taking over some duties for other people’s children. Setting rules for organizations and clubs. What are the objectives? How can you take concrete steps to realize them? How can you take concrete steps to reach your personal long-term goals and objectives?

Getting serious about humanitarian causes. Putting time into causes to make a difference. What cause can you commit to for the next 29 years to make a difference by the time Saturn returns to your 11th house? What could you achieve that would impress the current you? What would make you feel like you really made a difference? Can you put a plan into motion to make it happen? Are you afraid of reaching a goal? What happens when you reach all your goals. What is there to look forward to after? What are you looking forward to? How does your future look when you think of growing older?

What is your ultimate dream or goal? How long will it take? A really long time? How much time do you have left? Can you come up with a plan to get what you want? Who will you hang out with when you’re old? How will you make friends and what interests will you share with others as you age?


ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 12th house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with secret enemies, self-sabotage, institutions, the great void, sorrow, self-sacrifice, escapism and mysticism.

You learn what it means to really let go. Mysticism gets serious. You become ascetic. Everything goes bare minimum. You lighten your karmic load. You lighten your physical possessions. You are forced to let go of baggage. You are forced to be an adult and face your fears. The skeletons in the closet are getting too limiting. You are tired of being limited by fear. You grow a spiritual backbone. Your spiritual backbone is invisible. Limitations develop your spiritual backbone. Getting less, achieving less, doing less. Things are taken away from you. Hidden enemies hold positions of authority. Events that restrict your freedom that are out of your control. Limitations encourage a more spiritual perspective. Doing nothing, with authority. Mistress of The Void. Grandfather Time in the slipstream.

The Hanged Man. Time out. Limbo. Nothing is happening. Life gets quiet. You recede. Retreat. It’s time for a break. The Hermit. Jail time. Hospitalization. Illness. Recovery. Monastery. Sabbatical. You didn’t even know you were sick. Dedication to meditation. You begin walking meditation. You let go of a cycle. How do you deal with sorrow? A period of depression or low spirits. Spiritual grounding. Spiritual gravity. Clearing out a backlog of spiritual clutter.

Loneliness. Spending time alone. The realities of being alone. How do you structure your time when you are alone? Do you use your time wisely? Maybe let time constructs go for a while. Move with time. Flow with time. Structure dissolves. Holding onto nothing. Time passes. Dedication to spiritual practice. Spiritual discipline. Making time for the spirit. Making time to be alone. Making time to merge with the vastness. Putting your ego aside. Putting achievements and goals aside, unless they are spiritual goals and achievements.

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